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Parenting manages to be hugely rewarding and incredibly challenging at the same time. Parents are constantly looking for apps to manage their children. Whether it’s soothing the baby, monitoring the child’s nutrition, or managing her screen time, there’s an app available to take care of it all. No animal species on Planet Earth nurtures its young longer than homo sapiens. Around the world, parents must prepare to raise their children from infancy, early childhood, middle age, and adolescence to adulthood. As parents of newborns chart a path to growing their children into well-adjusted adults, they must learn to become home educators and child advisors.

In ancient times, they learned to be parents from the elders of the family, relatives and friends, who were the preferred sources of wisdom. Later, in the second half of the 20th century, parenting guides/books sold in the millions. In the new millennium, with the revolutionary invention of the Internet, parents inevitably turned to the global web for the best advice on ways and means to raise, motivate and develop children in the digital age. Being a parent is hard work. But with the right apps in your arsenal, it’s possible to keep your life on schedule and minimize stress. Our list of apps for parents will help you be more organized, time-efficient, informed, keep track of every precious moment, and let your kids explore devices smartly and stay safe.

Here is the list of the best apps to be an effective parent


Why get a single sound rattle toy for your baby or toddler when you can have a baby rattle with tons of different sounds and animations? This app basically turns your phone into an advanced rattle to soothe babies. It comes with various types of rattling sounds that you can use by tapping or shaking the phone. There are interactive characters that your toddler can touch for fun. The app can even help put baby to sleep by using its sleep mode where soothing sounds are played to help baby sleep.


You don’t always need to see your doctor to find out if your child is reaching their milestones as they get older. The Kinedu app gives you instant access to expert advice on how your baby compares to typical developmental milestones, including mental, physical, emotional, and language health, and gives you a huge database of videos and other guided activities to help your child meet his Development Goals. The premium features even more videos, expertly written articles, support for up to five children on a single account, and the ability to share your account with caregivers, babysitters, and family members.

little beans

The Tinybeans platform was founded by entrepreneurs with young children and offers parents a private space to share photos, milestones and other moments with their children among family and friends on a private social network. The app is a modern baby book for parents to help them save time, with the main advantage being that parents don’t have to relinquish ownership of the images and videos they post. The app itself also includes additional privacy features that are not typical of larger social networking sites.

3G baby monitor

A monitoring app is necessary if you often leave the baby alone, and I recommend Baby Monitor 3G for its reliability. All you need is two phones, one by the baby’s side (you can use an old one) and one with you. After a quick setup, this app will show you a live video of your baby no matter where you are in the world. It works on both Wi-Fi and mobile data, and can automatically adjust video quality to ensure you never get disconnected, even with a poor connection. It will let you know when the baby is awake, and you can even talk to the baby on the phone to calm him down.

main signal

Almost every parent wishes they knew exactly what to do or say to keep their child healthy and loved from day one to graduation day. Parent Cue wants to be your app for that: For about 936 weeks from birth to the end of high school, this app gives you tips on what you can say to your child, what you can do together, and how you can recognize and understand the your child is going through so you can get a little extra boost of support through the good times and the tough times alike. Parenting isn’t easy, but it never hurts to have a little extra push on how you can help your family move forward positively.

net nanny

Net Nanny is one of the most reliable and complete applications on the market. Net Nanny allows you to monitor your family’s digital habits while protecting your children from harmful content. You can set limits on screen time and prevent your kids from accessing inappropriate content. You will receive detailed information about the searches that your children perform. You will also receive real-time alerts on any content related to pornography, suicide, weapons or drugs. You can then block websites and apps you don’t want your child to access or set specific times of day they can be online.

Please note that some reviewers of this product found that it did not block enough content. Others found that it blocked too many sites, including the ones they tried to add to their safe sites. So while no app is perfect, you might want to keep a close eye on how this one performs before assuming your kids will be completely safe once it’s installed.

baby center

This calendar app is for new and expecting parents. In addition to guiding them daily and weekly, it offers practical advice, from pregnancy tips, nutritional guidance to videos on fetal development. Baby Center features expert advice from an NHS (National Health Service) accredited in-house medical advisory board, England. Additional highlights include a baby name generator and a bumpy photo journal. There is also a Maternity Club where women can connect with other mothers-to-be who are due to give birth in the same month. Also, after the baby is born, the app serves as a parenting guide for the newborn’s first year.


GoHenry helps parents teach their children about money. The app gives parents control over their children’s spending, allows them to deposit an allowance into their child’s account, and gives them rewards for completing chores. GoHenry also has an educational component, teaching kids how to save, how to spend responsibly, and how to donate their money.


Qustodio allows you to monitor social media, view your child’s messages, and track your child’s location. It is also a comprehensive application that allows you to filter websites that may contain inappropriate content. You can block games and apps that you don’t want your child to access and you can also set time limits on each device. You can also locate your child’s devices at any time. And your son will have access to a panic button that can immediately alert him to her location.

Just be aware that with Qustodio, monitoring and access are limited on some social media sites. For example, parents can see when their child used Snapchat and for how long, but they can’t access their interaction with other users. So make sure you know the limitations of the program before installing it.

Cozi Family Organizer

The Cozi app is a must-have organizer app for parents. It helps coordinate and communicate everyone’s schedules and activities, keep track of shopping lists, manage to-do lists, plan ahead for dinner, and keep your family organized. With Cozi’s calendar and family lists, you can keep your busy family connected and informed on the go. With Cozi’s easy-to-use shared calendar system, shared to-do lists, and journal, you’ll never forget another appointment or sports practice. The Cozi Family Calendar and Lists app is a fantastic tool for busy and connected families. With the app, parents can create shared calendars, shopping lists, to-do lists, and more. There are more to-do apps that will help parents keep their family and home organized.

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