Best Android Clock Widgets 2024: to customize your home screen

a digital time and date widget for the Android home screen.

Some of the most used the best android clock widgets. It really pulls together a home screen. Plus, it’s easier to see than the small time on the status bar. Most of them have a clock app that also shows the weather, which makes them more useful. There are a lot of great choices to pick from.

Small information tools called widgets are used on phones. It has things like the weather, time, a calculator, and a schedule. Widget In can also mean tools that are usually found on Android phones and are made to make it easy to get to apps that are used often.

Widgets make our lives easier in a big way. The software writers who figured this out have made and are still making a lot of apps in this area. Apps like clock widgets are very useful and are used often throughout the day. With their ability to be changed, widgets are becoming even more common. Below, we have mentioned the best android clock widgets.

Best Android Clock Widgets

PlatformPriceOfficial Website
Digital Clock WidgetFree with in-app purchasesVisit Website
ClockQFree with in-app purchasesVisit Website
Minimalistic TextFree with in-app purchasesVisit Website
Pixel Art ClockFree with in-app purchasesVisit Website
Fancy WidgetsFree with in-app purchasesVisit Website

Digital Clock Widget

Best Android Clock Widgets


  • Displays a digital clock on your home screen.
  • Customizable font styles, colors, and backgrounds.
  • Options to display the date, weather, and battery level.
  • Alarm and calendar integration.
  • Supports various widget sizes.

The Digital Clock tool app for Android is a digital clock and date tool for the home screen that lets you change a lot of things. With the RGB color choice, you can choose from thousands of colors the one that looks best for the time, date, and background.

This app works well on tablets because it can show time and date in different ways. Users like The Digital Clock Widget’s material design user interface, so it deserves to be one of the best clock apps for Android. Still, this is one of the best android clock widgets you can consider now.


  • Clear and easy-to-read display of time.
  • Often includes additional features like date, weather, and alarms.
  • Can be customized with various themes and colors.


  • May not fit well with certain home screen designs or themes.
  • Lack of unique or eye-catching visual elements.


Best Android Clock Widgets


  • Offers a collection of stylish clock widgets.
  • Multiple clock styles to choose from, including analog and digital.
  • Customizable widget appearance, such as colors and transparency.
  • Displays the current time and date.
  • Supports widget resizing.

ClockQ is one of the best clock apps for Android. It also stands out because it has 26 big fonts and different colors. The app has useful information like the temperature in °C and °F and an AM/PM clock. Currently, this is one of the best android clock widgets you can consider now.

Also, if you want to change your widget, you can use features like a shadow effect, the ability to rotate it, a Holo theme, different colors, word sizes, and transparency. The premium subscription also comes with 38 big fonts, details about the battery level, and Layout Editor.


  • Customizable widget sizes to fit different home screen layouts.


  • Requires a separate app installation to use the widget.

Minimalistic Text 

Best Android Clock Widgets


  • Allows you to create minimalistic text-based clock widgets.
  • Customizable font styles, sizes, and colors.
  • Option to display additional information like battery level, weather, and calendar events.
  • Supports widget resizing and positioning.
  • Integration with Tasker and Locale for advanced automation.

When you want to make your own apps for your Android home screen, Minimalistic Text gives you full freedom. Most widgets don’t give you a lot of power, but Minimalistic Text is the opposite in this way. Not only that, but the app also lets you set up and choose what to show, such as the time, date, battery life, and weather predictions. For now, this is one of the best android clock widgets you can consider now.

If you don’t speak English as your first language, you’ll be glad to know that Minimalistic Text also supports 23 other languages. This gives you more options for the primary language you want to set for your app. If you want a beautiful Android home screen that you can customize in a lot of ways and that gives you a lot of power, you should check this out right away.


  • Supports a wide range of fonts, colors, and background styles.


  • May consume more system resources compared to simpler clock widgets.

Pixel Art Clock

Best Android Clock Widgets


  • Features retro pixel art-style clock widgets.
  • Offers different pixel art designs and animations.
  • Customizable widget colors and transparency.
  • Displays the current time and date.
  • Widget sizes can be adjusted.

Have you heard of the famous “Nyan Cat,” whose song people still listen to for hours while they browse YouTube? Well, if you download the Pixel Art Clock Widget to your Android phone, you can also make the Nyan Cat clock widget appear. This widget gives you a lot of ways to change it, and it has true and beautiful colors that make clock widgets that really stand out.

You also have access to more than 36 colors that you can use to paint the clock. If you use a smartphone and like art that goes deeper, then this is definitely something you will be looking forward to. You can look at other drawings besides Nyan Cat, so download this widget to start your art adventure. Still, this is one of the best android clock widgets you can consider now.


  • Can be a great fit for retro-themed or gaming-related home screen setups.


  • Limited customization options due to the specific pixel art design.

Fancy Widgets

Best Android Clock Widgets


  • Provides a variety of clock and weather widgets.
  • Multiple clock styles, including analog and digital.
  • Weather information with current conditions and forecasts.
  • Customizable widget themes, backgrounds, and fonts.
  • Supports widget resizing and multiple widget sizes.

Fancy apps is one of those clock apps for Android smartphones that looks great and goes well with the home screen. The whole package comes with five widgets of different sizes, so you can change how much space this widget takes up on your screen. The measurements of this thing are 1 by 1, 2 by 1, 4 by 1, 4 by 2, 4 by 4.

The last choice will take up the whole screen, so you will need to decide which one you want to use as the final form of display. But it’s important to know that the bigger the window, the more information it can show, so you won’t have to open several different apps just to see the information you need.

You can change the unit of measurement from Fahrenheit to Celsius, and you can change the shape of the clock so that it shows the time in either a 12-hour or 24-hour format. Thus, this is one of the best android clock widgets you can consider now.


  • Customizable with various themes, backgrounds, and font choices.


  • Free version may have limited features or display ads.


What are clock widgets?

Clock widgets are small applications that display the current time and date on the home screen of an Android device.

How can I add a clock widget to my Android device?

To add a clock widget to your Android device, tap and hold on an empty space on your home screen. Then, select “Widgets” and find the clock widget you want to add. Once you select the widget, it will be added to your home screen.

Can I customize the appearance of Android clock widgets?

Yes, most clock widgets can be customized to some extent. Depending on the widget, you may be able to change the font, color, size, and other aspects of the widget’s appearance.

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