Best Bike Helmets 2024: for maximum safety and comfort

Bicycle helmets reduce the risk of head injuries.

If you’re gearing up to enjoy more bike rides as the weather gets warmer, it’s crucial to prioritize your safety by wearing a high-quality the best bike helmets. Statistics have shown that not wearing a helmet can lead to death, so this is a very important point. The Fatality Analysis Reporting System of the U.S. Department of Transportation says that in 2019, a shocking 62% of cyclists who were killed were not wearing helmets.

In the same way, studies done in New York City showed that almost all (97%) of the bicyclists who died were not wearing helmets. Choosing the right bike helmet can be hard, mostly because it needs to fit well and you need to know what kind of biking you’re going to do. Also, some bike helmets can be very expensive, so it’s important to find the right balance between price and quality. Below we have mentioned the best bike helmets.

Best Bike Helmets Comparison Table

ModelGiro Fixture II MIPSGiro Manifest SphericalGiro Radix MIPSRetrospec CM-1Troy Lee Designs D3 Fiberlite
MIPS TechnologyYesNoYesNoNo
Spherical TechnologyNoYesNoNoNo
Helmet TypeTrailTrailTrailCommuterDH/MTB
Adjustable Fit SystemYesYesYesYesYes
Safety CertificationsCPSC, EN 1078CPSC, EN 1078, MIPSCPSC, EN 1078CPSC, EN 1078CPSC, EN 1078, ASTM F1952

Giro Fixture II MIPS

Best Bike helmet
ModelFixture II MIPS
Safety FeatureMIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System)
Helmet TypeMountain biking helmet
Size OptionsMultiple sizes available
VentilationWell-ventilated design with multiple vents
Adjustable FitRoc Loc Sport fit system for easy adjustments
VisorRemovable visor for customizable sun protection
ConstructionIn-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner
WeightLightweight design

The deep fit, highly adjustable harness system, and MIPS rotational impact system of this mountain bike helmet made us really like it. The MIPS system has a plastic insert that is meant to move around inside the foam shell when the helmet is hit. This helps to absorb rotational forces. This cheap helmet has MIPS protection, which makes it stand out among other cheap helmets. We were impressed by how well-made and thought-out this helmet was, especially considering how much more of the head it covers.

It looks and feels like Giro’s half-shell mountain bike helmets, which are more expensive. The in-mold construction fuses the polycarbonate outer shell with the EPS foam, giving it a smooth finish and a strong feel. With 16 vents, it is surprisingly well-ventilated, and the large visor works well to shield your eyes from the sun or keep brush out of your face on tight, twisty trails. Fixture II is also available in a number of fun colors to match your kit.

We tried very hard to find problems with the way the Fixture II was made, but we didn’t find much. Even though it’s not cheap, it’s a great deal considering how well it’s made, how safe it is, and how good it looks. Some people might find it annoying that the ear splitter straps can’t be adjusted, but we didn’t have any trouble with them when we tested them. The only other problem we found with this helmet was that it might not fit everyone. Overall, it is one of the best bike helmets that you can buy.

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  • MIPS technology for enhanced safety during impacts
  • Adequate ventilation to keep the head cool during rides


  • Limited color options available
  • Some users may find the fit system less intuitive to use initially

Giro Manifest Spherical

Best Bike helmet
ModelManifest Spherical
Safety FeatureSpherical Technology for impact management
Helmet TypeAll-mountain biking helmet
Size OptionsMultiple sizes available
VentilationAero Mesh panels for optimal airflow
Adjustable FitRoc Loc Trail fit system for a secure fit
VisorAdjustable visor for customizable sun protection
ConstructionIn-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner
WeightLightweight design

Giro has made a one-of-a-kind model that has everything we’ve come to expect from a high-end half-shell helmet. It looks sleek and was made well. It uses the MIPS Spherical rotational impact system, which is made up of two separate EPS foam shells connected by elastomers. These foam shells have different densities and are made to rotate against each other in case of an angled impact, like a ball and socket joint.

The inside foam shell goes low on the back and sides of the head to give more coverage for mountain biking, and we found that it was comfortable for a wide range of head shapes. Large air vents and interior channels give this mountain bike helmet some of the best ventilation we’ve seen, and the padding inside does a great job of absorbing and wicking sweat.

During testing, we had a hard time finding anything wrong with the Manifest because we didn’t find any problems with how it worked. It does have a pretty high price tag, and it doesn’t weigh very much. But we think the protection offered by the dual-shell design is worth the very small weight gain. Thus, it is one of the best bike helmets that you can buy.

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  • Customizable visor to shield against sun glare and debris
  • Lightweight construction for reduced fatigue during long rides


  • Higher price point compared to other models
  • Limited color options may not appeal to all riders

Giro Radix MIPS

Best Bike helmet
ModelRadix MIPS
Safety FeatureMIPS technology for impact protection
Helmet TypeRecreational cycling helmet
Size OptionsMultiple sizes available
VentilationWind Tunnel vents for effective airflow
Adjustable FitRoc Loc 5 fit system for easy adjustments
VisorDetachable visor for customizable sun protection
ConstructionIn-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner
WeightLightweight design

It looks like a classic mountain bike helmet, fits well, and has great features that cyclists of all kinds will love. This cheap helmet fits a wide range of heads and makes you feel very safe as soon as you put it on. One of our favorite fit adjustment systems we have tried is Giro’s Roc Loc harness, which lets you fine-tune the fit to your exact liking. Still, it is one of the best bike helmets that you can buy.

In case of a crash, the MIPS liner on the inside protects against rotational forces, and the EPS shell gives great coverage. The Radix MIPS is also one of the mountain bike helmets we tested that was the lightest. The large size only weighs 360 grams. Even though the Radix MIPS is a versatile and safe helmet, it isn’t as tough as some mountain bike helmets made for going fast downhill.

The traditional shape of the shell doesn’t cover the back and sides of the head as much as other helmets do. Also, compared to some helmets, the visor is smaller and not as strong. We wouldn’t recommend this helmet for aggressive all-mountain riding, but we would recommend it for cross-country and trail riding.

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  • Easy and precise fit adjustments for a personalized fit
  • Detachable visor adds versatility and sun protection options
  • Lightweight construction for comfortable extended wear


  • May not provide the same level of protection as higher-end models
  • Some users may find the fit system slightly finicky

Retrospec CM-1

Best Bike helmet
Helmet TypeMulti-sport helmet
MaterialABS plastic shell
Ventilation10 vents
Fit SystemAdjustable dial fit system
CertificationCPSC for bicycle helmets, ASTM F-1492-08
Available SizesSmall, Medium, Large
Color OptionsBlack, White, Matte Charcoal, Matte Eggshell

This simple “skate-style” bike helmet will keep your head safe while you ride. We like this because it can be used in so many different ways. It can be used for getting to work, skating, biking, and a lot more. After putting this option through its paces, we came to the conclusion that it is a good choice for people who want a basic, reliable helmet to keep their head safe. For now, it is one of the best bike helmets that you can buy.

It has a lot of padding on the inside and a thick EPS foam shell with an ABS outer liner that can’t be scratched. There isn’t much that could go wrong with this because it has a simple design. The CPSC-certified EPS shell is the thickest of the ones we tested, so it should protect your head well when you hit something. It comes in three sizes that fit heads with a circumference between 51 and 63 centimeters.

It comes with different pads that you can switch out to make it fit your head size and shape. The chin buckle is easy to adjust to get a secure fit, and the straps have sliding, adjustable ear-splitter clips to make sure they fit around your ears and sit flat on the side of your face. Because of the thick padding, all of our testers thought this was one of the most comfortable helmets.

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  • Versatile multi-sport helmet suitable for various activities
  • Sturdy ABS plastic shell provides excellent protection


  • Limited color options compared to other models
  • Some users may find the fit system less precise than other high-end helmets

Troy Lee Designs D3 Fiberlite

Best Bike helmet
BrandTroy Lee Designs
ModelD3 Fiberlite
Helmet TypeDownhill mountain bike helmet
MaterialFiberglass shell
Ventilation20 high-flow intake and exhaust ports
Fit SystemMIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection)
CertificationCPSC for bicycle helmets
Available SizesXS, S, M, L, XL
Color OptionsVarious graphics and color combinations

It has a lot of the same features as more expensive Troy Lee Designs models, but the fiberglass shell makes it more affordable. We think this is a great combination of price and value. It gives a lot of comfort because it has a lot of padding. And all of our testers loved how it fit. When going down a trail, the heavier build gives you confidence. When we were going fast and doing jumps in this helmet, we felt safe and protected. Overall, it is one of the best bike helmets that you can buy.

The D3 Fiberlite, on the other hand, is one of the heaviest helmets we looked at. Because of this, we wouldn’t choose this helmet for anything but downhill riding. It’s best for racing, freeriding hard, and riding lifts at a bike park. Also, we thought the air flow wasn’t as good as it could have been. And while we think it gives good protection, it doesn’t have a system to protect against rotational impacts.

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  • Wide range of color and graphic options to suit individual preferences
  • MIPS technology enhances impact protection by reducing rotational forces


  • Limited certification compared to some other helmets (lacks ASTM certification)
  • Slightly higher price point compared to entry-level helmets


Why should I wear a bike helmet?

For your safety while cycling, you must always wear a bike helmet. It helps protect your head if you fall or get into an accident, and it lowers the chance of getting a serious head injury or a traumatic brain injury. A helmet can absorb and spread the force of an impact, making a cushion between your head and the ground or other objects.

How often should I replace my bike helmet?

Most people say that you should replace your bike helmet every 3–5 years, or sooner if it has been in a crash or has been damaged a lot. Over time, the helmet’s materials can break down, making it less able to protect your head.

Can I reuse a helmet after a crash?

If a helmet has been in a crash, even if there are no obvious signs of damage, it is best to get a new one. A crash can damage the structure and integrity of a helmet, making it less effective in future crashes.

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