Best Budget Gaming Keyboards 2024: to get your winning streak going

Whether you need a budget gaming keyboard to get you through until you can afford a better one or you just want to build a cheaper setup, you have a lot of options right now.

Finding a cheap gaming keyboard has changed the way I play games every day in a big way. It is great to find a good keyboard that doesn’t cost a lot of money. One thing I like about keyboards with LED backlighting is that they look cool and make my game station look more lively. It’s even better that you can get a game keyboard for as little as $50 or £50 these days without giving up a lot of features.

There are several options accessible right now, regardless of whether you need a cheap gaming keyboard to help you through more expensive decks or you’re just creating yourself a more reasonable setup. Because of how quickly technology advances in these decks, we’re accustomed to seeing high-end features drop in price to around $50 or £50. Even though you won’t have the top gaming keyboards’ quick customization choices, you’ll still be competitive on the battlefield. Below, we have mentioned the best budget gaming keyboards.

Best Budget Gaming Keyboards

Corsair K55 RGB Pro

Best Budget Gaming Keyboards

To put it mildly, Corsair’s portfolio of high-end gaming keyboards is amazing, but its budget options also have a lot to offer. One of the finest inexpensive gaming keyboards is the Corsair K55 RGB Pro, which boasts features like onboard memory, an industry-standard 1,000Hz polling rate, and IP42 protection against spills. Although it can’t be fully programmed, it does have six dedicated keys for recording macros, which can help you be quicker and more effective during tough bouts.

You can also map streaming commands to these keys using the Elgato Broadcast Deck program if you stream video games. The RGB lighting in this place cannot be programmed for each key individually. There are five RGB lighting zones, though, which you may alter with various lighting options. Currently, this is one of the best budget gaming keyboards that you can buy right now.

G.Skill KM360

Best Budget Gaming Keyboards

There is a current trend in the best budget gaming keyboards or more, but there are still high-quality mechanical switch boards that cost less. It’s common for these more affordable options to use inexpensive switches made by other companies, however the G.Skill KM360 ships standard with the iconic Cherry MX Red linear switch.

Simple slabs of keys make up the KM360. Nevertheless, this is to its benefit. Its ability to provide genuine Cherry mechanical key switches at a low cost is due to the fact that it provides so little in the way of extras beyond the necessities. That implies an incredibly smooth, accurate, and consistent actuation for typing and gaming.

Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition

Best Budget Gaming Keyboards

The Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition is by far the best cheap gaming keyboard we’ve tested. This keyboard offers all the high-end features of a high-end board, such as a hard plastic shell, an aluminum top plate, and sturdy PBT keycaps, but at a wonderful budget price point because it is an older model in Razer’s flagship Huntsman range. Additionally, the TenKeyLess design leaves more room on your desk for improved flick shots or sweeping mouse movements. This is one of the best budget gaming keyboards.

It is powered by Razer’s linear optical switches, which have a very short pre-travel and an extremely light actuation force. Each keypress seems smooth and fast due to the extremely low latency, which results in a responsive in-game experience. It has media hotkeys, a traditional “Game Mode” that disables the Windows key, and onboard memory to save and develop macros without using any additional software, despite the fact that it is mostly a plain keyboard without many frills and bells.

Havit Mechanical

Best Budget Gaming Keyboards

Although you might assume that spending this much money on a best budget gaming keyboards would result in subpar performance, the Havit model demonstrates that it is possible. The characteristic loud and clicky feedback that you want from a gadget like this is produced by the blue microswitches.

Its form factor is also worth mentioning; it has a slender appearance because it just requires the minimal amount of capacity necessary to house the keys and leaves little room for anything else. You can also get it with a high-DPI RGB mouse, which is ideal for people looking for a high-end solution at a reasonable cost.

SteelSeries Apex 3 TKL

Best Budget Gaming Keyboards

A best budget gaming keyboards doesn’t have to be pricey to stay up, as demonstrated by the SteelSeries Apex 3 TKL. This $45 choice already checks off a number of items on the list, such as being water- and dust-resistant, having silent switches that are great for gaming late at night, and even having adjustable feet for your comfort while gaming. Its full macro-programmability, in addition to its dedicated media keys, makes it a great value for RPG, MMO, and MOBA gamers.

Not only that, but this feature-rich keyboard also includes built-in three-way cable management, eight programmable RGB lighting zones, and game-grade anti-ghosting on the most used gaming keys. Simply put, it has a tonne of fantastic functions and performs well, which you wouldn’t expect from a keyboard that costs less than $50. Also, the SteelSeries Apex 3 has essentially the same functionality if you prefer this in a full-sized version.

Keychron K2 (Version 2)

Best Budget Gaming Keyboards

It’s quite best budget gaming keyboards Especially given its excellent quality. Starting at around $69, you can buy a sizable gaming keyboard with excellent wireless capabilities and authentic mechanical Gateron switches. It has an elegantly straightforward design with grey ABS keycaps, a somewhat smaller 84-key layout that only omits the numpad, and a significantly condensed navigation cluster.

If you’re a space-conscious gamer, I may have previously suggested that 60% compact keyboards are the way to go, but the Keychron K2’s 75% offering may cause me to reconsider. The construction is quite strong for more of a cheap board, with little deck flex and a respectable amount of mass.

Logitech G413

Best Budget Gaming Keyboards

If you’re one of those folks who enjoys using a Numpad, the Logitech G413 is a good option. Despite being an older model by peripheral standards, it still performs well. Games seem responsive and smooth when you play them because of the Romer-G Tactile switches’ incredibly low latency. It also has a few pleasant extra features, such a USB passthrough, which allows you to plug in a device straight into the keyboard for improved wire management, like a headphone or mouse receiver.

The fact that this keyboard is so old and can’t keep up with all the new customizing choices is its only drawback. As a result, it only has one type of switch and just one colour of illumination. Given that this device is as straightforward as they come, it is a good option for gamers that are solely concerned with raw performance. Thus, this product is one of the best budget gaming keyboards available right now.

HyperX Alloy Origins 60

Best Budget Gaming Keyboards

With its additional keys, the Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition and the Logitech G413 give you a more conventional appearance, whilst the HyperX Alloy Origins 60 is a little device designed to take up the least amount of space. Because of its diminutive size, it is ideal for people who prefer dynamic mouse motions or who just have a little desk to play at, such as in a dorm room. For now, this is one of the best budget gaming keyboards you can consider.

A high-performance gaming system with exceptionally low latency and linear switches that hit a beautiful sweet spot in terms of their pre-travel distance and actuation force is crammed inside this compact metal frame. They are easy to press and have a pre-travel distance that is just long enough to prevent inadvertent key presses by nicking a nearby key while still feeling responsive while gaming.


In our best budget gaming keyboards, we’ve used both mechanical and membrane gaming keyboards, and ultimately, it boils down to preference rather than one design type having an edge over the other. For instance, a mechanical keyboard will provide you with a more tactile, clicky responsiveness, but it will also be louder. If you’re on the fence about switching, we advise buying a less expensive mechanical keyboard because it won’t appeal to everyone.

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