ReviewsWorld of Warcraft: Dragonflight review 2023: epic fantasy adventure

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight review 2023: epic fantasy adventure

Main story and villain are simple but effective.


To the skies
Spread your wings


It feels incredible to soar, flip, and jump around with a palpable sense of momentum and physicality that WoW usually lacks. The dragon riding challenge courses with cosmetic rewards for the best times are definitely one of our favorite parts of this expansion.

World of Warcraft’s Dragonflight makes you feel dizzy in every way. It’s a great addition to the long-running MMORPG series because of its beautiful landscapes and huge sense of scale, but it’s the movement and flight that really give the game a chaotic sense of freedom. Even though World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is mostly made up of solid improvements that are limited by World of Warcraft’s aging systems, that doesn’t make the trip to the Dragon Isles any less interesting.

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight: Description

After a long time has passed between Shadowlands and Dragonflight, players are thrown into the new expansion in the middle of an uneasy peace between the Alliance and the Horde. From a story point of view, it was time for this feud to end. Fighting among themselves and making pragmatic alliances when the world was in danger made it seem silly to keep this feud going, and it opens the door for much more complex stories in the future. For now, and for good reason, most of Dragonflight’s story is about a pretty simple bad guy and the dragonkin.

The Dragon Isles would already be in the running for one of the best zones in World of Warcraft history if recent events hadn’t made them seem even better. To put it simply, Shadowlands was bad on purpose, because that was the point. The dullness of many of its worlds was necessary to show how bad the land was, but it didn’t do much to make the worlds memorable or fun. This isn’t a problem in Dragonflight, which has a beautiful range of biomes that feel like they came straight out of a storybook. Exploring these zones, which feel untouched and full of new things to find, does a good job of giving a sense of freedom. It’s a nice, simple touch for an expansion that follows World of Warcraft’s best attempt at Dante’s Inferno, and it’s thrilling.

Minimum Requirements

CPU4 Cores, 3.0 GHz processor, 4th Generation Intel Core Haswell / AMD Ryzen Zen
Video CardDirectX 12 capable, 3GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 900 series, AMD GCN 4th gen, Intel Iris XeGraphics
Dedicated Video RAM3 GB
Pixel Shader5.1
Vertex Shader5.1
Operating System (OS)Windows 7 64-bit
Free Disk Space128 GB
CPU6 Cores, 3.5 GHz processor, 8th Generation Intel Core Coffee Lake / AMD Ryzen Zen 2
Video CardDirectX 12 capable, 8 GB NVIDIA GeForce RTX / AMD RDNA 2 / Intel Arc 7 Graphic
Dedicated Video RAM8 GB
Pixel Shader5.1
Vertex Shader5.1
Operating System (OS)Windows 10 64-bit
Free Disk Space128 GB

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight: To the skies

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight review

The first race/class combination is the most important new thing in WoW. The Dracthyr are said to be an ancient race of humanoid dragonfolk who came back to life when the Dragon Isles were found again. They can only play as the Evoker class, which can be either a healer or a DPS, depending on where their talents are placed. Evokers, as their name suggests, use the primal energies of their brood to deal huge amounts of damage. Their abilities are often based on the famous dragon battles we’ve seen in Warcraft. (For example, if you think you’re a good mage, you’ll be able to use Deep Breath, which has killed a lot of raid groups in Onyxia’s Lair over the years.)

Our fireballs don’t automatically home in on our targets like heat-seeking missiles, and our Deep Breaths must be painted along a narrow path to work. Positioning and hand-eye coordination, which were once only important in Warcraft’s PvP modes, are now being emphasized in the leveling process. we had been spamming macros and activating procs in Azeroth for so long that the smallest change to my action bar felt like a revolution. WoW is built on slow auto-attacks and dice rolls, but with Dragonflight, Blizzard has shown that they have found a bit more wiggle room in those rigid parameters a way to keep us busy during our latest set of daily quests.

The new dragonriding skill is the best example of this focus. It’s so different from WoW’s other attempts at flying mounts that it’s almost like comparing a Ferrari 911 to a Model T. In The Waking Shores, your character gets a proto-drake with its own custom toolbar. One button makes it turn on its afterburners and shoot through the air, while another button pulls it up, allowing it to climb a mountain in an instant. In the past, the flying creatures we controlled floated around the world like helicopters while we waited for the next mythic dungeon. In Dragonflight, no one can do that. If you let your dragon sit still in the sky, it will slowly lose speed and fall back to earth. So, if you want to be a great dragonmaster, you need to use the game rules you learned in Forza Horizon. We have to be skilled with our mouse to play WoW. I never thought this day would come.

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight: Spread your wings

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight review

Borrowed power is one of the most annoying parts of a lot of World of Warcraft expansions. These are things like Artifact Weapons in Legion and Covenant bonuses from Shadowlands that can’t be moved between expansions. This will be less of a problem for Dragonflight in the future. Dragons are not only new enemies in the new expansion, but they can also be friends and mounts. You can even fly the dragons through the air, which meant that the game had to be changed a lot to make flying make sense. Dragonriding is also a lot of fun and might be one of the best add-ons to a World of Warcraft expansion in the last 20 years.

Even so, this expansion is about a lot more than just flying in style. Dragonflight also changed the way Professions work and gave players new Talent Trees to explore. The Professions rework is great because it gives players a deep new way to look at each job, whether they are mining, fishing, cooking, or doing anything else. Also, the new Talent Trees for each class offer a wide range of options and skills for that class. It will be a min-maxer’s dream to figure out what works best in each class, but the choices also make you feel like you’re making something very personal and close to your heart.

It’s fun and beautiful to discover the world. The Dragon Isles have a lot of different lands that are spread out and all have something to do with dragons. The colors are bright and fun, the characters are interesting, and both the main and side quests in each area are a lot of fun. The only bad thing about all of this is that World of Warcraft still uses its subscription model, which seems strange in 2023 when other games have stopped using subscription models. All of these new updates, changes, and tricks can also make it hard for new players who just want to start playing.

Final Words

World of Warcraft has a lot of old content that needs to be updated badly. The most important of these is the experience for new players, which is still terrible in Dragonflight. I would say that Blizzard also needs to take a closer look at its PvP systems, even though the itemization has gotten better this time around. In either case, veterans will find a lot to like on the Dragon Isles, where there are literally mountains of new content, stories, and gear to discover.

If you’re a tired veteran who has been wondering when it would be best to go back to Azeroth, I’d say now is the best time. I still don’t think Dragonflight is a good place to start if you’re a new player who wants to know what all the fuss is about. It’s a great start for the game’s future, though, with a new design philosophy that will make it better for fans of all kinds of playstyles.


Has Dragonflight been successful?

Even though Dragonflight isn’t perfect, many of the things players didn’t like about previous games have been fixed. The Renown system from Shadowlands is still in place, but in Dragonflight, players can gain reputation with all four factions at the same time.

Is WoW Dragonflight good for beginners?

In previous World of Warcraft expansions, Priests and Druids were usually in charge of healing allies. However, the Evoker, which came with the Dragonflight expansion, is a support unit made just for beginners.

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It feels incredible to soar, flip, and jump around with a palpable sense of momentum and physicality that WoW usually lacks. The dragon riding challenge courses with cosmetic rewards for the best times are definitely one of our favorite parts of this expansion.World of Warcraft: Dragonflight review 2023: epic fantasy adventure