Ben Affleck defends his controversial back tattoo

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Hollywood star Ben Affleck has defended his controversial tattoo on the back and says it represents something important.

The actor and director told television personality Ellen DeGeneres that the colorful phoenix "represents something very important" for him, reports

"There was a picture of your tattoo on the back that caught a lot of attention," said DeGeneres after discussing with Affleck about his new movie on Netflix, "Triple Frontier."

"That's it, not so positive," replied Affleck. DeGeneres followed, calling it a "commitment".

As the actor of "Gone Girl" began to explain, Ellen said that he "was getting up from your a–".

"It's a phoenix coming out of my **," acknowledged Affleck. "I was about to say that this represents something very important to me, but maybe we will just ignore it.

"That makes sense to me, I like it, it's something that I've somehow kept secret." It was not like I was trying to do photo shoots or anything, we did not know that the paparazzi were there, so they …

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