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Quick list of Best Cookbooks for Geeks and Nerds

Geeks and nerds are often found in libraries, labs, game rooms, or research rooms, but what we don’t know is that they can also be found in the kitchen. With the help of these fun, nerdy cookbooks we’ve collected from around the web, geeks can transform an ordinary meal into something special. Below you will find our top ten cookbooks for geeks and nerds. Be creative and get inspired by other galaxies or magical worlds by preparing a feast at home!

Now, when many people are at home and bored, it is the perfect time to learn new things. So here is a list of cookbooks for geeks and nerds featuring your favorite fictional dishes. Now that many people are home and bored, it is the perfect time to learn new things. So here is a list of geeky and nerdy cookbooks that you can use to recreate your favorite fictional dishes.

Check out the list of the best cookbooks for geeks and nerds

Star Trek Cookbook

This is the task facing Neelix, the USS Voyager’s cook, every time he takes on the challenge of feeding the 140-member crew. But over the course of the journey, Neelix has learned a few tricks that he has mastered. He had to, if only for reasons of self-preservation.

Ethan Phillips, who plays Neelix, and William J. Birnes, co-author of the New York Times bestselling The Day After Roswell, open the vaults of interstellar haute cuisine and reveal for the first time the secret preparation techniques behind it all. exotic dishes and drinks Character favorites from several classic Star Trek series and movies are here, all adapted for ease of use in 21st century kitchens.

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Neurogastronomy: how the brain creates flavor and why it matters

Shepherd begins Neurogastronomy with the mechanics of smell, specifically how it stimulates the nose from the back of the mouth. When eating, the brain perceives odors as spatial patterns and, from these and other sensory data, builds the perception of taste. Shepherd then considers the implications of the taste system for contemporary social, behavioral, and medical problems. It looks at the influence of flavors on the brain regions that control emotions, food preferences and cravings, and even devotes a section to the role of food in drug addiction and, drawing on the iconic story of the cupcake from Marcel Proust, his ability to evoke deep emotions. regards.

Shepherd connects her research with trends in nutrition, diet and obesity, in particular the challenges many people face in eating healthy. He concludes with the human perception of smell and taste and its relationship to the neural basis of consciousness. Everyone from casual gourmands and avid foodies to wine critics, chefs, scientists and researchers will be captivated by Shepherd’s fascinating food-science adventures.

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The Engineer’s Cookbook

Scandinavia’s best-selling cookbook now in English for engineers, geeks, nerds and their friends around the world! What kind of relationship does an engineer have with food? What does an engineer eat? How do you prepare a meal? How do you organize the different phases of the cooking process? What drives it? Technical men or women mainly behave rationally. They solve problems and move on. The engineer’s guests are always satisfied, the food is served on time and there is nothing left over. Managing it all is an intellectual challenge for the engineer, and successful food preparation brings him great pleasure.

This book gives a systematic account of the principles behind the engineer’s kitchen. Help the engineer to recognize what matters in food, identify his own strengths and adapt his skills to prepare a good meal. For the non-technical educated, the book offers an exciting look into the inner workings of the engineer’s mind, and dozens of clearly illustrated, practical recipes that make it easy for anyone to prepare delicious meals.

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The Star Wars II Cookbook

Even the pickiest of Gungans will eat their fruits and vegetables when Bubble City Salad and Boss Nass Broccoli are on the menu. With this exciting new sequel to the bestselling Star Wars Cookbook: Wookiee Cookies and Other Galactic Recipes, Star Wars fans of all ages can cook up even more otherworldly fun. This intergalactic Star Wars cookbook features healthy snacks, delicious meals, sweet treats and simple entrees that no rebel can resist, from Opee’s Sea Crunch (for fish fillets with a real bite) to Darth Double Dogs (a saber of light you can eat!).

With fun photos and recipes and easy-to-clean pages, Star Wars Cookbook II even includes a glossy plastic Darth Maul stencil for decorating culinary creations. And age doesn’t matter when the Force is with you: adults and children alike will have a blast with this book.

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What Einstein Told His Cook: The Science of Cooking Explained

Wolke, longtime chemistry professor and author of the Washington Post’s Food 101 column, presents a Cecil Adams-style compendium of questions and answers on the chemistry of food. Is there really a difference between supermarket and sea salt? How is sugar made? Should cooks avoid aluminum pans?

Among Wolke’s humorous and easy-to-understand answers to these and other puzzles are recipes that illustrate scientific principles. There’s a sauce that avoids lumps and fat, a Portuguese poached meringue that demonstrates how cream of tartar works, and juicy salt-fried burgers… With its lust for the truth, this book will help cooks make smarter decisions.”

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the nightmare before christmas

No matter the occasion, this book will help you transform your next dinner party or event from routine to inspiring with a little help from Jack Skellington, Sally, Sandy Claws, and all their friends in Halloween Town. This book is divided into two parts. The first part contains more than fifty delicious recipes for appetizers, entrees, desserts, and drinks inspired by the film, with options for vegetarian, sugar-free, and gluten-free guests.

Part Two includes detailed layouts and planning instructions for several complete Nightmare Before Christmas-themed parties, including creative crafts with DIY decorations, fun activities, ghoulish favors for guests, and more. You can recreate these events exactly or combine ideas to create your own. Whether elegant and spooky or charming and cheery, either way your guests are guaranteed to have a screaming good time.

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kitchen for geeks

Why do we cook the way we do? Are you an innovative guy who wants to explore your creativity instead of just following recipes? Do you want to learn how to be a better cook or are you curious about the science behind cooking food? Cooking for Geeks is more than just a cookbook, tapping into your curiosity to discover, be inspired, and invent in the kitchen. Why do we bake some things at 350°F/175°C and others at 375°F/190°C? Why is a medium rare steak so popular?

And how fast does a pizza cook when you turn the oven up to 540 degrees? Author and cooking expert Jeff Potter answers these questions and more, sharing his unique recipes, from sweet (a patent-infringing chocolate chip cookie) to savory (slow-cooked brisket). This book is an excellent and engaging resource for anyone who loves to cook or experiment in the kitchen.

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the manga cookbook

Reading manga can make you hungry! Food is common in Japanese comics, but what exactly do the characters eat? The Manga Cookbook is a step-by-step illustrated guide to preparing simple Japanese dishes with ingredients found in any Western kitchen. Learn to recognize and prepare the things you see in all your favorite manga: authentic onigiri (rice balls), yakitori (chicken skewers), oshinko (pickled vegetables), udon (Japanese noodles), okonomiyaki (Japanese-style pizza) and many more. plus! Includes sections on bento box assembly and the proper use of chopsticks. Features original manga illustrations by Chihiro Hattori. Soon you too will be able to enjoy a meal worthy of a manga character!

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Angry Birds: Bad Piggies Egg Recipes

Be a pig for a day, with no cares in the world, no Angry Birds trying to bring you down. The kitchen is your pigsty and life is good! So go ahead, crack an egg or two, and usher in a new era of egg excellence with these simple and (for the most part) straightforward recipes, addictive activities, and impressive party moves.

From classic recipes to sophisticated recipes, these 40 Top Secret Egg Recipes, ranging from scrambled eggs and omelettes to Eggs Benedict and quiche, will fill your stomach and tickle your brain! Whether you need help in the kitchen or are looking for a unique gift for the Angry Birds gamer in your life, this cookbook will blow your mind!

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The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook

Climb aboard the Hogwarts Express and eat like Harry, Ron, Hermione, Hagrid and all your favorite characters from the wizarding world! The love of food has always been a part of the Harry Potter universe, from the fabulous feasts in the Great Hall to the sweet treats shared in the common room. Whether you have to catch a bus or a train, are a perpetual laggard or a hard-working student, you’ll find something in these pages that will make you happy, rain or shine!

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