Best Beauty Advent Calendars 2024: for glamorous holiday season

Our advent calendars are packed with effective beauty products that will enrich your skin, body, hair care and fragrance collection and turn the wait for Christmas into a journey of self-care.

Enjoy the beautiful world of beauty with the best Beauty Advent Calendars. They’re a fun way to get into the holiday spirit and improve your skin care and makeup routine at the same time. These carefully chosen collections of beauty treats are not only a great way to take care of yourself every day, but they also add a fun element to the holiday season.

There are a lot of different kinds of beauty products out there, so these calendars are great for anyone who likes both luxury and new experiences. Spend a month on a journey filled with the best cosmetics, skincare essentials, and special beauty treats. There is a wide range of well-known brands in the best Beauty Advent Calendars, so there is a wide range of high-quality products for everyone.

What is Beauty Advent Calendar?

A beauty advent calendar is a unique kind of advent calendar that is usually made for the holidays. A beauty advent calendar doesn’t have chocolates or other small gifts inside. Instead, each numbered door has a miniature beauty or skin care product inside.

The person who gets it can open a compartment every day until Christmas and find a new beauty surprise inside. Beauty fans can try a bunch of different brands and products in a fun way, which makes the countdown to Christmas more glamorous.

Best Beauty Advent Calendars Comparison Table

Beauty advent calendars bring cosmetic joy to the holidays. Each door holds a surprise with luxury skincare, makeup, and fragrance samples. These glamorous, anticipation-filled calendars make Christmas gifting extra special and turn the countdown to Christmas into a beauty discovery.

FeatureBODY & EARTHW7 Beauty BlastL’Occitane PremiumThe Body Shop The Advent of Changewet n wild The Wild List
Number of Days2425242524
Brand FocusNatural & Bath & BodyMakeup & CosmeticsBath & Body & SkincareSkincare & Body Care & MakeupMakeup & Nails
Product SizesMostly minis & trial sizesMix of minis & full-sizeMix of minis, travel-size & full-sizeMinis & travel-sizeMinis & travel-size
VeganYesSome productsMostlySome productsMostly
HighlightsEssential oils & natural ingredientsLarge variety of makeup & trendy colorsIconic L’Occitane products & festive scentsSustainable & ethically sourced ingredientsHigh-pigmented makeup & affordable price

BODY & EARTH Advent Calendar

Best Beauty Advent Calendars
Product Dimensions12.91″L x 2.28″W
Special FeatureNot Tested On Animals, Scented, Organic, Natural Ingredients
Age RangeAdult
Item Weight3.14 pounds
Check Price

The Advent Calendar 2023-24 Days of Christmas Beauty Advent Calendar takes you to a winter wonderland of beauty. There are 24 treats inside this holiday gift box that are good for your skin, hair, and body. Enjoy a different surprise every day leading up to Christmas, such as bath bombs, hand lotions, and shampoo bars that are good for you. Currently, this is one of the best Beauty Advent Calendars.


  • Affordable with a variety of bath and body products.
  • Offers a mix of skincare and pampering items.
  • Suitable for those who enjoy self-care routines.


  • Product sizes may be smaller than expected.
  • Limited high-end or premium items.

W7 Beauty Blast Advent Calendar

Best Beauty Advent Calendars
Product Dimensions‎14 x 11 x 0.1 inches
Special FeatureCruelty Free, Peta Approved
Item Weight‎1.17 pounds
Check Price

The W7 Beauty Blast Advent Calendar 2023–24 will help you count down the days until Christmas. This holiday calendar has 24 separate surprises inside each box. Each one has a different beauty or makeup treat inside. You can treat your inner beauty expert or give some holiday cheer to a daughter, granddaughter, niece, or friend. Overall, this is one of the best Beauty Advent Calendars.


  • Affordable with a range of makeup products.
  • Suitable for makeup enthusiasts.
  • Variety of colors and products for experimentation.


  • Product sizes may be small.
  • Quality may not match high-end brands.

L’Occitane Premium Advent Calendar

Best Beauty Advent Calendars
Product Dimensions3.15 x 1.57 x 3.15 inches
Item Weight3.78 Pounds
Check Price

Body care brand L’Occitane’s Premium Advent Calendar is a great deal that you shouldn’t miss. This 24-piece kit includes six classics that are big enough to buy on their own, like the Amande Delightful Body Balm and the coveted Sheet Mask. All of the brand’s products have a luxurious almond gourmand scent that lingers on the skin without being too sweet, which people with sensitive noses will like. This is the best Beauty Advent Calendars that you can consider.


  • High-quality skincare and body care products.
  • Premium and luxurious items.
  • Offers a mix of best-selling items.


  • Higher price compared to other advent calendars.
  • Limited variety for those not familiar with the brand.

The Body Shop The Advent of Change Calendar

Best Beauty Advent Calendars
Product Dimensions12.75 x 11.5 x 4.25 inches
Material FeatureCruelty Free
Skin TypeAll
Item Weight4.55 Pounds
Check Price

The Advent of Change set from The Body Shop contains ethically sourced, natural beauty products. 24 travel-sized shower gels, body creams, and masks are included. For more, check out the Big Advent of Change (with full-size products) or the Ultimate Advent of Change (with full-size products and new accessories). Overall, it is one of the best Beauty Advent Calendars that you can consider.


  • Unique concept with charitable contributions.
  • Offers a mix of skincare and beauty products.
  • Suitable for those who appreciate giving back.


  • Product variety may not suit everyone’s preferences.
  • Higher price compared to some other options.

wet n wild The Wild List Advent Calendar

Best Beauty Advent Calendars
Product Dimensions16 x 15 x 2 inches
Special FeatureNot Tested On Animals
Age RangeAdult
Item Weight1.25 Pounds
Check Price

It is not necessary to spend a significant amount of money in order to surprise the person in your circle who is passionate about makeup with a wonderful present, and this Advent is evidence of that. Just about everything you could possibly need is included in this 12-day calendar, which includes eyeshadows, liners, highlighters, and even an eyelash curler from Wet n Wild. Still, it is one of the best Beauty Advent Calendars that you can consider.


  • Affordable with a variety of makeup items.
  • Offers a mix of trendy and classic products.
  • Suitable for those who enjoy experimenting with makeup.


  • Product sizes may be small.
  • Quality may not match high-end brands.

The Benefits of Using Beauty Advent Calendars

People like beauty advent calendars because they are fun and help them count down the days until Christmas. Usually, these calendars have a variety of beauty products inside, like skin care items, makeup, and other treats that are related to beauty. Why using beauty advent calendars is a good idea:

Surprise and Fun: During the holiday season, beauty advent calendars add a daily surprise and fun element. Each day brings a new beauty product, which makes the experience more exciting and joyful.

Variety of Products: Many beauty advent calendars come with a variety of beauty products, so users can try out new things. This variety can help people try brands, formulas, and colours they hadn’t thought of before.

Sampling for less money: Beauty advent calendars are a cheap way to try out different beauty products before buying the full-size versions. People can then find out what works best for their skin type, tastes, and fashion.

Welcome to New Brands: These calendars often have beauty products from both well-known and less-well-known brands. This exposure lets users try brands they might not have otherwise, which helps them learn more about the beauty industry.

Enjoyable Mood: Beauty advent calendars add to the enjoyable mood of the holiday season. Every day, opening a new compartment or door adds a festive mood and a touch of glitz to the holiday countdown.

How to Choose the Best Beauty Advent Calendar for You

To pick the best beauty advent calendar, you should think about your own tastes, your beauty needs, and your budget. To help you make the right choice, here are some ideas:

Brands and Items: Look for beauty brands you already know and love that make advent calendars. Some calendars have both well-known and new brands on them. Check the list of products to make sure they meet your needs and preferences.

Face care vs. makeup: Think about whether you’re more interested in makeup or skin care products. Some beauty advent calendars are all about skin care products like cleansers, serums, and masks, while others are all about makeup products like blushes, lipsticks, and eyeshadows.

Different Products: Check out the different products that are on the calendar. An excellent advent calendar has a variety of items, giving you a wide range of beauty products to try.

Sample sizes vs. full-size sizes: Make sure you know if the items in the advent calendar are full-size or sample sizes. Some calendars let you do both at the same time. Choose calendars with more full-size items if you like to buy more of a certain product.

Worth the money: Figure out how much the advent calendar is worth in total. Find out if the calendar saves you a lot of money by adding up the retail prices of each of the items it includes. There are some beauty advent calendars that are really good deals.


Are makeup advent calendars worth it?

These offer 25 days’ worth of products at a fraction of the usual retail price, making them great value.

What do you get in the Nivea advent calendar?

NIVEA Advent Calendar 2023, Women’s Gift Set: Moisturiser, Face Masks, Lip Balms, Body Cream, Shower Gel, Anti-Perspirant, and More.

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