Best Android Lock Screen Apps 2024: to enhance phone’s security

Improve the security, personalization and customization of your smartphone.

Over the years, the best Android lock screen apps has changed many times. Slide-to-unlock has been done in many different ways, and OEMs have always put their own spin on things. It turns out that the Play Store also has a lot of apps for the lock screen that can do even more. We usually tell people these days to just use a fingerprint reader instead of the lock screen. But you don’t have to do that if you don’t want to.

It’s important to remember that lock screen apps are becoming less common. Most biometric unlock ways completely skip the lock screen, and many people don’t even look at it anymore unless they need to check a notification or the time. Plus, almost all Android phones come with displays that stay on all the time. This used to be a function that needed an app.

We don’t see much new growth in this area, and most of what’s out there doesn’t have the same level of security as the stock lock screen. So, we put together this list of the few best Android lock screen apps that are still being worked on and a few old favorites that may never be updated again.

Top Features to Look for in Lock Screen Apps

The part of your post about the best Android lock screen apps called “Top Features to Look for in Lock Screen Apps” is very important. This part helps your readers understand the most important things they should think about when picking a lock screen app. Here are some things that should be in this part:

  1. Security and Privacy
  2. Customization Options
  3. Quick Access
  4. Notification Management
  5. Weather and Calendar Integration
  6. Media Controls
  7. Emergency Information
  8. Battery Saving Features
  9. Gesture Controls
  10. Intriguing Additional Features
  11. Compatibility and Updates
  12. User Reviews and Ratings

Best Android Lock Screen Apps Comparison Table

AppSolo LockerAva Lock ScreenAlways on AmoledAcDisplaySemper
Lock Screen TypeCustomizable with various themesCustomizable with wallpapersDisplays useful info on AMOLED screenActive Display with notificationsLearning-focused lock screen app
NotificationsDisplays notifications on the lock screenProvides a minimalist notification viewNotifications are visibleNotifications and missed callsCustomizable vocabulary and flashcards
WidgetsSupports adding widgets to the lock screenNo widget supportLimited widget supportNo widget supportVocabulary-based widgets and quizzes
Security FeaturesPIN, Pattern, Fingerprint lock optionsPIN, Pattern, Fingerprint lock optionsNot a primary security appNo security featuresPIN and learning-based unlocking
Battery EfficiencyConsumes moderate to high batteryBattery-efficientBattery-efficientBattery-efficientMinimal impact on battery
Always-On DisplayNoNoYesNoNo
CustomizationOffers customization optionsLimited customization optionsLimited customization optionsLimited customization optionsCustomizable vocabulary and settings

Solo Locker

Best Android Lock screen Apps


  • Customizable lock screen themes
  • App shortcuts on the lock screen
  • Intruder selfie feature
  • Weather information display
  • Quick access to notifications

Solo Locker is an app for your lock screen that looks good and has a lot of features. One thing that users like is that there are a lot of different pictures to choose from. This lock screen app has a lot of different sections for the wallpaper that users can choose from. It has animals, flowers, events, ways of living, landscapes, and many other things.

You can choose between a PIN, a code, and a password on the app. The picture circle is what draws more attention to the app. You can choose your picture to show up in each connecting circle of the pattern. So, it gets a perfect score of ten for custom. Users can also change how much the picture is blurred to make it more personalized. Currently, this is one of the best Android lock screen apps you can install right now.


  • Offers a variety of lock screen customization options.
  • Provides security features to keep your device secure.


  • Contains ads that may be intrusive to some users.
  • Some users may experience occasional bugs or crashes.

Ava Lock Screen

Best Android Lock screen Apps


  • Stylish and elegant lock screen designs
  • App shortcuts and quick access to frequently used apps
  • Weather updates and forecasts
  • Music player controls on the lock screen
  • Notification management and privacy options

If you don’t want ads to bother you on your lock screen, Ava Lock screen is a great lock screen app. The app is simple and easy to use. With this app, you can change things and get a good lock screen. The main screen looks a lot like the usual lock screens for Android and iOS.

So, to sum up, the app gives you a lot of ways to add tools and other apps. Every time you swipe right, an app to use comes up. Users will be able to change the look and theme of the lock screen in any way they want.

You can change how the clock looks or choose a better-looking app. This lock screen app, like Solo Locker, lets you change the amount of blur on wallpapers. Still, this is one of the best Android lock screen apps you can install right now.


  • Provides a sleek and intuitive lock screen interface.
  • Offers quick access to frequently used apps and contacts.


  • Contains ads that may be annoying to some users.

Always on Amoled

Best Android Lock screen Apps


  • Always-on display feature for AMOLED screens
  • Display time, date, and notification icons even when the screen is off
  • Battery-saving mode with customizable options
  • Option to display calendar events and weather information
  • Configurable clock styles and colors

AMOLED is a high-end screen type that you can find in smartphones today. Always on AMOLED is one of these popular lock screen apps with great features. On One Plus 7T, the app works great. The app has never had trouble with compatibility. Currently, this is one of the best Android lock screen apps you can install right now.

Once you give Always On AMOLED the powers it needs, it works perfectly. To set it up the way you want, all you have to do is change its settings. In this way, there are a lot of ways to make it your own, such as adding background screens, alerts, a clock widget, a permanent warning, and so on. It will also let you choose your own fonts, letter sizes, and color schemes.


  • Offers various customization options for the always-on display.


  • May cause screen burn-in over time.
  • Can be distracting or annoying to some users.


Best Android Lock screen Apps


  • Active notifications on the lock screen
  • Ambient display mode with proximity sensor support
  • Gesture controls for managing notifications
  • Quick actions for easy access to apps and settings
  • Customizable appearance and lock screen wallpaper

This app is well-known for making it easier to handle alerts. The design is easy to use for people who want a simple lock screen app. You can go straight to the game from the lock screen. This app is always on, even when the battery is low, so that all alerts can be shown. For now, this is one of the best Android lock screen apps you can install right now.

When you pick up your phone or take it out of your bag, the phone can also vibrate. You might also like being able to block apps from the lock screen, having unique backgrounds, and getting low-priority alerts. There isn’t as much room for customization as in the apps you’ve already tried, but you can still make some changes.


  • Offers various notification customization options.
  • Can be used in conjunction with other lock screen apps.


  • Limited options for customizing the app’s appearance.


Best Android Lock screen Apps


  • Learning lock screen that helps you memorize and review study material
  • Flashcards, quizzes, and language learning exercises on the lock screen
  • Daily goals and streak tracking
  • Customizable study categories and content sources
  • Notifications for new study material and reminders to review

Semper is a mix of the words “educate” and “secure.” Every time you unlock your phone with this lock screen app, you learn something new. The app’s main focus on education is on vocabulary, which is very helpful for students. This lock screen is run by Quizlet, which is a quiz-based learning tool. Thus, this is one of the best Android lock screen apps you can install right now.

Students who use this lock screen can also use their general knowledge and quiz questions to learn something new. Even though the app is a great way to learn, it doesn’t have many benefits. You don’t even have much control over the lock screen or how you get notifications. This lock screen layout for Android might not be very useful for people who work in business.


  • Offers various language learning tools and resources.


  • Contains ads that may be intrusive to some users.

How to Install and Set Up Lock Screen Apps

Setting up a lock screen app on an Android device is easy. Start by doing these things:

  1. Choose a Lock Screen App
  2. Install the App
  3. Grant Permissions
  4. Set as Default Lock Screen
  5. Customize Lock Screen Settings
  6. Configure Security Options
  7. Manage Notifications
  8. Customize Widgets and Shortcuts
  9. Test Your Lock Screen
  10. Explore Additional Features
  11. Fine-Tune Settings


Can I customize the lock screen with these apps?

Yes, most of these lock screen apps provide customization options. You can personalize the lock screen by changing the wallpaper, adding widgets, selecting different unlock methods, and more. Some apps even allow you to create unique lock screen patterns or themes.

Do these lock screen apps provide additional security?

Yes, many lock screen apps have more protection features than the Android lock screen does by default. Some apps, for example, let you set a PIN, password, or code to open your device. Others have features like fingerprint or face recognition, intruder selfies (which take a picture of anyone who tries to open your device without your permission), or app locks that let you password-protect certain apps.

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