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How to Enable Efficiency Mode in Windows 11

Learn how to enable Efficiency Mode in Windows 11 to improve battery life and reduce CPU usage.

We will explain how to Enable Efficiency Mode in Windows 11 in this article. Task Manager Efficiency Mode is a new feature of Windows 11 that is meant to limit how much system resources (mostly CPU) are used by background processes that are either not being used by application programs or are not being used actively by them. It’s a lot like the Eco mode that Microsoft added to Windows 10.

When idle processes keep using system resources, fewer resources are given to applications that need them. This makes the foreground less responsive, reduces battery life, makes fans louder, and raises temperatures. Efficiency Mode tries to fix this problem by making each process take less CPU time and use less power. It also helps find programs that are already running in efficiency mode, like Microsoft Edge, which runs by default in efficiency mode. Visit Windows official website for more details.

What is Efficiency Mode in Windows 11

As part of the 22H2 Windows 11 update, Microsoft added an option called “Efficiency mode” to Windows 11’s Task Manager. Once this mode is turned on, it works to improve performance by limiting how much stress an app (or more) puts on the CPU. Using that information, your system will be able to lower fan noise and improve how well it handles heat.

How to Enable Efficiency Mode in Windows 11

All of this adds up to less power being used overall. Efficiency Mode is a new version of the Eco Mode feature that came with Windows 10. Based on tests done by Microsoft, this mode can speed up the system by up to 76%. This option is part of Microsoft’s Sustainable Software Initiative, which aims to reduce carbon emissions and help Microsoft become carbon negative by 2023.

How to Enable Efficiency Mode in Windows 11

  1. Use the shortcut keys CTRL + Shift + Esc to open the Task Manager, and then click on the Processes tab.
  2. To put the processes in descending order, click on either the CPU, Memory, or Disk columns.
  3. Now, right-click on the process or process group you want to use Efficiency Mode on, and then click Efficiency Mode from the menu that appears.
  4. Click Turn on Efficiency mode in the box that asks you to confirm.

How to Disable Efficiency Mode in Windows 11

  1. Open the Task Manager using the CTRL + Shift + Esc shortcut keys and open the Processes tab.
  2. Right-click on the process you want to disable Efficiency Mode for, and then click Efficiency Mode from the context menu.

Benefits of Using Efficiency Mode in Windows 11

  • Batteries now last longer. Efficiency Mode cuts down on how much power Windows 11 uses, which can make a big difference in how long the battery lasts.
  • CPU use was cut down. The amount of CPU that Windows 11 uses is also cut down by Efficiency Mode. This can free up CPU resources so they can be used for other things, like running apps and games.
  • performance got better. Efficiency Mode can also make your Windows 11 device run faster because it uses less power and CPU.
  • Running more smoothly. Using less power and CPU can help keep your Windows 11 device cooler. This is done by turning on Efficiency Mode. This can help make your device more reliable and make it last longer.
  • Running more quietly. By cutting down on fan use, Efficiency Mode can also make your Windows 11 device quieter. This can be helpful if you are using your device in a quiet place, like a library or classroom.


What is efficiency mode in Task Manager Windows 11?

Task Manager’s new “Efficiency mode” gives you options to make sure that certain running processes don’t stress out the CPU. This makes the foreground respond faster and uses less energy. It also shows you which apps are already running in Efficiency mode and getting along well with the OS.

Is Windows 11 memory efficient?

Because Windows 11 has more features and programs than Windows 10, it needs more RAM. Windows 11 does a great job of managing memory, so you may not notice any problems with how it runs. Depending on how much RAM you have, the system will automatically give different programs more or less resources.

Is Windows 11 faster than Windows 10?

Windows 11 does a lot behind the scenes to make a PC run faster. Most of the time, Windows 11 will run faster on the same PC than Windows 10. But Windows 11 can run faster, no matter how fast it is now. Also, keep in mind that PCs tend to get slower over time, which is something you don’t want to happen to yours.

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