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Post-it notes, spreadsheets, email clients, and a phone system are some of the tools that startups use to manage their sales on a daily basis. All of these tools can be hard to keep track of on a busy day, which is every day. This can make your sales reps tired and slow down the work of your team.

There is a best CRM for startups. If your daily work isn’t linear and you have to switch between different tasks, you often end up with a haphazard mix of digital tools. Taking care of this mess can take up time that could be better spent selling or growing your business. With the best CRM for startups, you can stay flexible and stay on top of things. If you want to succeed as a startup, you need to build and maintain good customer relationships.

But it’s hard to keep up with your customers’ needs and keep a profitable relationship with them. Getting the right CRM system is the best way to deal with the problem. CRM for start-ups is designed to meet the needs of companies that are just getting started. This CRM makes it easy for new employees to join a startup with little training.

Post-it notes, spreadsheets, email clients, and a phone system are some of the tools that startups use to manage their sales on a daily basis. All of these tools can be hard to keep track of on a busy day, which is every day. This can make your sales reps tired and slow down the work of your team. For a startup to stay flexible and move quickly, sales reps need one tool, not several, that gives them more time to sell. Below we have mentioned some of the best CRM for startups.

7 Best CRM for Startups


best CRM for startups

HubSpot is our top pick and the best CRM for startups and startups. Its basic CRM is completely free and has all the features you’d expect from a high-quality CRM, making it ideal for small businesses. With HubSpot, you can manage and organize your contacts and see which deals they choose and which ones they don’t, giving you a full picture of your sales funnel. You can also link your Gmail or Outlook account to track and capture emails. It’s simple, easy to use, and has a clean, visual dashboard for reporting. If you like this app you can get it from official website.


best CRM for startups

ClickUp is one of the best-rated productivity and startup management program in the world. It is used by teams in both small and large businesses. With ClickUp, you can organize your accounts with tags, see where your clients are located with the Map view, and set up tasks for each stage of your sales pipeline automatically. With ClickUp’s Free Forever Plan, the money you would have spent on software can be put into your business instead. This is one of the best CRM for startups.

You can see your accounts, customer orders, and sales pipeline in a List, Board, Table, and more. Keep an eye on the average deal size, the performance of your sales team, and other things. Make your own stages that fit your sales process. You can keep track of orders, hot leads, scores, and more by adding custom details to your sales workflow.

Agile CRM

best CRM for startups

Agile CRM is a sales CRM that is free for up to 10 users and has all of the features. It is specifically designed for startups. The platform combines contact management, marketing automation, real-time alerts, VoIP telephony, a social suite, and email and web tracking. If you put your appointment schedule online, Agile CRM will take care of all the calls and follow-ups you need to make. Attach files easily to deals, companies, contacts, and emails within the app. This is one of the best CRM for startups.


best CRM for startups

Monday is one of the best CRM for startups because it lets you manage all of your sales processes in one place. This CRM also makes your whole sales process easier by giving you a colourful, easy-to-read interface. It is a flexible CRM platform that lets everyone on the team work on projects. You can see which tasks are done, automate workflows, and work together on documents with ease.

It lets you easily import all the information about your customers. Notifications and reminders are set up automatically. Monday is software for managing leads that lets you connect it to other tools to speed up the time it takes to respond.


best CRM for startups

Freshsales is also one of the best CRM for startups. It was made with small businesses in mind. Using the dashboard, you can capture leads, manage contacts, create a sales funnel, make phone calls, and send emails without leaving the CRM. One of the best things about Freshsales is that it lets you make reports.

You can make simple to advanced reports, use graphs to show sales and income data, and put up to 6 reports on your dashboard. The 360-degree customer view is another thing that makes Freshsales a powerful tool. With this, you can find customer touchpoints, see their social profiles, and see what they’re doing all from one screen.


best CRM for startups

Salesforce makes it easy for teams to handle every step of the sales cycle. With this best CRM for startups, you can keep an eye on the team members who do the best work, make quotes, and do other things. Dashboards let you keep an eye on how your team is doing.

A social feed where teams can work together on projects for clients. Put leads in the hands of the right team member automatically. Get information from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter without having to leave the app.


best CRM for startups

Copper has features that make it best CRM for startups to use, such as automatic data entry, smart identification, lead and customer tracking, and sales contact and opportunity optimization. It works right out of the box with G Suite, so you can easily import data from Gmail and other Google tools you (probably) use every day.

Teams and workflows are easier to manage with weekly pipeline reports that use drag-and-drop, custom filters, and alerts when a deal might be going bad. Offers an attractive sales pipeline that makes it easy to keep track of and manage leads as they go through the qualification process.


Every new business needs a CRM solution to store their contacts, centralise their processes, and help them manage their customer relationships. But what is the best CRM for startups business? In the past few years, the CRM software industry has grown quickly, and each new solution has brought its own set of unique features to the market. But for startups with little money, the two most important things are cost and ability to grow. It can be hard to switch from one CRM to another later on, so it’s important to pick a solution that you won’t outgrow right away.

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