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There are a number of places to visit in Hanoi if you are looking for a relaxing break from the bewildering crowds of the city. The cultural capital of Vietnam is full of places like West Lake, also known as Tay Ho, which is the largest lake in Hanoi and has 15 kilometers of coastline. The extremely beautiful Tay Ho Pagoda near the lake is the oldest place of worship in Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Restored Sword Lake, Hanoi Ceramic Mosaic Murals, Tháp Rùa Tower, Bat Trang Ceramic Village, 54 Traditions, Hoa Fashion, Bamboo Silk, Temple Quan Su, the temple of literature and many more.

Most of the tourist attractions are close to each other, such as the ancient village of Nghi Tam, which is also very close to the West Lake and is called the Flower Village. Every year in spring, tourists flock here to enjoy the beauty of fresh flowers. One of the most famous tourist spots in Hanoi is the Water Puppet Theatre, where you can experience traditional Vietnamese arts and entertainment through water puppet shows. When in Hanoi, you must visit Hoa Lao Prison, which contains the guillotine, courtyard, solitary cells, and communal prison cells used by the French that are on display.

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Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

What is Vietnam without some culture and history? The Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum is one of the most impressive places in Hanoi. This monumental marble building takes you through the life of the founding father of Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh, affectionately known as Uncle Ho, wanted a simple cremation, but contrary to his wishes, the Vietnamese built this mausoleum out of admiration for him.

They built this architectural marvel after collecting materials from all over Vietnam. In the deep bowels of the building you will find the pale and frail body of Uncle Ho, entombed in a glass sarcophagus. Respectful dress and behavior are expected and monitored by the honor guards who stand by the sarcophagus in the inner sanctum.

Lake of the Restored Sword

Located in the historic center of Hanoi, Hồ Hoàn Kiếm Lake or Lake of the Restored Sword is one of the picturesque places to visit in Hanoi. This lake offers a peaceful escape from the maddening crowds and the hustle and bustle of the city. According to legend, Lê Lợi became king when he won the battle against the Ming Chinese.

While sailing, he encountered a giant tortoise in the middle of the lake, who told him that now that peace had been restored to the nation, the sword with which he was victorious must be returned to the god of water. After surrendering, he returned the sword to himself, but the surface of the water remained aglow. Since then, this lake has been called the Restored Sword. He must circumnavigate the lake to take a look at the historical monuments and temples that surround the lake.

Thap Rua Tower

One of the most famous landmarks in Hanoi is the Tháp Rùa Tower, built to commemorate Lê Lợi. Lê Lợi created an insurgent army in the 14th century and helped free Vietnam from the Ming Chinese. It was built in the 19th century on a small island in Ho Hoàn Kiếm Lake.

People affectionately call this island “Turtle Island”. The public does not have access to this attraction but can observe it from a distance while walking around the lake. After sunset, the Turtle Tower area comes alive when the lights come on with the rooftop restaurants and bars open. It is a great place for photographers and tourists.

Bat Trang Pottery Village

One of the most interesting places in Hanoi is the Bat Trang pottery village, which belongs to the Gia Lam district of Hani. Located on the banks of the Pho Hien and Thang Long rivers, the traditional pottery and porcelain village has a history of seven centuries. The 14th-century town has an area rich in clay, so the potters in the town have the advantage of the ingredients needed to produce fine pottery. Bat Trang Ceramic Village has incomparable scenic beauty and enchanting atmosphere that is extremely fascinating.

From colorful bangles to teacups, teapots, bottles, bowls, plates, pots, jugs, vases, and wind chimes, there are many unique items that are made and exported here. You can spend a whole day here making pottery or join a buffalo tour for shopping and sightseeing.

Hanoi Old Quarter

Hanoi Old Quarter, also known as Hoan Kiem District or simply 36 Streets, is one of the oldest districts in Hanoi. It houses the most popular hotels, historical monuments, tourist shops and cafes in Hanoi. Popular activities here include sampling delicious street food, visiting Hoan Kiem Lake, looking at ancient architecture, and shopping at Hanoi’s weekend night market. The best way to experience Hanoi’s Old Quarter is on foot.

The Old City is the commercial and cultural center of the city and still preserves the distinctive culture of Vietnam. The area is always busy and full of vendors, locals on bikes, and other tourists. The streets are packed with local artisans selling traditional handicrafts, divided into guilds specializing in various artifacts, and street vendors offering mountains of delicious Vietnamese cuisine.

Hoan Kiem Lake

Hoan Kiem Lake is a peaceful place in Hanoi, ideal for relaxing after a long day. Surrounding the Ngoc Son Temple with its iconic red bridge paints a pretty picture. On the north coast there is a small island where the Ngoc Son Temple is located.

The refreshing environment is the best place for morning and evening walks. If you arrive early at 6 am, you can see the locals practicing tai chi on the banks. On Fridays and Saturdays, from 7 p.m. to midnight, nearby traffic fills up, giving way to a cooler atmosphere that takes over the entire lakefront.

Thang Long Water Puppet Theater

The Thang Long Water Puppet Theater is the best place to witness the eponymous art form, which is a staple of the country. The Vietnamese tradition of water puppetry dates back to the 11th century, when rice fields were flooded and villagers entertained themselves standing in the water with puppets. Thang Long Water Puppet Theater offers the most authentic experience with a Vietnamese orchestra performing traditional songs about agricultural crops and mythical legends performed by puppets in a pond of water.

Water puppetry is a famous ancient Vietnamese tradition and has been practiced for thousands of years. And when you’re in Vietnam, there’s no better place to experience it than at the Thang Long Water Theater in Hanoi.

Ba Vi National Park

Located about two hours from Hanoi, Ba Vì National Park is a nature reserve famous for its peaks, viewpoints, waterfalls, and old French colonial churches and prisons. You can even find natural hot springs on the forest floor. It’s easy to spend a whole day here before enjoying a meal at the restaurant near the entrance.

temple of literature

This charming temple complex is home to the Imperial Academy, the oldest university in Vietnam. It was built as a center of learning in 1070 during the dynasty of Emperor Lý Thánh Tông and dedicated to the Chinese scholar Confucius.

one pillar pagoda

This pagoda is built on a single wooden pillar with a diameter of only 1.3m. The story goes that the heirless emperor Lý Thái Tông dreamed that he met Quan Am, the goddess of mercy. Soon after, he married a young peasant girl, who bore him a son. The pagoda was built between 1028 and 1054 to express gratitude to the goddess.

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