Best Adobe Audition Keyboard Shortcuts 2024: for audio editing

Master Adobe Audition with these essential shortcuts for faster editing, mixing and audio production workflows.

If you learn how to use Adobe Audition’s keyboard shortcuts, you can edit much more quickly and efficiently. These shortcuts are essential for both audio professionals and fans, as they make it easy to move between audio tracks and change their settings. Learning the best Adobe Audition keyboard shortcuts can change the way you edit. By using these shortcuts, you can quickly carry out commands, which will save you time and effort.

These shortcuts let users work quickly and accurately on everything from simple tasks like copying and pasting to more complex ones like adding effects and changing the volume. If you learn the best Adobe Audition keyboard shortcuts, you can speed up the editing process and get the most out of the software. Using these shortcuts can make your work easier and the quality of your audio projects better, no matter how experienced you are as an audio engineer or how new you are to podcasting.

Importance of Keyboard Shortcuts in Adobe Audition

In Adobe Audition, keyboard shortcuts are very important for speeding up tasks and making the workflow more efficient. They make common tasks like cutting, copying, pasting, and adding effects easier to do and less likely to get in the way. By learning and using keyboard shortcuts correctly, audio editors can move around in the software faster, execute commands more accurately, and focus on the creative parts of their work, which leads to higher productivity and better results in audio production.

Best Adobe Audition Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts in Adobe Audition make editing audio faster and easier, which increases productivity and efficiency. Some important keyboard shortcuts are Ctrl + S to save projects, Ctrl + Z to undo actions, and Ctrl + Shift + D to split clips. By learning and using these shortcuts, you can make Adobe Audition easier to use and more accessible for editing, mixing, and navigating.

General Shortcuts

Ctrl + NNew project
Ctrl + OOpen project
Ctrl + SSave project
Ctrl + Shift + SSave project as
Ctrl + PPrint
Ctrl + QQuit Audition
Ctrl + ZUndo
Ctrl + Shift + ZRedo
Ctrl + XCut
Ctrl + CCopy
Ctrl + VPaste
Ctrl + ASelect all
DeleteDelete selection
Ctrl + DDeselect all
Ctrl + FFind
Ctrl + HReplace
Ctrl + Shift + HFind and Replace
Ctrl + GGroup clips
Ctrl + Shift + GUngroup clips
Ctrl + TTime Selection Tool
Ctrl + Shift + TType Tool
Ctrl + RRazor Tool
Ctrl + Shift + RRipple Edit Tool
Ctrl + EEnvelope Tool
Ctrl + Shift + EDraw Envelope
Ctrl + UToggle snap
Ctrl + Shift + UGrid and Guide setup
Ctrl + Shift + LToggle Loop
Ctrl + Shift + KToggle metronome
Ctrl + Shift + ;Toggle tempo
Ctrl + Shift + PToggle preview
Ctrl + SpacebarPlay from start
Alt + SpacebarPlay loop
Ctrl + Alt + SpacebarPlay loop from start
Shift + SpacebarPlay loop from current position

Multitrack Editing Shortcuts:

Ctrl + MMerge All Clips in Multitrack Session
Ctrl + Shift + MMerge Selected Clips in Multitrack Session
Ctrl + Shift + KApply Crossfade to Selected Clips

Effects and Processing Shortcuts:

Ctrl + EEdit Clip in Adobe Audition
Ctrl + FApply Amplitude and Compression Effects
Ctrl + Shift + AApply Amplitude and Compression Favorites
Ctrl + Shift + DApply Diagnostics
Ctrl + UApply/Remove Diagnostics

Zoom Shortcuts:

Ctrl + +Zoom In
Ctrl + –Zoom Out
Ctrl + 0Fit Selection in View

Editing Shortcuts

Ctrl + BRipple Delete
Ctrl + Shift + BClear
Ctrl + LFade In
Ctrl + Shift + FFade Out
Ctrl + Shift + CCopy to New
Ctrl + Shift + XCut to New
Ctrl + Shift + VPaste to New
Ctrl + Shift + DDuplicate
Ctrl + Shift + MMerge Clips
Arrow keysNavigate within timeline
Page Up/Page DownMove up/down in timeline
Home/EndGo to beginning/end of timeline
Ctrl + Left ArrowPrevious marker
Ctrl + Right ArrowNext marker
Ctrl + Alt + LeftZoom Out
Ctrl + Alt + RightZoom In
Ctrl + Up ArrowZoom to selection
Ctrl + Down ArrowZoom to fit

Audio Shortcuts

Ctrl + EEdit in Adobe Audition
Ctrl + Shift + EEdit in Adobe Audition (with copy)
Ctrl + Shift + SExport Audio
Ctrl + Shift + NNormalize Audio
Ctrl + Shift + RRemove Silence
Ctrl + Shift + AAuto Heal Selection
Ctrl + Shift + XX-Form (Experimental)

Best Adobe Audition Keyboard Shortcuts for different platforms

On many platforms, Adobe Audition has powerful keyboard shortcuts that make editing audio faster and easier. Some common keyboard shortcuts are Ctrl + S to save work, Ctrl + Z to undo actions, and Ctrl + Shift + Z to redo actions. Platform-specific shortcuts, such as Ctrl + E for exporting on Windows and Command + S for saving on Mac, make using Audition faster and easier.

Windows Shortcuts

StopSpacebar (while playing) or Ctrl + Period (.)
RecordCtrl + Spacebar
Zoom InCtrl + + (plus sign)
Zoom OutCtrl + – (minus sign)
SaveCtrl + S
CutCtrl + X
CopyCtrl + C
PasteCtrl + V
UndoCtrl + Z
RedoCtrl + Y
Select AllCtrl + A
Deselect AllCtrl + Shift + A
NormalizeCtrl + Shift + N
Fade InCtrl + Shift + D
Fade OutCtrl + Shift + F
Toggle Loop PlaybackL
Toggle Loop EndShift + L
Toggle MetronomeM
Toggle Time SelectionT
Toggle Snap to GridCtrl + Shift + ‘
Toggle Time DisplayCtrl + Shift + M
Toggle Multitrack ViewCtrl + T
Toggle Video DisplayCtrl + Shift + V
Open PreferencesCtrl + ,
Toggle Spectral Frequency DisplayCtrl + Shift + S

macOS Shortcuts

StopSpacebar (while playing) or Command + Period (.)
RecordCommand + Spacebar
Zoom InCommand + +
Zoom OutCommand + –
SaveCommand + S
CutCommand + X
CopyCommand + C
PasteCommand + V
UndoCommand + Z
RedoCommand + Shift + Z
Select AllCommand + A
Deselect AllCommand + Shift + A
NormalizeCommand + Shift + N
Fade InCommand + Shift + D
Fade OutCommand + Shift + F
Toggle Loop PlaybackL
Toggle Loop EndShift + L
Toggle MetronomeM
Toggle Time SelectionT
Toggle Snap to GridCommand + Shift + ‘
Toggle Time DisplayCommand + Shift + M
Toggle Multitrack ViewCommand + T
Toggle Video DisplayCommand + Shift + V
Open PreferencesCommand + ,
Toggle Spectral Frequency DisplayCommand + Shift + S

Tips for Memorizing and Mastering Adobe Audition Shortcuts

Remembering and being good at Adobe Audition shortcuts can make your work much faster and easier when you’re editing audio. Here are some tips to help you remember and get good at using Adobe Audition shortcuts:

Start with the A to Z: Start by learning the most useful Adobe Audition keyboard shortcuts that will speed up the way you edit audio. Some of these are keyboard shortcuts for choosing tools, moving around the timeline, and editing basics like copying, pasting, and cutting.

Pay attention to shortcuts you use often: Figure out the keyboard shortcuts that you use most often when editing audio. These could be editing functions, navigation commands, or shortcuts for tools you use a lot. Learn these shortcuts as soon as possible.

Practice Often: Using Adobe Audition shortcuts often will help you remember them and make you faster. Make shortcuts a regular part of your editing process and try to use them instead of just clicking the mouse or using menu commands.

Select Shortcuts by Function: Sort Adobe Audition shortcuts into groups based on what they do or what tasks they help with. For instance, put shortcuts for selection tools together, shortcuts for sound effects together, and so on. Putting shortcuts in order by what they do can help you remember them.

Use Mnemonics: To help you remember confusing Adobe Audition shortcuts, make mnemonic devices, also called memory aids. Mnemonics are short phrases, acronyms, or pictures that help you remember the shortcut and the action that goes with it.

Tips for Efficiently Using Adobe Audition Keyboard Shortcuts

If you know how to use Adobe Audition keyboard shortcuts well, you can greatly enhance your audio editing process and complete your tasks more quickly and efficiently. Here are some tips on how to use keyboard shortcuts in Adobe Audition more effectively:

Learn the Basics: Get to know the most important keyboard shortcuts for everyday tasks like editing, playing, selecting, and zooming. If you know these basic shortcuts, you’ll be able to use the Audition interface more quickly.

Use Shortcuts That You Can Change: Adobe Audition lets you change keyboard shortcuts so that they work better for you. Use this feature to your advantage by giving shortcuts to commands and tools that you use often and that fit the way you edit.

Learn Editing Shortcuts: To cut, copy, paste, split, and delete clips, for example, you can learn editing shortcuts. When you make precise changes to your audio files, remembering these shortcuts will speed up the editing process and save you time.

Take it Easy: To quickly move between your audio files, use keyboard shortcuts. To move the playhead, jump to specific timecodes, and move between markers and regions, learn short-cuts.

Use Selection Shortcuts: Learn how to use selection shortcuts to pick out audio clips, regions, and specific time ranges. You can isolate and edit certain parts of your audio files more quickly if you know how to use keyboard shortcuts to make precise selections.


Does audition have loops?

Adobe Audition lets you create loops or use thousands of free ones from Resource Central. Loops enable highly flexible multitrack sessions.

Can I make music in audition?

Adobe Audition is a professional DAW for recording, editing, mixing, and mastering.

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