Best Acoustic Guitars 2024: for every price and style of play

The best acoustic guitars are unlike almost any other instrument you'll play because they give you one of the most tactile and real experiences as a musician

Being able to play the best acoustic guitars has been a one-of-a-kind and deeply satisfying musical experience for me. Unlike most other instruments, they give musicians a link that is deeply tactile and real. Acoustic guitars move and echo when you touch them, like they have a life of their own. They respond to every move you make, whether you’re fingerpicking carefully or playing hard.

These days, the acoustic guitar is an underappreciated instrument. With all of the gear available for electric guitars, the sound choices are essentially limitless; with an acoustic, there’s not much to hide behind which can be a good thing. And, while those who were upset when Dylan went electric in 1965 were plainly on the wrong side of history, there was a grain of truth in their steadfast view that the acoustic guitar is great and that its legacy should be maintained. Below we have mentioned the best Acoustic Guitars.

Best Acoustic Guitars

Yamaha FG800 Acoustic Guitar

Best Acoustic Guitars

The Yamaha FG800 is one of the best cheap acoustic guitars ever made. The FG line of guitars dates back to 1966, when the first instrument was produced, and the fact that they’re still making ‘best of’ lists today speaks much about their quality. A solid spruce top at this pricing is truly amazing; we’re used to all-laminate guitars at this price. It gives this guitar a robust voice, which, when combined with the dreadnought body form, offers it substantial volume and a rich, warm timbre.

A smooth, well-finished neck with a beautiful round contour enables a variety of playing techniques. It’s heavy enough for expert players to enjoy while yet being light enough for inexperienced strummers to learn their first chords on. A truly excellent acoustic guitar that outperforms its price. Overall, this is one of the Best Acoustic Guitars that you can buy right now.

Fender FA-100 Dreadnought Acoustic

Best Acoustic Guitars

Fender guitars have a long tradition of producing pleasing tone, high-quality materials, and excellent playability. The Fender FA-100 is an excellent choice for a low-cost guitar. The Fender FA-100 has a full-size dreadnought body that produces a bright tone. Realistically, you won’t get a real Fender sound for a couple hundred dollars, but this guitar gives decent quality sound for the money. Overall, it is one of the Best Acoustic Guitars that you can buy.

Martin 000 JR-10

Best Acoustic Guitars

People often associate Martin guitars with D-18s, 28s, and other acoustics that cost the same as a family car. While those are among Martin’s product offerings, you’ll be delighted to hear that they also cater to those of us who can’t always afford to spend four digits as much as we’d want. The 000 JR-10 is priced at the lower end of Martin’s ‘budget’ range, but the features, playability, and tone well outweigh the cost. The all-solid JR-10 is a slightly downsized 000 acoustic, with a smaller body and scale length resulting in an overall pleasant playing experience.

You’d assume that a smaller body would be bad for the tone. You’re mistaken. While it lacks the guts of a D-28, the tone produced by this Junior packs a significant punch. The top is made of Sitka spruce, and the back and sides are made of mahogany. Together, they produce warmth, depth of tone, and a little more resonance. Still, it is one of the Best Acoustic Guitars that you can consider.

Epiphone J45 Acoustic

Best Acoustic Guitars

The J-45 has been spotted on the shoulders of many well-known and lesser-known players over the years, from Bob Dylan to Billie Joe Armstrong to Woody Guthrie to Myles Kennedy. Prized for its plain appearance and folksy charm, the guitar was later nicknamed “The Workhorse” because it was considered a flattop guitar for the working man.

The loud, flashy tone contrasts with its subtle beauty. A rich low end and singing midrange ensure it will be heard in any situation. If you’ve been following the Gibson J-45’s prices over the past few years, you’ll have noticed a fairly substantial increase – you’re not getting much back from $/£2500 at the moment – and it looks like prices aren’t going down anytime soon. Undoubtedly one of the best acoustic guitars on the market.

Donner Black Acoustic Guitar

Best Acoustic Guitars

The Donner DAG-1 is an excellent low-cost guitar. It has a pleasant sound and tone and is simple to play. Furthermore, it offers excellent value for money because it includes a gig bag, guitar strap, extra strings, a digital clip-on tuner, polishing cloth, and guitar picks as a bonus. Unlike the last guitar on our list, the Donner DAG-1 has high-quality strings and a sturdy build. It is ideal for novices, and there have been no reports of buzzing frets, excessive action, or poor materials. However, we noticed that this guitar goes out of tune more frequently than it should. Thus, this product is one of the Best Acoustic Guitars available right now.

Taylor 110e

Best Acoustic Guitars

The Taylor 110e might be that guitar. The 110e is a wonderful example of everything done well, sitting between first guitars and professional heavyweights. The somewhat narrower width of the neck makes it quite comfortable to play on without feeling too constricted for those with larger hands, so it will suit players of all skill levels.

During our testing, the sitka spruce top generated a really welcome sound, and the inbuilt Taylor Expression System 2 electronics made it excellent for live performance. And, as a Taylor, you can anticipate a high level of quality all around. Currently, this is one of the Best Acoustic Guitars that you can buy right now.


The design of the body has a significant impact on the sound of the guitar as well as how comfortable it is to play. Smaller-bodied acoustics may be simpler for smaller players to get their arms around. However, these guitars, which are frequently referred to as folk or parlour, are also popular due to their powerful midrange and controlled dynamics.

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