Best Daily Foods that Kill Se**x Life

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The Best Daily Foods that Kill Se**x Life


Are you worried about your bad Se**x life with your partner? If so, check out these best daily foods that kill the Se**x life.

This is a serious concern if you are not happy in bed with your partner. It somehow means you have less endurance in bed and you have to improve your endurance. And there are a lot of people who have the same problem in their Se**x lives.

One of the main reasons behind this may be the daily foods you consume. According to experts, there are some foods that kill people’s Se**x lives. So if you really want to enjoy your Se**x life, you need to avoid these foods listed below that kill your Se**x life.

The best daily food that kills the Se**x life

The best daily food that kills the Se**x life

Too much cheese is also bad

If you really want to be the perfect partner in bed, you better avoid consuming more cheese. The cheese is sold in a supermarket made from cow’s milk. This milk has been treated with both antibiotics and artificial growth hormones. So eating too much cheese leads to the release of xenoestrogen in your body, which impairs your Se**x life and can also cause Se**xual dysfunction.

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The need to replace licorice tea

If you tend to take licorice tea, you may want to substitute this tea with green tea or other tea for a better or more enjoyable Se**x life. The active glycyrrhetinic acid in licorice largely lowers cortisol levels. This in turn leads to a decrease in testosterone levels, which reduces Se**xual desire.

Avoid canned food

Cans contain large amounts of sodium, which shrinks blood flow throughout your body. Eating too much canned food also lowers your potassium levels and reduces blood circulation to the genitals. Eventually, you will lose strength and Se**xual desire altogether. So if you want to be the perfect man in bed and you don’t want to kill your Se**x life, you have to avoid canned food.

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Tonic water

The tonic water contains quinine, which temporarily shrinks testosterone formation and sperm count and thus acts as an inhibitor in bed. It is also known to cause gas and swelling in the body, which causes a lot of nervousness. Therefore, this is a bad fluid that will kill your Se**x life.

Artificial sweetener

All artificial sweeteners contain aspartame, which reduces the release of serotonin in the body. Serotonin is the most important chemical that increases your libido and Se**x life and makes you happy. This controls your mind and mood. Lack of serotonin also leads to depression, headaches, and irritability that you never feel recommended as Se**x.

Avoid soft drinks and cola before going to bed

One of the bad foods that causes Se**xual dysfunction is soft drinks. All solid drinks should definitely be avoided before Se**x, and they should also be eaten very little if you want to impress your partner always in bed. It is also responsible for obesity, dehydration and cavities. Therefore, carbonated drinks should be avoided altogether.

Mint also kills your Se**x life

Many people who are willing to have Se**x with their lovely partner open peppermint chewing gums or even eat mint leaves to keep their mouths fresh. However, do you know that mint has a terrible effect on both your body and your Se**x life? Yes, peppermint menthol has been found to be an element that can lower your testosterone levels and make you a bad performer in bed. If you feel like you want to get rid of bad breath and the smell of your mouth, try chewing a piece of ginger.

Avoid cornflakes at night

The sugar present in grains rises and also causes blood pressure, which in turn affects testosterone. This makes you a poor player in bed. Therefore, make sure you do not eat cereal if you have a plan for making love with your lovely partner at night. Bad foods kill Se**x life.

Excessive alcohol consumption reduces testosterone production

Many people think that alcohol is very good before Se**x because it helps them ease their inhibitions and get closer to their partner. There are also people who think that drinking alcohol improves their Se**x life and makes them a great performer in bed. Too much alcohol causes depression in you and you may even suffer from psychological symptoms. It also reduces testosterone production in men. So make sure you limit yourself to just one drink if you plan to entertain your partner in bed.

More coffee is also bad

If you’re a coffee lover, it’s better than minimizing a lot of coffee to make you a good player in bed. Taking 5-6 cups of coffee daily damages the adrenal glands. The role of the adrenal glands is reduced because there is too much coffee use, which in turn produces stress hormones.

If you have severe tension, you are a completely failed performer in bed with your partner. This can also lead to Se**xual imbalance. Therefore, limit only 1 or 2 cups of coffee daily to get the impression of your partner in bed.


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