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Vehicle maintenance can be intimidating. it’s hard to remember to schedule things like oil changes and brake work with so many other items in your life. Car maintenance apps help you keep track of your vehicle with regular maintenance notifications, service records, fuel tracking and much more. A smart vehicle is able to adjust its power to reduce fuel consumption, display the best direction based on traffic and weather conditions, detect engine problems and collect information to purchase lower insurance rates.

Most vehicles have on-board diagnostics or an OBD2 port that provides access to data from the engine control unit (ECU). For the details you need to connect an external device. An OBD auto scanner is used to receive data codes and other details about common car conditions. One can purchase diagnostic software that will allow the laptop to be connected to the OBD system in the vehicle, but knowledge of automotive repair is usually required as well. The car diagnostic app analyzes the records and works as a smart assistant when the car owner drives the vehicle. So, today, we present you the best car vehicle app for Mac OS.

Check out the list of the best auto vehicle apps for Mac OS

workshop software

The car diagnostic app analyzes the logs and works as a smart assistant when the car owner drives the vehicle. It analyzes many aspects of the journey and provides the user with useful advice: how to drive more carefully, how to reduce fuel consumption, and how to extend the life of the car.

Easily manage the daily operation of your auto repair shop. Seamless integration with your favorite accounting packages. Easy management of jobs, invoices, quotes and reservations and much more.


Shopmonkey is a cloud-based shop management solution designed to help automotive businesses of all sizes organize their appointment scheduling, messaging, reporting, billing, and more processes. The platform has a workflow management feature that allows administrators to create custom processes to track jobs, add status labels, and view quotes approved by clients.

Shopmonkey’s communication form allows users to send emails or text messages for invoices, inspection details, and job statuses. Additionally, the automated notification system allows managers to communicate confirmed appointments, pending payments, and work authorizations to clients.

auto jump

AutoLeap is modernizing auto repair shops to make it easier to build trust, save time and accelerate growth. AutoLeap is a powerful all-in-one auto repair shop software that helps keep track of your entire business, from appointment scheduling to technician management and lead generation. bills.

AutoLeap is the ultimate auto repair shop software, giving you the information you need to deliver a great customer experience and increase technician productivity.


Gartner defines software asset management tools as products that help optimize software and SaaS spend while supporting the automation of tasks required to maintain software license and subscription use rights compliance. from SaaS. SAM tools provide in-depth analysis and management of software assets by decoding software license entitlements.

Automate the collection of software consumption data, establish vendor-specific Effective License Positions (ELPs), monitor software assets, optimize software value, and share information with other tools and stakeholders.


GEM-CAR auto repair shop management software integrates with more than 200 electronic tire and auto parts catalogues. Easily manage customer service appointments and preventative maintenance reminders.

Simplify the work of your technicians using the Digital Inspection module. Monitor technician time, generate performance reports, and track inventory. GEM-CAR offers phone and email support, as well as online installation and training options.


Manage all your customer information from one place! Each customer can have multiple contacts, each with their own phone and email address. Assign vehicles to your customers! Each vehicle registration includes your license plate number, VIN, style, and model. Define your labor rates for any task! This will make it easier for you to complete your orders.

Keep track of your auto parts inventory and unit price. Easily generate budget reports for your clients. This tool can quickly draft an accurate quote for your customer inquiries. With one touch, you can generate an order invoice from a customer-approved quote! Each order breaks down parts and labor cost details in an easy-to-understand manner.


Reserve a vehicle, select a standard service such as 30,000 km or attach the necessary parts and labor to the reservation. When the customer walks in, they click a button on the reservation and a job card is generated. Print the job card with the legal document and have the client sign it.

When the customer comes in to pay for the service, they click a button on the job card and an invoice is generated. Everything is updated, including stock, accounts, service history, service reminders, and profit and loss, etc. Automatically send SMS service reminders without user intervention. Mechanical timing and performance reports. Work card mechanic hours worked versus billed hours. Statements of account, GST, balance sheet and many other business, sales and financial reports.

car care

Auto Care Standard is the sweet spot for just about anyone in the automotive game and is our most popular software choice. Designed to meet the needs of medium and large workshops, Auto Care Standard is a cloud-based Windows workshop software solution that includes all Auto Care modules.

We are experts in this industry and are happy to help you get your business out of the garage and onto the racetrack with a software package that fits your needs. This is for the new kid on the block. Just you and a small team, Auto Care Light has everything you need, starting with the basic modules designed to help you stay on top of your business needs.


GetAFix is ​​hands down the best garage management app. It combines connectivity, automation and innovation to improve your crew’s efficiency, productivity and communication. Plus, with its cloud technology that makes your business accessible 24/7, GetAFix is ​​the only solution you need to go digital.

Seamlessly manage your sales department with the GetAFix New Vehicle Sales System for Dealers. With it, you can get high-quality leads that are willing to convert. Plus, AI-powered analytics lets you collect data on customer preferences and insecurities before they buy vehicles, letting you stay on top of deals.


ActionRev is a diesel repair and rebuild software that uses internet technology to offer a cost-effective service and repair solution for the diesel, transportation and parts industry. ActionRev tracks every detail of a service shop, including vehicles, work orders, preventive maintenance schedules, customer price level, technician labor, and unlimited parts and items.

Using ActionRev as a platform, we tailor data entry and reporting for your business. ActionRev posts the finalized financial data to your accounting system, such as QuickBooks. The user-friendly web interface puts the most necessary features of this diesel repair shop software just a click away.


PartsTech provides a marketplace that transforms and disrupts the automotive industry by creating a single platform for mechanics to find, identify and order auto parts at more than 26,000 local distribution locations, including stores like AutoZone, Napa and Advance Auto Parts.

PartsTech is transitioning into this $385+ billion market, still dominated by phone orders, by digitally providing accurate data on products, prices and inventory in the industry. PartsTech currently operates one of the world’s largest databases of auto parts and accessories information, supplied directly by more than 1,900 manufacturer brands that rely on our technology.

EZ auto programmer

EZ Auto Scheduler is a cloud-based appointment scheduling solution for mechanics and the automotive industry that allows users to schedule appointments for multiple bays based on the work required. The platform also supports work order generation, automated follow-ups, customer review management, credit card processing, and more.

With EZ Auto Scheduler, multiple bays can be defined based on their job function, such as general maintenance, oil changes, and tire rotations. Multiple positions and staff members can be scheduled at each available time slot, and tasks can be assigned based on employee skill sets, team availability, and other factors. Work orders can also be generated directly from the scheduler.

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