Best 4K Video Editing Software 2024: When fixing is done right

provides tools and features to enhance video footage, enabling professionals and enthusiasts to create visually stunning videos.

I’ve tried a lot of different video editing programmes, and some of them can’t edit 4K videos. It’s also important to think about how well the editor fits your level of skill and the operating system you’re using, even when you find the right one. From my own experience, I’ve found some great 4K video editing programmes that can be used by people of all skill levels. Some of these are great for people who are just starting out with editing, while others are better for people who are already good at it.

Shooting in 4K will ensure that you maintain the best image quality for your priceless moments because 8K and 16K are just around the corner. Moreover, 4K video file storage has never been more affordable. There are numerous options available for 4K video editing software. When working with 4K film, choosing the wrong software can cause your computer to run slowly and make the process take hours. Additionally, you need an editor with the tools to enable you to utilise your footage to their greatest potential. Below, we have mentioned the best 4K video editing software.

Best 4K Video Editing Software

Final Cut Pro X

Best 4K Video Editing Software

Final Cut Pro X comes highly recommended if you own a Mac. Both beginner and seasoned editors in the film industry utilise the software because of its versatility. Films like 300, The Social Network, and 500 Days of Summer were produced with FCPX.

Magnetic Timeline, multi-channel audio editing, multi-cam editing, 360-degree video material, and support for 4K ProRes footage in multiple streams are some of the features that make the software so adored.
If you have a Mac and want a program with powerful video editing capabilities and a rather easy UI, get this one. This is one of the best 4K video editing software you can install now.


Best 4K Video Editing Software

An intermediary between professional and amateur filmmaking is CyberLink PowerDirector. It has a simple style and strong features that enable you to realize Movie even your wildest ideas. PowerDirector features a virtually flat learning curve, so even if you have no prior expertise with video editing, you won’t have any trouble. 4K video files are quickly imported and exported with PowerDirector. The hardware acceleration makes sure that every process moves along as quickly as feasible.

Editing large files is also made manageable by the hardware acceleration. You can create high-quality videos quickly with PowerDirector thanks to its quick rendering and CPU optimization. As your video-editing tool tries to render 4K files, there won’t be any more buffering. PowerDirector’s preview feature also supports 4K. You have the option to play back a specific segment of a clip or the entire timeline in the highest resolution. This is one of the best 4K video editing software.

Movavi Video Editor

Best 4K Video Editing Software

You may find here easy, uncomplicated editing that takes the complication out of the procedure. One of the greatest 4K video editing program available is Movavi Video Editor. Content producers may quickly render full HD productions because to the program’s responsiveness and straightforward interface. The interface of Movavi is the primary factor in the production’s simplicity and quickness. The way the team carefully labelled each tool and function and arranged the buttons on the display in logical areas is almost refreshing. For now, this is one of the best 4K video editing software.

Keying up productions is simple because you may upload files using a menu, button, or drag-and-drop method. The program is compatible with the most popular video file formats, and the Movavi team regularly upgrades it to accommodate new and developing formatting standards. Movavi features several crucial components in addition to the UI that enable users to easily produce films of a professional caliber.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Best 4K Video Editing Software

High-end video editing software Adobe Premiere Pro CC has established a reputation for itself. It functions in conjunction with other program on the platform and is a component of the Adobe Creative Cloud. The file format does not need to be changed when transferring files from Premiere to After Effects or Lightroom. Premiere Pro CC is favored among video editors for its effective workflow and smooth connections. Still, it is one of the best 4K video editing software you can consider you can consider.

Whether you’re producing clips or exporting videos to social media, the program easily supports 4K videos. Additionally, Adobe recently enhanced its tracking and masking skills. If you don’t already have some experience editing videos, you should think about using a less sophisticated program. Because of its steep learning curve, Premiere Pro CC is best suited for experienced editors but not for beginners. This is one of the best 4K video editing software you can download.


You can now edit 4K videos on your Mac for free using iMovie if you have version 10.1 or higher and use a Mac. A free 4K video editing program for Mac is called iMovie. Additionally, iMovie for iPhone and iPad allows you to import movies and trailers. Overall, this is the best 4K video editing software you can consider.

You can watch your videos in a whole new way thanks to iMovie for iOS and macOS. You may quickly navigate through your clips to make Hollywood-style trailers and gorgeous 4K movies. Even better, you may begin editing on your iPhone or iPad and finish on your Mac. And iMovie Theater spreads out the red carpet when you’re ready to debut your film across all of your devices.

Vegas Pro

Best 4K Video Editing Software

Vegas Pro is a formidable opponent in the field of video editing. This one is solely compatible with Windows, as we promised. Although it has a high learning curve and is more suited for professionals than hobbyists, we wouldn’t advise it for beginners. It has every feature required to make a movie. It allows you to do a lot of things, including apply elements and add visual effects.

Additional video creation tools in Vegas Pro include ones for graphic design, audio sourcing, and audio editing. The program uses hardware acceleration to process and edit films more quickly. It enables input and output for 4K, 8K, ProRes, HEVC, AVC, etc. Don’t overlook the Vegas Pro if you wish to edit 4K videos, as it is one of the best solutions in our opinion. For now, this is the best 4K video editing software you can download.

Pinnacle Studio

Best 4K Video Editing Software

Below the best 4K video editing software on this list is Pinnacle Studio. It has a wide variety of capabilities, including tools for masking, multicam editing, and 360-degree VR capability. Even quick 4K rendering and imports are no problem for Pinnacle Studio.

You can personalize Pinnacle Studio’s user interface to suit your preferences and requirements. You can arrange your 4K video files, pictures, and sound effects using the Project Bins on it. The software may simultaneously support up to six tracks if you have the Standard version. While the Ultimate option has no restrictions, the Plus level only permits 24 tracks.

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate

Best 4K Video Editing Software

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate is a powerful piece of consumer-level video editing software thanks to everything it has to offer. To make your videos ideal, you can use a variety of high-end editing tools, like motion tracking, multicam, stop motion, and even techniques like audio ducking and video masking. The program’s UI is simple to use and gives you access to several icon buttons rather than obscure thumbnails. This is one of the best 4K video editing software.

To keep your workflow organized, you may quickly switch between modes on the UI. Pinnacle Studio Ultimate, a professional-level editor, is also produced by Corel VideoStudio. Simply told, this is Pinnacle’s consumer edition, which includes many of its features but perhaps not all of its functionality controls.

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