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You want to offer more than just a great vacation as an online travel and tour company. You want to provide each of your visitors with unforgettable experiences through a personalized travel portal CRM in faraway places that entice them to come back again and again. But before that can be achieved, there are challenges that must be overcome. Despite its rapid expansion, the travel industry is seasonal.

To beat the competition, it is essential to take advantage of the trend and keep passengers informed throughout the year. There are other difficulties as well, particularly those of reported millennials. The number of travel aggregators is increasing and passenger expectations are changing. In this situation, it would be important to establish a reputable web presence to prevent your business from becoming stagnant.

Here is the list of benefits of travel portal development for the travel industry

At your fingertips Vital customer insights

It can be difficult to keep track of all your customers if you use outdated methods like spreadsheets or worse, physical files and folders. You must have access to each customer’s personal data, interests, travel plans and booking history to ensure efficient and successful customer management. Your employees will use a Travel CRM to immediately enter a request into the system, look up customer information on the spot, and take the necessary action.

Without a travel CRM, vital information is scattered across numerous files and directories, inevitably leading to delays and errors, especially if the staff-to-customer ratio is low. A cloud-based travel CRM also allows the team to access all customer information from anywhere, anytime, and on any device. The fact that many teams are now working remotely is a plus.

Ability to create a personalized customer experience

One of the reasons many people still prefer to use travel agencies is the individual service and attention they provide. As a result, every time they visit your business, your customers deserve a highly individualized experience. To give customers a personalized experience that suits their tastes, you need to learn more about them and their interests. Any travel agent needs to know all of this information, and it adds up over time as you get more clients.

To create highly personalized trips for their clients, reputable travel agents need easy access to this data. Not just for travelers, there is customization. Corporate account managers need to be aware of their clients’ travel habits, particularly with regards to accommodations and flights. In order for them to book within the policies, they will require quick access to employee travel policies.

Gestion of reservs

The B2B travel website is built on principles of flexibility and helps brokers and agents quickly book the best hotels or tickets. These platforms have already done all the analyzes on better dates, comfortable flight stops and other possibilities for the client. Your business expands when you let your partners take care of the online booking process. All your subagents need for this is the username and password you provide them to book, pay, or contact customers 24 hours a day from multiple time zones.

Automated booking and confirmation process

B2B travel websites can reduce the time needed for research and confirmation at the same time. Every hotel or car rental reservation is often confirmed after much effort and documentation. However, the problem can be solved by automating the shaping, which takes little time.

At the same time, there is often a live online assistant on travel platforms. Travel operators or agencies do not need to wait for editorial information about the location they intend to book. You can also easily handle changes to your reservation with the new software. The technology will also adjust hotel reservations if you make adjustments on the fly and present you with better possibilities.

Customer Support

One of the most important communication skills is the ability to have a two-way discussion with a consumer. It involves not only giving travel advice, but also answering queries and finding better solutions when needed. Travel apps are built to ensure a high degree of customer service. Customers can view travel planning decisions and gain real-time access to the website. It is a crucial option for B2B transactions as it promotes two-way connections with customers and other businesses.

Company image

With a strong travel portal, a business unit can become a brand. Be it a portal like “”, “”, “makemytrip”. or “”, they have become a brand over time, and the secret to their success is strong online support and consistency in preserving their strategy to become their primary brand.

Many people are involved in building a brand, from numerous bargains to fantastic customer care and individualized services. Travel agents only need to take advantage of these tools if they want to establish a trusted brand in the industry.

The ability to interact with industry leaders on a global scale is another advantage of B2B portals. The portal offers you the opportunity to find the best travel packages from service providers around the world and is already connected to the best GDS systems. Working with reputable international travel websites is a reliable endorsement for your business. Your customers will be happier if you can offer them more varied travel alternatives thanks to the connections with partners in other countries that the B2B platform makes possible.

microsoft enuke

Enuke is one of the leading companies that develops travel portals and offers consulting and development services for all facets of travel portals (B2B and B2C). They have also worked with the integration of API services to book flights, hotels, cars, travel packages, cruises and insurance. Additionally, they offer White Label travel directory websites and travel booking software.

To retrieve the online inventory of airline tickets from the backend and publish it to the front-end system through the GUI, the flight booking engine’s Global Distribution System (GDS) is commonly connected through APIs. On the other hand, it focuses on the CRS and APIs of well-known hotels, which present the best rates to potential consumers. The same system is used for bus reservations and car rentals.

Final words: Benefits of Travel Portal Development For Travel Industry

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