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Rhythms are the heart of almost all music, but they are the ultimate core of electronically produced music. Being able to write, compose and edit beats quickly is very important for musicians of all kinds. When creating your own music, it can be difficult to find the right rhythm creation software for your needs. It’s even more difficult if you are new to content creation or looking for a good quality free program.

So, whether you are a learning producer wanting to draft your initial ideas or a musician looking to create royalty-free backing tracks to play to the beat, authoring software is an invaluable component of your music software arsenal. . Because the industry is getting more and more competitive with so many people trying to sell Hip Hop and Rap beats, we did some research to give you a head start.

Music production is not just a profession, but a hobby for millions of people around the world. Once upon a time, music production was reserved for those who could afford tons of expensive gear like synthesizers, hardware compressors, sequencers, etc. Now the main prerequisite is simply a competent computer or laptop.

Check out the list of the best beat making software for beginners for free

FL study

Polish your songs with the best beat music. Use FL Studios to turn your musical ideas into amazing hits. It offers a great way to capitalize on your love of music and is highly trusted by people of all ages.

It is undoubtedly one of the most impressive programs that can improve the quality of the rhythms and sound effects of your song. For those who are still in their learning stages, they can study the work of their ideals.

FL Studio is a professional-grade DAW and has everything you might need as a beat maker. The free version of FL Studio gives you full access to your DAW and all the plugins in its main package so you can try absolutely everything. First of all, let’s mention what FL Studio doesn’t allow you to do: you can’t open saved projects. So you can use the software continuously and then export to WAV or MP3, but you can’t reopen any saved projects.


LMMS (which used to stand for Linux MultiMedia Studio) is cross-platform music production software, available on macOS, Windows, and Linux. It is suitable for all types of music production and is a great freeware option for beginners. LMMS is an open source DAW or rhythm creation software inspired by FL Studio. It has been faithfully created for free by a group of programming volunteers. At first, this software seemed really dated and rather clunky, but it has come by leaps and bounds and with a sleeker interface and tons of professional features, it has to qualify highly as free beat-making software.

The graphical interface provided by LMMS is mid-tier, but its high-end features and functionality make up for it well. If needed, you can also access your voluminous database of sample tunes while recording music and creating beats. OGG, Wav, etc. they are different formats in which you can download your final creation.

These include emulations of favorite hardware synths like the Roland TB-303, Commodore 64, and 8-bit sounds from GameBoy and Nintendo devices. It also comes with the ZynAddSubFx synthesizer which is extremely powerful for creating a multitude of lead and pad synth sounds.

Garage band

GarageBand comes with the Mac and is essentially a simplified version of the professional Logic Pro X software. With tons of easy-to-use features, GarageBand has beaten its free status by providing a near-professional set of tools for all levels of music production.

The software is available for Mac users only. It also comes with a detailed guide, which you can use to learn how to play the keyboard and guitar. It can also be used to eliminate noise extortion. Furthermore, you can also use it to scale the bass volume and set equalizers where needed.

Originally only for Mac users, this software has also been made available to Windows users due to its popularity. It stands out for offering a good variety of sample instruments to choose from and also for providing a straightforward interface that is easy to use. For creating beats, the hip-hop project mode is truly amazing and features clever drum kits that can be easily edited into your samples, beats, and effects. There are tons of intuitive options and everything is designed to keep things as simple as possible.


This is another quite famous and excellent Beat Maker software. Its superb list of features makes it an outstanding tool among music lovers.

Also available on Mac and PC (although for normal PCs it is only compatible with recent versions of Windows, such as Windows 7, 8 and 10), this free software is an excellent option if you are a beginner who is not but fully familiar with the complexities. of the music. It is also very easy to use.

Two of its most different offerings are one that comes with an attractive and simple user interface, and secondly, it provides all the necessary learning tools that are essential for any beginner. MuseScore offers an easy and convenient way to create musical beats and is a must have for anyone fascinated by music. Use it to record and edit your recordings, and you can download the final piece in whatever format you like, like OGG, Wav, etc.


Next on our list of top beat making software is Drumflow, and as the name suggests, it is used to create music beat files and various compose.

Available for Windows 7, 8.1, 10, and Mac OS X, this free beat-making software stands out for offering a large selection of samples that you can listen to and be inspired by. You can also adjust the pitch and pitch easily with this software and also save your files in multiple formats.

The only downside to this amazing tool is that it doesn’t offer a high-end graphical user interface, but it still pleases its users with its simple user interface and extensive list of functionalities. It has been on the market for quite some time and is fully compatible with both Mac OS and Windows systems.


Cakewalk is one of the oldest beat making software. It has been in the market for more than 30 years. The software offers a complete package for music production. You can easily compose, record, edit, mix and share. Not only this, the software has won many awards for its unique yet simple user interface. Regardless of your experience in the field, you can easily adapt to the interface and use the software.

The software has no limit, you can have unlimited audio, MIDI, loop, instrument and auxiliary track in the project. It offers a huge list of instruments that you can use to create the song you like. Apart from this, Cakewalk is the first software to offer a 64-bit mixing engine.

BandLab’s Cakewalk is only available for Windows users, but it is one of the best free music composition software for PC. BandLab recommends that you use a computer with a multi-core Intel processor and at least 4GB of RAM. Named Cakewalk by BandLab, this free music creator for Windows is backed by more than 30 years of development. It’s another powerful option that you can use to compose, record, edit, mix, master, and share your music, all for free.


Loaded with several advanced and optimized features, orDrumbox is a good choice for creating unique musical pieces. It comes with a simple and user-friendly interface that promises effortless use.

Available for Windows 10, Mac OS X, and Linux, Ordrumbox is a great option if you want something with advanced functionality and a wide variety of features that can help you create high-quality music.

Besides Windows and Mac OS, it also works perfectly on Linux operating system. OrdrumBOX not only helps you create your music, it also helps you edit music rhythm files and save your final creation. Plus, you can even upload your files to OrdrumBox for others to view and rate your songs.

HammerHead rhythm station

If you’re looking for world-class software that can help you create music and provide great features, HammerHead may be a decent option. People who are new to this field can use your detailed guide to create good music tracks and beats. Available for PCs running a Windows operating system, this free beat creation software download is a great choice for both beginners and more experienced creators alike.

Not only does it offer many great features that can be used to edit your own music, but it also comes with various sound files that you can use to further your own creative process. The software is only available for Windows users and helps create impressive music beats. Overall, the software is worth a try.

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