Best Bloatware Removal Software for Windows 11/10

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Bloatware apps are pre-installed on all newly purchased phones, tablets or computers. Most of them unnecessarily take up space on the device and even affect battery life and overall system performance. These programs often do more harm than good. Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs), better known as bloatware applications, are unnecessary programs that affect the performance of your device. Device manufacturers have introduced these bloatware apps to provide users with additional programs that they might want to use and earn money at the same time. Gradually, these apps cause users headaches instead of being useful.

Software vendors pay computer manufacturers and retailers to install demo versions of their products on devices in the hope that customers will buy the full versions. These demo versions of the software come in two flavors: slimmed-down copies with limited functionality, and full versions with a limited shelf life. Unfortunately, these programs remain on devices and become part of a growing pool of PUPs unless users actively search for demo software and remove it, which rarely happens. Gradually, bloatware puts pressure on the processing speed of the device. Even opening small apps on a crowded hard drive can take too long.

If you want to remove the pre-installed Windows 11/10 apps from your computer, you will find the Bloatware Removal Utility very helpful. This is an open source application that allows you to uninstall or remove third-party and pre-installed applications using Windows PowerShell. Windows 11 and Windows 10 come with many additional apps like 3D Viewer, OneNote, Alarms and Clock, Maps, Money, Weather, etc. Although some people use these applications, many people have not opened them since the operating system is installed on their computers. . If you are one of them and running out of storage space, you can remove these unnecessary apps from your PC.

Here is the list of the best Bloatware removal software for Windows 11/10


Decrap is a free bloatware removal software for Windows. It helps you remove all the pre-installed software on your computer and restore the newly installed Windows operating system. After uninstalling the bloatware, the bloatware remover will close automatically. This Windows bloatware removal software is available in different languages ​​including: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, etc. The software is really lightweight and compatible with Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP.

puffy box

When we talk about open source bloatware removal tools, we would be remiss not to mention BloatBox. The little utility was developed as an add-on to a Windows 10 privacy tool called Spydish and turned into its own standalone app to keep the app lightweight. BloatBox can remove all pre-installed apps from Windows 10 and 11, including Start menu tiles and Microsoft apps like OneDrive or OneNote. You can even use it to disable Windows Defender, though it’s not recommended. Just like Windows10Debloater, you can download the app from its Github repository.

revo uninstaller

Revo Uninstaller is a popular freeware uninstaller that can also be used to remove bloatware from a Windows PC. When you run this software, it will show you the list of installed software and bloatware on your computer along with the number of installations. You can see the installed programs for the current user and for everyone. This feature allows you to view and remove any unwanted bloatware or software from your Windows computer.

thin computer

Slim Computer is another free bloatware remover for Windows computers. The use of this bloatware remover is completely free. It helps you track and remove pre-installed adware, toolbars or trial versions from your computer. It scans your computer for such software and ranks them based on user votes. Use user data to decide whether or not to keep software. The generated app list will show you the community rating, publisher information, uninstall path and more information of the apps. Click Learn More to get a detailed rating, review and vote for a software.

AVG Optimization

AVG TuneUp is a device management software package developed by AVG Technologies based in the Czech Republic. The company is best known for its antivirus products, but it produces many other types of software. It is a subsidiary of Avast Software. AVG TuneUp has many different features that you can use to optimize your PC for maximum performance. Some of these are a software uninstaller, a browser and hard drive cleaner, and a driver updater. As the name suggests, AVG TuneUp is not just a bloatware removal tool, but a complete PC optimization package. You can remove bloatware apps, clean the registry and disable startup apps that slow down the startup process.

The PC Decrapifier

PC Decrapifier is a portable software uninstaller that is very easy to use and supports batch uninstalls. It specializes in removing the preinstalled and often never used programs that come with new PCs, also known as bloatware, crapware, junkware, and shovelware, but is not limited to removing these types of programs. This tool can scan and list all the programs on your system that you want to remove, and it can remove some programs automatically, so you don’t even have to click through an uninstall wizard.

revo uninstaller

Bloatware removal tools usually present a list of programs that can be removed. Functionally safe, but not very intuitive. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could remove any app with annoying pop-ups right from your desktop? Revo Uninstaller is the right tool for the job. Hunter mode allows you to uninstall annoying software yourself via the window or system tray icon. This is a great way to remove apps that start automatically and don’t offer their own uninstall option.

fucking killer

Crap Killer is an application, or you can say “a command line script” that automatically detects and uninstalls bloatware. It basically follows a heuristic detection algorithm that tricks the script into removing some useful programs along with bloatware. This is a perfect program to run when you get a new system and want to remove all the bloatware and crapware before you start working with it. Running this software will keep your system clean and up to date. It also removes other unnecessary applications like toolbars, coupon printers, etc.

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