Best Curved TVs

The visual experience of a curved TV offers depth and width at the same time, immersing you even deeper into the action.

We have the best Curved TVs with 4K ultra-high definition picture quality and colour quality that is as clear as glass. These TVs are made to have a wide range of brightness and colour, which makes movies and TV shows look more like real life. Also, some of these TVs have Motion Rate 120 technology, which helps make fast action movie scenes look smoother. The brightness and contrast of these TVs are great, so you can see a full range of bright colours that make scenes and images look like they came from a movie theatre. These curved TVs are also nice to look at and fit easily into modern home decor.

They also give a better sense of depth and space when watching. If you don’t find flat-screen TVs to be immersive enough, you should try curved ones. Because their screens are curved, curved TVs can give you a more immersive visual experience. People often think that curved TVs are more beautiful than traditional flat-screen TVs. Curved TVs aren’t as popular as flat TVs, but there is still a decent demand for them, especially among gamers. Below we have mentioned some of the best curved TVs.

5 Best Curved TVs

Samsung UN65NU7300

best curved TVs

The Samsung UN65NU7300 is one of the best curved TVs that can play 4K ultra-high definition video. This TV has Samsung’s Pure Color technology, which lets you see a picture with millions of different shades of colour that have been fine-tuned to look bright. It also has Motion Rate 120, which helps make movie scenes with fast-moving content look smooth.

The TV is curved and thin, which makes it easy to fit in a corner and gives a nice look to your modern home’s interior design. We also found that the Samsung TV’s remote and menu system were easy to use and made sense. This Samsung TV has HDR10+ and ultra-high definition resolution. It also has a high dynamic range.

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best curved TVs

The Samsung TU8300 is a good TV that can be used for most things. It has a curved screen. You won’t have any problems with the way the pictures look. The VA panel gives it great black uniformity and a high contrast ratio. But we found that it doesn’t have a feature called “local dimming” that would help deep blacks even more.

So, this is a good choice if you want a good TV that is the best curved TVs for dark rooms. It can also make lower-quality content look better in 4K. We found that in HDR mode, it doesn’t get bright enough, but it does better than other TVs in this price range. It has a 60Hz screen and a shockingly low input lag for gamers, but it doesn’t support different refresh rates (VRR). Last but not least, the speed at which it responds is average.

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Samsung UN65MU8500 Curved TV

best curved TVs

This is the best curved TVs. Even though its 4K Ultra HD display doesn’t look as cool as OLEDs and QLEDS because it doesn’t have as many pixels or as many colours, it does a great job with contrasts and black levels thanks to UHD dimming, Precision Black, and LED edge backlighting. Brightness is also a strong point, and the UHD upscaling process works very well to turn HD video into something that looks almost as good as 4K.

The Samsung Smart Hub is one of our favorite features. It has a simple interface that makes watching TV more enjoyable. To find and watch your favorite shows, look around the web, or run one of several Samsung apps, all you have to do is use the navigation menus. This TV is easy to use as a main home theatre piece because it has 4 HDMI ports, 3 USB ports, and a Smart Hub button on the remote.

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Samsung Electronics QN55Q8C

best curved TVs

The Samsung QN55Q8C is a 55-inch 4K ultra-high-definition QLED TV that gives you great movie-like images with beautiful colours. The TV as a whole is light and stylish, and it has good surround sound and a bright, contrasty picture. The picture on the TV is some of the best we’ve ever seen. The colours are bright white, and there are many layers of depth and contrast. The Samsung TV is made with a screen that goes all the way to the edge and has no bezels.

It looks good from any angle, whether it’s on a stand or on the wall. On best curved TVs, the black colors are well-defined and emphasized, so you can see the shadows in movies more clearly. It also works with Bluetooth headsets, so you can stream music wirelessly. The TV also comes with a Samsung smart remote that lets you easily access your favorite content and control all of your connected TV devices from one place.

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Samsung Electronics UN65MU7500

best curved TVs

The picture on this best curved TVs is very clear. Its top-of-the-line 4K Color Drive Pro makes a wider range of colours with deeper blacks and brighter whites. We also really like its Auto Depth Enhancer feature, which makes images look more three-dimensional by changing the contrast ratios. One problem, though, is that it has a native refresh rate of 60Hz, which makes fast-moving things look blurry.

Gamers will love the Samsung Smart Hub, which gives each registered profile its own unique user interface. Each family member gets content suggestions that are made just for them. Another benefit is that it comes with a universal remote called OneRemote. It has a touchpad and can automatically control smart devices that are compatible with it.

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Are curved TVs actually better?

The visual experience of a curved TV offers depth and width at the same time, immersing you even deeper into the action. Curvature increases contrast, visual differentiation between black and white, and sharpness at the edges of the screen.

Is there a curved OLED TV?

At IFA 2022, LG showed the 42-inch OLED Flex (model LX3), a gaming TV that can be transformed from a flat to a curved screen and back again at the touch of a button.

Is curved better than flat?

The curvature of monitors allows our eyes to take in everything at once without strain. This is in contrast to flat screens, which, depending on their size, can cause eye strain if the screen exceeds the viewer’s natural field of vision.

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