Best Anime Games for iPhone 2024: for your needs

An anime game is not a game that looks like an anime. The term is never used that way in Japan, and outside of Japan it is only used that way incorrectly. Calling Final Fantasy an anime game is just as wrong as calling a manga an "anime comic". Anime is not an art style, but simply a cartoon from Japan.

My own experience has shown me that Japanese animation is usually very good. Amazingly, these anime shows and movies have managed to win over people all over the world. They are famous all over the world for their great animation, interesting stories, and memorable characters. Anime has become very popular in video games, especially on iPhones. This is even more interesting. It seems like anime-themed games are becoming more and more popular in the mobile gaming market.

For otaku and anime enthusiasts to play on their iOS devices, we’ve selected the best video games. Discover the most extraordinary journey that heroes have travelled, and encounter many well-known people along the road. Although not one of the most well-liked game genres globally, anime games are nonetheless pretty popular. If you have never played an anime game on mobile devices or are looking for a new anime game, you can look at the titles we have chosen for you. This list only contains mobile anime games with the gacha feature, with very few exceptions. Below, we have mentioned the best anime games for iPhone.

Check the list of best Anime Games for iPhone

Behind The Frame: The Finest Scenery

A budding artist is about to complete the last component of her gallery entry in Behind the Frame, a fascinating work of interactive fiction. An experience that may be enjoyed at any speed and is soothing and elegant. Immerse yourself in a vast, colorful universe with exquisite hand-animated images and a tranquil, relaxing soundtrack.

Overall, this is one of the best anime games for iPhone that you can download. Find the missing hues that will make your paintings come to life as a passionate artist, but don’t forget to take the occasional coffee and breakfast break to keep you going.

ONE PIECE Bounty Rush

You can participate in 4v4 real-time pvp battles alongside Luffy and all your other favorite One Piece characters in One Piece Bounty Rush, a 3D anime battle arena treasure plunder game set in the well-known manga pirate world of One Piece. Currently, this is the best anime games for iPhone you can check now.

My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero

The video game adaptation of one of the best anime games for iPhone, My Hero Academia, is excellent as well. The game is practically flawless, except from all the in-game currencies that every mobile game has. Both MHA fans and nonfans should play MHA because of its previous-gen console quality, terrific, fast-paced gameplay, and the ability to unlock new features as you advance through the game.

Join forces with other gamers to battle evildoers and receive thrilling prizes. MHA, a fighting strategy game at its core, includes a number of features, including arena fights and PvP. Discover Honey’s city and train with the best heroes to defeat ominous villains who have wreaked havoc and caused the town’s devastation.

Another Eden

An innovative anime role-playing game with a distinctive plot is called Another Eden. To advance in the game, the player must travel between the connected past, present, and future and engage with key individuals. The game’s battles are also turn-based. Hence, some elements of strategy are introduced. For now, this is one of the best anime games for iPhone.

Although it is largely a side-scrolling RPG, the battle scenes are portrayed in a completely 3D world. There are more than 80 chapters in the game, which adds to its length. Therefore, you’ll be captivated in it for a long time. Additionally, the creators frequently add new stuff.

Forgotton Anne

You are Anne, the enforcer that maintains law and order in the Forgotten Lands, and you are out to put an end to a revolt that would prevent you from travelling back to the human world with your master, Bonku. Learn about the Forgot lings, adorable everyday objects come to life and brimming with personality, in this marvelously realized world of magic. This is the best anime games for iPhone.

Genshin Impact

When it comes to gacha games, Genshin Impact has a particular spot. Genshin Impact, one of the few gacha/JRPG titles that successfully transition from mobile to console and PC, shares many gameplay and structural elements with BLEACH. Genshin Impact is made more interesting and dynamic by the gameplay structure, which is dependent on the skills and components of various characters. This is the best anime games for iPhone.

Dragon Ball Legends

Since , one of the best anime games for iPhone has been Dragon Ball. The franchise’s most recent foray into mobile gaming is Dragon Ball Legends. The role-playing game includes all the recognizable anime and manga characters as well as the big action scenes that we have all come to adore. What else? The game’s brand-new character was created by the series’ creator, Akira Toriyama, and has a backstory.

You must assume control of the new, enigmatic character Shallot. Next, join forces with other characters to aid Shallot in recovering his forgotten memories. The 1v1 battles require a combination of time and strategy because the controls are kept straightforward. Additionally, there are card-based games. In conclusion, you must play this game if you’re a fan of Dragon Ball. There is no in-game chat feature, though, if you wish to play online versus other gamers.

Sword Art Online Integral Factor

As you become locked inside the game and play as a member of an assault team, you can begin your own journey within the Sword Art Online universe. As you travel along the path to successful accomplishments, you run with a lot of familiar characters from anime program. Experience the SAO series’ events from your own vantage point and investigate the alternate, untold side of the narrative. For now, this is one of the best anime games for iPhone.

To complete a task and vanquish formidable monsters, fight alongside your team. Your player can be dressed in several clothing to give it a special charm and personality. In this epic Sword Art Online adventure, forge powerful weapons and band together to level up.


Onmyoji is the perfect turn-based game if you’re seeking for one with an anime theme. Following the traditional gacha logic, you aim to take the strongest characters out of the boxes in the game, which also includes cross-platform support, and put them together into the ideal squad. With its charming graphics and intriguing characters, Onmyoji, where you can create PvE and PvP conflicts, is one of the best anime games for iPhone.

You will have to duel against the show’s characters and other players in this trading card-based game. It won’t take you very long to become accustomed to the controls of the game because it is beginner-friendly. Build the best anime games for iPhone possible as you progress through the game. You can also finish stage assignments offline to earn rewards for future duels.

Ranked matches and PvP battles are two cool online elements that will keep you entertained. Players have, however, voiced complaints about the mildly annoying freemium mechanics. Thus, you must be cautious of trolls and spammers if you wish to play this game online. This is one of the This is the best anime games for iPhone.


Despite not being among the best anime games for iPhone, anime games are nevertheless quite well-liked. You can look at the games we have selected for you if you have never played an anime game for mobile devices or if you are seeking for a new anime game.

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