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Quick list of Best Books To Teach Children Empathy

The point is that there is an important difference between empathy and sympathy. In How to Teach Empathy, Terry Heick said that “empathy is both a cause and an effect of understanding, a kind of cognitive and emotional double helix that can bridge the gap between classroom learning and ‘real world’ application.” ‘”. Because storytelling is such a powerful tool for conveying the human condition, we’ve put together a list of some of the best stories that do just that. Each of the following books in the collection we’ve created below was chosen for its ability to be particularly good at showing or learning empathy.

Most of the books are helpful in teaching empathy to almost any student of any age. Indeed, it could be argued that a student does not require a story at all: music, news, art, film, YouTube videos, and other forms of media are also useful here. It is very true that they do not necessarily require an “empathy story”. Most literature inherently encourages empathy with the characters in stories, especially when told by a first-person narrator. Still, a book created expressly to demonstrate empathy can be an even more precise teaching tool. Although the list below leans toward K-8, there are many that would work well in a high school class as well.

Here is the list of the best books to teach empathy to children


This stunning wordless picture book tells the story of a heroic blue bird who befriends a lonely boy and gives him courage and hope to face his day.

This book captures a variety of emotions from start to finish and provides plenty of talking points to start conversations with young children and introduce empathy in a fun way.

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Bridge to Terabithia

Fifth grader Jess Aarons doesn’t get along with her new neighbor Leslie. He spent the whole summer working on his race time so that he could be faster than his teammates, but she still manages to beat him.

Over time, they transform from competitors to friends. She’s the new kid in town and he’s the stranger at school, but together they find comfort in her loneliness. When Leslie dies unexpectedly, Jess suffers a deep loss. Others in his life, like his little sister, help him through his pain with empathy and love.

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great feelings

Parents should know that Big Feelings is another colorful and inclusive book from author Alexandra Penfold and illustrator Suzanne Kaufman. A sequel to the duo’s best-selling book, Everyone’s Welcome, the story follows a diverse and inclusive group of kids who have big plans for fun and play when big feelings get in the way.

Everyone’s feelings are appreciated as the friends work together to compromise and “start over.” Cooperation, emotion, and understanding are emphasized throughout the story. The hardcover reading experience is interactive as a fold-out page reveals a large illustration.

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You, me and empathy

One of the most important social skills a child can learn is empathy. The ability to understand how another person is feeling and anticipate their needs helps people connect across races, cultures, and the pervasive diversity that is so important to our world.

This charming story uses verse, beautiful illustrations, and a little person named Quinn to model the meaning of empathy. Throughout the story, Quinn shows a lot of understanding, compassion, and kindness towards others. Showing empathy towards others is a learned quality that we must cultivate and nurture with the children in our care.

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Come with me

We love this story! She is about a girl who is saddened by the news she sees on television. She asks her parents what she can do to make the world a better place. Inspired and perhaps impressed by her daughter’s question, her father takes her for a walk around town, greeting everyone she sees with a friendly smile and a peaked hat.

Inspired by her parents’ gentle appreciation of the world, the girl invites the boy next door to come out and take her for a walk with the dog. We appreciate how this book conveys that small acts of kindness and courage ultimately make the world a better place. Simply put, the good things we do no matter how big or small.

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Everyone is welcome

Follow a group of kids through a day at their school, where everyone is welcomed with open arms. A school where children in parkas, hijabs and yarmulkes play alongside friends in baseball caps.

A school where students grow and learn from each other’s traditions and the whole community comes together to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Everyone’s Welcome lets young children know that whatever happens, they have a place, they have space, they are welcome at their school.

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hey little ant

This book is an absolute winner when it comes to encouraging discussions of compassion and understanding. When a boy meets an ant on the sidewalk and picks up her shoe to crush it, the ant speaks quickly to argue why her life should be saved.

The ant asks the child to imagine how it would feel if they changed positions. His humorous dialogue shows a great contrast in how everyone sees the world. The book ends by asking, “What do you think the boy should do?” and invite the children to share how they would react.

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be nice

Parents should know that Pat Zietlow Miller’s Be Kind is narrated by a compassionate child (it can be a boy or a girl) who notices that a classmate, Tanisha, is embarrassed for spilling grape juice on her new dress. , and after that the other kids run into the hallway laughing at them. The boy with no name wants Tanisha to feel better, but he’s not sure how, and he begins to think about what it means to be kind.

The child will find examples in their school, community, across the country and around the world, shown in bright and engaging illustrations. The story comes full circle as the boy finally finds a simple way to make Tanisha feel better. Be Kind provides an opportunity to discuss the value and power of kindness and ways to be kind to others.

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inspire kindness

Lily is nervous about starting a new school. She doesn’t look like her classmates and she’s still learning English, so she’s afraid she won’t fit in. It doesn’t help that everything seems to go wrong the morning of her first day of school.

People who even recognize her don’t seem to have anything nice to say until she meets Tilly. It turned out that all she needed for the evening ahead was a smile and kind words from a new friend. After talking to her little reader about how they can help others feel included like Tilly helped Lily, at the end of the book she will find 25 kind gestures to practice together.

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voices in the park

A trip to the park is described by four very different characters. Everyone describes in their own voice what they see, who they meet, and how they feel about it.

This book carefully shows how perspective affects experiences. Wonderful illustrations by Anthony Browne add extra detail to the characters’ stories, giving little ones plenty to explore on their own.

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