Best CRM for Small Business

CRM products have a lot in common with each other and help businesses of all sizes solve their business problems. But features, prices, setup, and installation for small businesses are different from those for larger businesses.

Customer relationship management CRM for Small Business should be the center of your business’s interactions with all of its current and future customers and clients, even if your business is just starting out. CRMs keep track of contacts, sales, activities, send emails, make phone calls, and do dozens of other things. Some go above and beyond and have features that let you manage projects, automate processes, make reports, or market your business. The ease of use was also thought about. The best CRM for small business shouldn’t need to be managed by a specialist. It should be easy for everyone to use, from the salespeople and marketers to the office manager and CEO.

We checked each company to see if they offered support by phone, email, and chat. It’s important to have different channels because they show different levels of urgency. For example, if you have an urgent problem, you’ll get help faster if you call than if you send an email. There is a lead management platform that will work for you no matter what you need. We’ve tested dozens of platforms that are made for small businesses or have features that are good for small teams to help you with your search. Click on any app to find out why we chose it, or keep reading for more information about CRMs for small businesses. Below we have mentioned some of the best CRM for small business.

7 Best CRM for Small Business

Zoho CRM

best CRM for small business

Zoho CRM has everything you need to manage your sales pipeline and grow your business. It lets companies of any size change their processes, set up sales workflows, and use powerful reporting. If you pay for a plan, it also gives you a full suite of apps that work with the platform to help with marketing, customer service, accounting, human resources, and inventory management. This is one of the best CRM for small business.

Plans start at $20 per month and go up to $65 per month. If you sign up for a full year, you can save a lot of money. You can also do it for free. The free basic plan allows up to three users, so it’s best for small businesses and startups. It includes leads, deals, contact management, tasks, events, Zoho app integrations, and multichannel marketing. If you like this app you can get it from official website.

monday sales CRM

best CRM for small business

Built on top of Work OS, monday sales CRM lets business owners and sales teams manage all aspects of their sales cycle and customer data in one place. The platform gives sales teams full control over their sales pipeline, lets them manage contacts and accounts, streamlines post-sales processes and sales enablement, and lets them build customizable dashboards without writing any code so they can see the whole picture. Monday Sales CRM works with most sales apps and tools to make sure work is done as quickly as possible. This is the best CRM for small business.


best CRM for small business

Freshsales has a number of tools that make it easy for small and medium-sized businesses to help their customers, understand what their customers want, and turn leads into sales quickly. The Freshsales suite is all-in-one CRM software that brings together sales and marketing. It is made up of the Freshworks automation software. Freshsales uses the smart AI assistant Freddy to give clear information about how customers are interacting with a business. For now, this is one of the best CRM for small business.

This helps businesses find leads, close deals, and keep client relationships strong. The software also has an easy-to-use interface on both a desktop and a mobile device, making it quick to access client records and messages. You can also easily integrate third-party tools like Gmail and Outlook, which lets you make bulk email templates and track both what you send and what you receive from potential clients.


best CRM for small business

SalesForce is probably one of the biggest and most popular customer relationship management (CRM) programmes out there. SalesForce has a basic version called Lightning Essentials that is good for small businesses. This package gives the user an advanced contact manager with email integration and reminders for when to follow up. It also has a lot of options for integrating with other systems and making it your own. Currently, this is the best CRM for small business you can check now.


best CRM for small business

Vtiger’s all-in-one plan has sales, marketing, and help desk features. For those just starting out, they also have a sales-only CRM plan. It also includes project and inventory management, telephony, integrating social media, and working with people inside the company. This makes it best CRM for small business that want a cheap CRM that can do everything.

The ability to link contacts to opportunities, quotes, cases, projects, and invoices is what makes Vtiger work. The main functions of the software, which are called Modules, can be accessed from a menu that looks like a hamburger at the top. If you click on any of them, only that app will open. This keeps things simple and clear. But you can quickly make contacts, tasks, opportunities, projects, and other actions from any Module.

Zendesk Sell

best CRM for small business

Zendesk Sell works best for companies that need to help customers. It’s a best CRM for small business that lets you manage customers from a single dashboard by combining ticketing and help desk features. You can keep track of leads and opportunities in your pipeline, log your communication history, give your team tasks, and get real-time alerts when you get an inquiry.

You can try it out for free for 14 days, and the prices range from $19 per user per month to $99 per user per month. Paid plans have features like unlimited paid users, custom fields, reports and dashboards, team collaboration tools, advanced workflow automations, and customer insights.


best CRM for small business

Pipedrive is a tool for managing customer relationships that is geared towards sales and is loved by teams of all sizes. With more than 100,000 paying customers in 179 countries, sales teams are attracted to our CRM’s simple but powerful design, which puts usability first. When you use Pipedrive, nothing slips through the cracks. This means that your team can spend less time filing and more time selling, thanks to the agile and powerful CRM software. This is one of the best CRM for small business you can install now.


CRM products have a lot in common with each other and help businesses of all sizes solve their business problems. But features, prices, setup, and installation for small businesses are different from those for larger businesses. That’s why we help buyers find the best CRM for small business for their needs. We look at key parts to figure out how good the user experience is as a whole. We look at things like pricing by looking at the plans that are available, how many people can use each one, and if there are any other costs.

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