Best Cooling Sheets 2024: stay Cool and comfortable

A cooling sheet is a thin cotton sheet soaked in a cooling agent.

Unveil the epitome of comfort and tranquility with our curated selection of the best Cooling Sheets, meticulously designed to elevate your sleeping experience. As temperatures rise, finding respite from the heat becomes paramount for a restful night’s sleep. Our collection of cooling sheets goes beyond the ordinary, blending innovation with luxury to provide you with an oasis of coolness.

Crafted from advanced materials that prioritize breathability and moisture-wicking properties, these sheets are a testament to the perfect synergy between science and serenity. Immerse yourself in a cocoon of softness as the best Cooling Sheets regulate your body temperature, creating an optimal sleep environment. Whether you prefer the crispness of percale or the silky smoothness of sateen, our assortment caters to diverse tastes, ensuring that your personal haven is tailored to perfection.

Importance of Cooling Sheets for Better Sleep

By keeping your body at the right temperature, cooling sheets are essential for better sleep. They use fabrics that let air flow and remove moisture, like cotton or linen, so you don’t get too hot at night. This helps you sleep better because it keeps your body cool and comfortable. Better control of body temperature can help stop night sweats and improve overall sleep hygiene. This means that buying cooling sheets is necessary to make your bedroom a good place to sleep and get a good night’s rest.

Best Cooling Sheets Comparison Table

Cooling sheets improve sleep, especially in warmer climates. These sheets, made of Tencel, bamboo, or percale cotton, wick moisture and regulate temperature for a cool, comfortable sleep. Cooling sheets help hot sleepers sleep well.

FeatureBedVoyage Bamboo Sheet SetBampure Organic Bamboo SheetsMulberry Park Silks Silk Sheet SetOlive + Crate Eucalyptus Sheet SetCalifornia Design Den Bamboo Sheet Set
Sizes AvailableTwin to California KingTwin to California KingTwin to California KingTwin to California KingTwin to California King
Color OptionsVariousWhite, Ivory, GreyWhite, Ivory, Grey, Blue, PinkWhite, Grey, Blue, TaupeVarious
Care InstructionsMachine washableMachine washableDry clean or hand washMachine washableMachine washable

BedVoyage Bamboo Sheet Set

Best Cooling Sheets
Product Dimensions60 x 80 x 18 inches
MaterialViscose from Bamboo
Item Weight5 Pounds
Check Price

There is a BedVoyage 100% Organically Grown Viscose Derived from Bamboo Bedding Sheet Set that is both luxurious and good for the environment. It is great for all year comfort. The sheets are made from viscose that comes from bamboo and is grown only in an organic way. Viscose is naturally soft, breathable, and moisture-wicking. Currently, this is one of the best Cooling Sheets.


  • Made from bamboo viscose for a soft and silky feel.
  • Hypoallergenic and temperature-regulating.
  • Durable and eco-friendly.


  • May wrinkle easily.
  • Some users may prefer a different texture.

Bampure Organic Bamboo Sheets

Best Cooling Sheets
Product Dimensions13.38 x 2.95 x 9.45 inches
MaterialViscose from Bamboo
Item Weight5.37 pounds
Check Price

In our laboratory and over the course of our long-term testing, the Bampure 100% Organic Bamboo Sheets performed the best. Getting out of bed was a challenge due to the fact that these sheets were so comfortable. Viscose derived from bamboo is used in the production of Bampure sheets. This viscose is able to wick away moisture and draw heat away from the body. Overall, this is one of the best Cooling Sheets.


  • Organic bamboo material for a sustainable choice.
  • Hypoallergenic and breathable.
  • Silky texture for added comfort.


  • Slightly more expensive compared to non-organic options.
  • Limited color options.

Mulberry Park Silks Silk Sheet Set

Best Cooling Sheets
Product Dimensions13 x 9 x 3 inches
Item Weight4 pounds
Check Price

If you want to treat yourself, the 22 Momme Silk Sheet Set from Mulberry Park Silks is the way to go. It’s not cheap to buy this sheet set, but you get what you pay for. When it comes to this case, the cooler night’s sleep is thanks to grade 6A mulberry silk, which naturally controls temperature. Even better, you can use silk sheets all year long. This is the best Cooling Sheets that you can consider.


  • Made from high-quality Mulberry silk.
  • Smooth and luxurious feel.
  • Naturally hypoallergenic.


  • Higher price compared to other materials.
  • Requires delicate care and may not be as durable.

Olive + Crate Eucalyptus Sheet Set

Best Cooling Sheets
Product Dimensions80 x 76 x 17 inches
MaterialNatural Earth-friendly Tencel Fiber Eucalyptus Lyocell Bedding for ultimate sleep comfort
Item Weight6.42 pounds
Check Price

After testing 114 different sheet sets, the Olive + Crate Cooling Eucalyptus Sheets were by far the best. We think these are the softest, smoothest, and coolest sheets ever. Anyone who sleeps hot would feel great after cuddling up in them. The sheets on our team kept the hot sleepers cool and comfortable all night.Still, it is one of the best Cooling Sheets that you can consider.


  • Made from eucalyptus fibers for a sustainable choice.
  • Moisture-wicking and breathable.
  • Smooth and cool to the touch.


  • Limited color options.
  • May not be as well-known as some other brands.

California Design Den Bamboo Sheet Set

Best Cooling Sheets
Product Dimensions11.2 x 9.2 x 3.5 inches
MaterialRayon from Bamboo
Item Weight4.44 pounds
Check Price

These California Design Den sheets are made from viscose that comes from bamboo. They are great for people who want the breathability of bamboo without the high price tag that many other brands come with. These cheap sheets were very smooth and felt cool when we touched them. The 300 thread count and buttery sateen weave make these cheap sheets feel very expensive. Overall, it is one of the best Cooling Sheets that you can consider.


  • Made from bamboo viscose for softness.
  • Affordable pricing compared to some other bamboo sheets.
  • Durable and easy to care for.


  • Some users may find them less breathable compared to other options.
  • Limited color options.

Benefits of Cooling Sheets for Better Sleep

Cooling sheets, which are usually made of materials that let air flow and remove moisture, can help you sleep better in a number of ways. Here are some good things:

Controlling Body Temperature: Cooling sheets are made to pull moisture and heat away from the body, which helps keep your body temperature steady during the night. For people who tend to sleep hot, this can be especially helpful.

Better comfort: Because cooling sheets are breathable, air can flow better around your body. This extra airflow can help you sleep better and more comfortably, making it less likely that you’ll wake up from being too hot.

Stopping Night Sweats: Cooling sheets can help people who get night sweats, especially when it’s warmer outside, control and lessen their sweating. These sheets can keep you dry and comfortable because they wick away moisture.

Less Pain: People with certain skin conditions or sensitivities may benefit the most from cooling sheets. Because it wicks away moisture and lets more air pass through, it can help keep your skin from getting irritated or uncomfortable while you sleep.

Better Sleep Quality: Keeping your bedroom at a comfortable temperature is important for getting a good night’s sleep. Cooling sheets make the bed cooler and more comfortable, which could help you sleep better and for longer.

Choosing the Right Cooling Sheets for Better Sleep

If you tend to sleep hot, picking the right cooling sheets can make a big difference in how well you sleep. When choosing cooling sheets, here are some things to think about:

Number of Threads: Even though thread count is important, it doesn’t always mean that the quality is better. If you want sheets that are soft and airy, look for ones with a thread count of between 200 and 400. Thread counts that are too high may keep heat in.

Type of Weave: The crisp feel of percale weave comes from being light and breathable. The finish on seateen weave is smoother and silkier, but it may keep more heat in. Think about what you like best about the way the sheets feel.

Technologies for cooling: Some sheets have extra cooling technologies, like phase change materials or cooling gel infusions, that come with them. In some cases, these can make the sheets cooler.

Type of colour: Lighter sheets tend to keep the bed cooler by reflecting more light and heat. Choose lighter sheets if you want to stay as cool as possible because darker ones may soak up and hold on to heat.

How it fits and what size: Make sure that the sheets fit your mattress well. Too-tight sheets can make it hard for air to flow, and too-big sheets can bunch up and make it hard to breathe.


What is the best fabric for hot sleepers?

Linen. As a fabric associated with hot weather, linen is ideal for hot sleepers.

What material keeps you cool in bed?

TENCEL, bamboo, and cotton sheets cool to varying degrees.

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