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Mumbai, India’s most cosmopolitan city, also has the most diverse food culture. From vada pavs on the street to authentic sashimi and everything in between, Mumbaikars has plenty of options. There are rich and impressive flavors for all kinds of diners, from the sultry to the gluttonous and everything in between. Most of the time you need to escape the crowd and give yourself the “me time” you keep craving. No, you don’t need to travel to the forest or the mountains to find the respite you so desperately need, you can look for the cozy corners hidden in the streets of your city.

There are better cafes in Mumbai that are endowed with quirky interiors and a vibrant crowd, which only thrives on the hustle and bustle. Located in the posh and luxurious areas of Mumbai, these cafes are a wonderful place to sit back and relax with a cup of coffee. With an extremely diverse food culture, the cafes in this city almost spoil you with the sheer variety of options on offer. From the classic egg kejriwal to chicken and sausage burgers, Mumbai has it all. These cafes have been designed keeping in mind the requirements of people who prefer a quiet yet lively place for a date, a meeting or just some ‘me time’. Not only the atmosphere, but these cafes also serve the most delicious food.

Here is the list of the best cafes in Mumbai

Cafe Prithvi

If you are looking for the best cafes in Mumbai for couples with amazing atmosphere and outdoor seating, Prithvi Cafe is the place to be. Talk about service, value for money, atmosphere or taste, Prithvi Cafe has you covered. An ideal spot for a romantic date under mood-elevating lights, this might just be the coolest place to hang out with your sweetheart. In addition, you will surely be surprised by the incredible rates.

The legendary Prithvi Theater (where art is gracefully celebrated) also has a café that is also frequented by celebrities. It’s an outdoor cafe best known for its stuffed parathas and sliced ​​chai (a match made in heaven). They serve all kinds of delicacies here. The huge trees that surround this cozy spot keep it cool even during the peak sun hours of the day, though the best time to visit is at night when it’s lit up (both in terms of lights and crowds). This is one of the most famous cafes in Mumbai! You must visit!

zen coffee

After several successful branches in Ahmedabad and one in Pune, Zen Cafe entered Mumbai just a couple of years ago and found an address in the bylanes of Fort. Design plays a huge role in the construction of this cafe, so you can expect clean, modern interiors that are beautiful at any time of day. Offerings include a variety of coffee, and the menu is heavily inspired by Asian cuisine. So you can have things like Soba Noodle Salad with Microgreens and Tofu, Thai Spiced Vegetables and Rice, among other small and large plates and even pizzas. Their beverage menu includes hot, cold, and craft coffee.

Leopold Cafe

Walking into the Leopold cafe is like walking into the dining room at your university. These old school but funky walls are one of the many things that will draw you in at this cafe. The place is always packed with foreigners drinking beer, taking a break from street shopping in the Mumbai heat. Leopold’s has a great menu. From snacks and appetizers to main course and dessert, the cafe has everything one could ask for, all at a price that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. This is one of the vintage cafes in Mumbai.

Kala Ghoda Coffee

great coffee Healthy food. Located in the streets of the Fort behind the famous Kala Ghoda statue, this cozy cafe offers a variety of vegan, gluten-free and healthy options to choose from in simple, rustic surroundings. Have a mocha with low-fat or almond milk, along with a whole wheat margarita pizza or grilled chicken dish, and don’t forget to finish on a sweet note with their signature carrot cake. Pro Tip: Look for the daily specials on the board behind the counter to see some off-menu dishes.

coffee lotus

Located inside JW Marriott, Lotus Cafe is undoubtedly one of the best cafes in Mumbai for everyone who is looking for a delicious experience along with good food. At Lotus Cafe, you can choose from a wide range of cuisines including Italian, Continental, North Indian and Asian. Although this cafe is more expensive than you would normally expect, it still offers its kind of experience. The interiors are wonderfully designed and the atmosphere will leave you elated. This place is also surrounded by some of the best places to shop in Mumbai.


Bandra’s Chapel Road has gotten busier (not necessary) in the last two years thanks to Subko. Mary Lodge, a former Goan-Portuguese bungalow was converted into the current Subko and the house still retains its main exterior features. It is best to take your coffee and food with you because you will rarely find a table. But, if you prefer specialty coffee, you are in the right place. Subko offers bottled beers, coffee made from specialty beans, baked goods, bread, and more. They also have an outpost in Byculla called The Craftery by Subko, where you can see the coffee beans being roasted and ready to brew.

jumping windows

Jumping windows combines the two best things in the world: books and food. This cozy café has two floors and a basement. Both floors are home to a quirky cafe and the basement is a reading room where you’ll find total silence and an impressive (and huge) collection of comics. They have the best of the Marvel and DC universe, and also a great Tinkle collection. Looking for a regular hearty meal with a book? Leaping Windows is the place to be. This is one of the unique cafes in Mumbai.

the bagel shop

The Bagel Shop, a small cafe with a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, is located in Bandra. This place is known for its low-gluten bagels, delicious fresh juices, and Iranian chai. The Bagel Shop is famous for its bagel sandwiches like the Sausage Bagel Sandwich, with Sausage from Anton in Goa. Apart from this, the cafeteria also offers basics like coffee, smoothies, salads, pasta and delicious cakes for tea time. Most days, one can find writers with their laptops typing away, or people curled up with a book and a cup of coffee by their side. It’s a nice sight to see people relax and enjoy what they are passionate about.

coffee aromas

Distributed in the main areas of Mumbai, Armas Cafe has been serving the people. Whether offering hot coffee, sandwiches, pasta or delicious hot drinks; Fragrances finds you the best solution for a relaxing day. They are located in various parts of Mumbai like Powai, Viviana Shopping Mall, Phoenix Az City Market, Juhu, Hiranandani Stroll, Vashi and Oshiwara; the chain of cafes is a must visit for young people.

grandma’s coffee

Coffee is an ode to all the grandmothers in the world. Therefore, the menu has also been curated in such a way that it manages to encapsulate a Shepherd’s Pie and Rajma chawal to be a part of it. The vintage decor of the place along with the classic decor surely adds to the fun atmosphere. You would have a good time in the fancy cafe while having those exquisite bellinis. Visit the beautiful cafe in Mumbai.

Social Powai

If we talk about Mumbai, powai is the destination that comes to mind to go eat and relax with your friends and family. This cafe is known for its service, quality of food, variety of pizzas, weekend brunch, and the atmosphere is great. Popular dishes include cheesecake, cocktails, burgers, pizza, continental, drinks, etc.


At a glance, the Samvene would resemble Le 15, as both cafes are designed with a French theme. However, what sets Samvene apart from Le 15 is its classic look that makes it a hit with several guests. Mixing classic enthusiasm with French vibes gives it a unique tone that draws people to Samvene. Every glance at the cafe would draw you to it. The classic yellow doors that swing open to reveal the French style interiors is something that will entice you to stay. locked inside.

Another feature that attracts many couples and young lovers are the Insta-friendly corners inside the Samvene. Well-lit corners with beautiful decor are sure to give you that perfect Insta profile picture you’ve been looking for. The cafe is perfect for a breakfast date and provides the lonely atmosphere you need with your love. So join your partner and visit this unique cafe to have a good time talking to each other.

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