Best Anime Games for Android 2024: for gamers

These are the best anime games for Android. As you can see, they cover a number of categories, including card games, role-playing games, and puzzle games. Each of them works well on a phone, but some of them would look even better on a larger display, like a modern Android tablet.

It seems like anime video games are becoming a lot easier to find lately. It’s cool to see how the genre has grown to include more devices. When you play these games, it’s great because they let you not only experience anime in a new way, but also read manga and other related work. It’s even normal for anime shows to get their start in video games.

Please be aware that all of these games are free to play, and the majority of their unfavorable ratings come from users who have essentially finished the game and have nothing else to do. Anime is a wonderful art form that has the ability to be joyful or depressing, blindly exciting or thought-provoking. Anime can motivate you to reach your potential or consider the purpose of life. Some of them go so far as to make you desire to take on the persona of your favorite characters. Below, we have mentioned the best anime games for Android.

Check the list of best Anime Games for Android

Genshin impact

Genshin Impact is one of the best anime games for Android that has been released on all mobile devices, PCs, and consoles. The game has already sold 800 million copies through in-game purchases in addition to the battle pass. Overall, this is one of the best Graphic Design Software that you can download.

Teyvat, a magnificent continent where the seven elements meet, is introduced in this book. It is populated by species that coexist peacefully and is ruled by seven Archons. The Seven, the elemental gods, are the starting point of our quest in an open world game that has been compared to The Legend of Zelda, a game that is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch.

Azur Lane

Tactical, 2D shooter, and role-playing game elements are combined in Yostar Limited’s naval battle game Azur Lane. Azur Lane uses female characters known as “kansen” to depict navy warships. There are more than 300 vessels in the game, and each one has its own set of characteristics and characters. Each kansen possesses a unique set of specific skills. The events of World War 2 are the basis for the game. The Second World War is portrayed in the same-named television program in an alternate reality where sirens have taken over the oceans and mankind have created female humanoids to serve as the warships.

These humanoids split into two rival factions, Azur Lane and the Red Axis. The Red Axis is represented by Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany. Now it is up to the fleets of Azur Lane to assume command of a naval fleet and combat the Red Axis. Each fleet consists of a vanguard squad at the front and a main fleet at the rear. This is the best anime games for Android.

Bleach Mobile 3D

Ichigo Kurosaki attends high school like any other kid. That is, until a terrible night arrives and threatens his family’s safety. With the assistance of Rukia Kikuchi, a formidable Soul Reaper who imparts her powers to Ichigo, the villains are successfully repelled. The two team up to purge the world of evil because they understand that enormous power also comes with great responsibility. Overall, this is one of the best anime games for Android that you can download.

A free-to-play action role-playing game is called Bleach Mobile 3D. You can raise your character’s stats using its extensive customization system. Give them a wide range of belts, hats, and other accessories. As Ichigo, you’ll utilise sword and shield to slice and dice your way through waves of demonic foes and amazing special moves to annihilate intimidating monsters.

Saint Seiya Cosmo Fantasy

Bandai allows us to think back to the popular anime series Caballeros of the Zodiac, which enjoyed success in the same decade as Dragon Ball. Nearly 300 saints are available for us to pick from in Saint Seiya Cosmo Fantasy, an RPG where we must put our skills to the test. For now, this is one of the best anime games for Android.

Characters can use combos to transform in the middle of a combat, making them more powerful, just like in the first series. With this game, we may make our own fighting squad and play in narrative mode while following the main plot to fully understand the background of this drama.

Honkai Impact 3rd

Developed by miHoYo and released in 2018, the action role-playing game Honkai Impact 3rd blends a number of gaming genres, including shoot ’em up, dungeon crawling, hack-and-slash, and social simulation. The game is recognised as Houkai Gakuen 2’s spiritual successor because it uses many of the same characters in a new story.

The plot of Honkai Impact 3rd takes place in a parallel world where humanity is always pursued by the malevolent Honkai force whenever it makes unwarranted progress. The human race will eventually go extinct due to Honkai’s power to corrupt humans and turn them into zombie creatures. Currently, this is the best anime games for Android you can check now.

Fate/Grand Order

It’s 2017 A charming young girl named A.D. Mash welcomes you to the Chaldea organization. To safeguard the future prosperity of humanity, Chaldea works nonstop. However, things swiftly go bad because it is predicted that humanity will end within the following century.

But more significantly, Mash transforms into a massive shield-wielding monster-killing machine, and you become her master. Wow, I guess. You must identify the precise threat to humanity’s existence with Mash by your side and stop it. Installing and experimenting with Fate/Grand Order are free. Even better, it has the feel of a JRPG in the purest meaning of the term. So get ready for turn-based fighting, a lot of reading, and the term “senpai.”

Koname offers to play a card game with us in which we can compete for the title of best duelist in the world. If you’ve never been motivated to play these kinds of games, Yu-Gi-Oh! You are not justified. Still, it is one of the best anime games for Android you can consider you can consider.

As we go through games, we unlock new characters and acquire a variety of things that help us become more proficient warriors. Some of the many characters in this game’s spectacular 3D scenarios are Yami Yugi, Seto Kaiba, Jaden Yuki, Yusei Fudo, and Yuma Tsukumo. This is one of the best anime games for Android you can download.

The Seven Deadly Sins

Based on the same-named anime series, The Seven Deadly Sins is a turn-based strategy game featuring RPG and Gacha elements. Players can follow and engage with a rich plot because the story is based on a manga/anime. Other RPG/Gacha games typically lack a compelling enough narrative to keep players’ attention throughout the entire game, despite the fact that the best anime games for Android may be visually appealing.

This also lends the game a nostalgic feel because longstanding series fans may interact with the characters and backdrops they enjoy so much. Fighting in Seven Deadly Sins is done quickly in turns. This may sound counterintuitive because turn-based combat is normally fairly slow, but Netmarble has altered things up with this game by utilising exciting turn-based combat that will keep you intrigued the entire time. Players can compete against one another using their talents.

One Piece Treasure Cruise

Luffy wants to join the pirate world. But there’s a catch—still he’s a little child. He is nevertheless inspired by the prospect of finding a valuable treasure. Despite his youth, Luffy is unafraid to confront bullies. He aspires to be as brave and upright as his hero, the fabled pirate Shanks, and he looks up to him. Still, it is one of the best anime games for Android you can consider you can consider.

The turn-based role-playing game One Piece Treasure Cruise is modelled by several others. Characters attack when they are touched. Having said that, you can improve your combo by matching the tap on the following character as the first character completes their assault. As you advance along the road to being the greatest pirate, this straightforward feature keeps you actively engaged in fighting at all times. One Piece Treasure Cruise is a free-to-play game, in contrast to Luffy’s grandiose business endeavour.


Arknights is a tactical RPG that functions a lot like a Tower Defense game. Additionally, the game, which debuted, features a lot of Gacha-style mechanics. The main topic of Arknights is the degenerative sickness that affects the Terran population. Originium, a substance that also allows people on Terra to cast spells and wield magic, is what causes this disease. Consuming Originium, however, also raises the danger of Oripathy, a disease with a 100% death rate and a high contagiousness.

These reasons result in a significant chunk of Terra being quarantined, which causes socioeconomic disparities and conflicts between those who do and do not possess oripathy. The player of the game must assume the role of a Doctor in control of a team of Operators in order to find a cure for Oripathy before it’s too late. This is one of the best anime games for Android you can download.


The best anime games for Android are those. As you can see, they span a range of categories, including card games, role-playing games, and puzzlers. Each of them functions well on a phone, but several of them would look even better on a larger display, like a contemporary Android tablet. The Play store has a tonne of amazing word games for Android if you’re looking for something a little more calm.

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