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Whether you play classical music, enjoy flamenco, or just want to add a classical guitar to your musical arsenal, Cordovan guitars are an excellent choice. Built in the Spanish tradition, these fine instruments are capable of adding resonance and presence to music of any genre. Whether you’re signing up for your first ukulele class, learning to play online, or buying one for a friend/lover, choosing a ukulele can quickly become overwhelming with all the options. Each size of ukulele has something unique to offer. Some Tenor models feature a design called a cutaway. A cutaway refers to an instrument that is missing a part or a “cutaway” part of the traditional figure-eight body shape.

The largest of the 4 models with the deepest tone is the baritone ukulele. It should be noted that the baritone ukulele is tuned differently than its counterparts. With its compact body and less fret spacing, people with smaller hands may find a smaller ukulele more comfortable to play. The soprano ukulele also has a brighter tone. The golden mean between soprano and tenor is the concert ukulele. With a longer neck and larger body than a soprano, there is more space between the frets. The concert ukulele typically produces a deeper, smoother tone than a soprano ukulele.

Check the list of the Best Guitars in C贸rdoba

Cordoba Mini II M

After many years of success with the original Mini, we are pleased to introduce a new version of the travel size nylon string guitar: The Mini II! The Mini II simplifies impromptu jam sessions with a new scale length suitable for standard E tuning. With a narrow nut width, the neck feels right at home for crossover players and beginners. The Mini II is now available in three exciting tonewood options, and while some short scale instruments sound more like a ‘ukulele’, the Mini II’s voice distorts the guitar: warm and rich.

Constructed with a solid spruce top and striped ebony back and sides, this Mini II resonates with a clear, defined tone. Another standout feature is its cutaway for effortless reaching to the upper frets and a Cordoba pickup with integrated tuner.

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Cordoba 6 C5-CE CD

There has never been a better time to immerse yourself deep in the joy of music and perfect your technique. With Cordoba lives. Match. Learn. Series you are one step closer to mastering all your favorite songs. C贸rdoba, along with Evan Taucher, brings you a methodical and systematic approach to the art of the nylon string guitar.

Ideal for aspiring classical guitarists or those seeking the warm tone of nylon strings and comfortable playability. Light and comfortable to play, nylon strings are much softer than steel strings, ideal for beginners.

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Cordoba Mini II Bass EB-E

Nylon string guitars beyond tradition. Building on a history of bohemian creativity and expert craftsmanship, Cordoba infuses a love of the musician’s individuality into each guitar. From traditional to innovative, Cordovan guitars represent the history and future of guitar making.

The Mini II Bass is here to expand your horizons and ranges! Based on our popular travel-size Mini, the Mini II Bass is slightly larger and features an extended scale length of 580mm (22 7/8″), making it a perfect fit for the Standard E.

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Cordoba Guitars Cordoba C1M 1/4

The C1M 1/4 is the perfect 1/4 size nylon string guitar for any aspiring guitarist. As part of the Protege by Cordoba line, the C1M 1/4 was designed to give young players a comfortable, great-sounding first guitar at an affordable price.

Building on generations of Spanish guitar-making tradition, we’ve carefully selected high-quality materials for incredible tone and prioritized comfort, playability, and attractive aesthetics to create truly inspiring instruments for students to learn and grow. effectively.

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Cordoba Fusion 14 Nylon String Maple Acoustic Electric Guitar

Cordovan guitars are designed according to the Spanish tradition: resonant, light and handcrafted. Ranging from 1/4 to full size and with many color, tonewood, style, and cutaway/electro options. Small four-stringed instruments with a cheerful sound. Expertly crafted from premium materials for comfortable playability and beautiful tone.

Rich in tradition and built to ultra-precise standards, Cordoba nylon strings are the result of decades of striving for tone, playability, and performance. Constructed from a combination of the best materials and ideal string gauges, Cordoba nylon strings offer simple, high-performance options for players of all levels.

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Concert Ukulele Cordoba 20CM

Nylon string guitars beyond tradition. Building on a history of bohemian creativity and expert craftsmanship, Cordoba infuses a love of the musician’s individuality into each guitar. From traditional to innovative, Cordovan guitars represent the history and future of guitar making. The Cordoba 20CM is a concert size ukulele with a solid mahogany top and mahogany back and sides.

The natural wood pattern rosette and satin finish make this a really nice instrument for beginners and ukulele enthusiasts alike. Founded in 1997, C贸rdoba is an innovator in nylon-string guitars. Designed by a team of renowned luthiers, the guitars are sold internationally and are played by a growing and diverse group of talented musicians.

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Cordoba F7 Paco Acoustic Flamenco Guitar Nylon Strings

The F7 Paco offers a unique departure from traditional tonewoods for flamenco guitars. In honor of Paco De Lucia’s untimely death in 2014, the design of the F7 Paco was inspired by several well-known instruments that were the mainstays of the legendary guitarist’s collection. With its solid Canadian cedar top and Indian rosewood back and sides, the F7 Paco has a fuller, darker, and less snappy tone than the standard F7.

Built in the Spanish tradition, it is incredibly light and has a slightly thinner body depth than a classical guitar. A high-gloss finish, maple binding, and clear Flemish-style faucet plate complete this tribute to a great Flemish.

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