Best Data Loss Prevention Services 2024: to protect your data

A set of processes, procedures, and tools designed to prevent the loss, misuse, or unauthorized access to sensitive information.

The best data loss prevention services are very important for keeping business data safe because they take preventative steps to stop unauthorized access, data leaks, and compliance violations. DLP services, unlike disaster recovery software or endpoint security software, focus on preventing data loss rather than fixing problems after they happen.

They offer full solutions that include policies, procedures, and technologies to make sure data is correct and to stop it from being used wrongly. Given the growing risks of data breaches and the possible legal consequences, businesses that want to keep control of their data and keep sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands must choose an effective DLP service. Below we have mentioned the best data loss prevention services.

Best Data Loss Prevention Services

FeatureEndpoint ProtectorNinjaOne BackupCheck Point DLPDigital Guardian Endpoint DLPSecureTrust
Data Loss Prevention (DLP)YesYesYesYesYes
Device ControlYesNoNoYesNo
Content InspectionYesYesYesYesYes
Email ProtectionYesNoYesNoNo
Cloud Storage ProtectionYesYesYesYesYes
User Activity MonitoringYesNoYesYesYes
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Endpoint Protector By CoSoSys

Best Data Loss Prevention Services


  • Provides endpoints with advanced data loss prevention (DLP) tools.
  • Offers complete data protection based on content and context.
  • Allows data transfers to be controlled and monitored based on policies.
  • Supports encryption and lets sensitive data be sent and received in a safe way.
  • Notifies and alerts in real time about possible data breaches.

Endpoint Protector by CoSoSys is a Data Loss Prevention platform that can find, monitor, and protect your sensitive data. It is a multi-OS data loss prevention method that is very advanced. It makes sure that rules are followed. Endpoint Protector’s data security solution is available for industries like Healthcare, Education, Finance, Manufacturing, and Media.

It has capabilities for detachable devices. The data on these gadgets and applications, such as Outlook, Dropbox, Skype, and others, can be examined for content and context. It is available as a cloud service. Both Windows and Mac can use enforced encryption with it. Overall, this is one of the best Data Loss Prevention Services you can consider now.


  • Features that keep data from getting lost.
  • Simple to set up and run.
  • Provides granular control over data transfers.
  • Helps a lot of different platforms and devices.
  • Monitors and sends out alerts in real time.


  • There may be ways to improve customer service.
  • There aren’t many ways to connect third-party apps.

NinjaOne Backup

Best Data Loss Prevention Services


  • Offers solutions for backing up data that are reliable and safe.
  • Backs up different platforms and devices automatically and on a set schedule.
  • Integration with cloud storage makes backing up data easy and scalable.
  • Allows for easy recovery and restoration of data in case it is lost or damaged.
  • Offers backup options that can be changed to fit different needs.

NinjaOne gives you the option to back up your data in the cloud, on your computer, or both. You can be sure that NinjaOne will be able to get your files back, even if you deleted them. This is what makes NinjaOne one of the best programs to keep data from getting lost. End users can use it to protect data from remote workers without needing a VPN. Still, this is one of the best Data Loss Prevention Services you can consider now.

After you’ve backed up your data, NinjaOne makes sure you can see everything you have backed up. If something is not right, the platform lets you know right away. Another great thing about this software is that its retention settings can be changed in any way you want. This lets you make different backup and retention plans for both cloud-based and local backups to keep your data from getting lost.


  • Solution for backing up data that is reliable and safe.
  • Simple to put together and use.
  • It backs up and restores data quickly.
  • Plans with reasonable prices.


  • Large businesses can’t grow as much as they want to.
  • Might not have a lot of ways to customize.
  • Customer service may not be as good as with other companies.

Check Point Data Loss Prevention

Best Data Loss Prevention Services


  • Provides strong protection against data loss across networks, endpoints, and the cloud.
  • Offers a complete way to find and organize data to find sensitive information.
  • Allows policy-based controls and monitoring to stop data transfers that aren’t supposed to happen.
  • Offers threat intelligence in real time and alerts for possible data breaches.
  • Allows integration with other security solutions to improve security.

Check It Out Data Loss Prevention is a set of security measures that help businesses make sure their data doesn’t get leaked or sent to the wrong person by accident. Its goal is to teach users about the risk of data loss and help them respond as quickly as possible when something goes wrong.

It does this by keeping track of how data is used across services, such as email, browsing the web, and sharing files. It also takes steps to prevent data loss before it happens by sending automated alerts to users to make sure data is handled correctly, without security teams having to get involved directly.

Some of the other systems on this list are more complicated than this one, which has a central management console for security policies. There are also a few rules that are already set up, so you don’t have to worry about making new ones if you don’t have the time or technical know-how to do so. Overall, this is one of the best Data Loss Prevention Services you can consider now.


  • Comprehensive data loss prevention capabilities.
  • It works with other security solutions from Check Point.
  • Large organizations can use it.
  • Regular updates and enhancements.


  • Prices are higher than those of some competitors.
  • Integration with applications from other companies may not be very good.
  • Users may need more training to fully use all of its features.

Digital Guardian Endpoint DLP

Best Data Loss Prevention Services


  • Offers advanced endpoint data loss prevention capabilities.
  • Protects and encrypts data based on what it is.
  • Allows data transfers both on and off the network to be watched and controlled.
  • Provides detailed information about how data is used and how users act.
  • Offers alerts and notifications in real time about possible data breaches.

Digital Guardian Endpoint DLP is one of the most complete systems for preventing data loss. It was made to work with Windows, Mac, and Linux endpoints, which is great if your company has a lot of different desktop systems. As soon as you set it up, it will start tagging and classifying datasets, which can be a time-consuming task on its own. Thus, this is one of the best Data Loss Prevention Services you can consider now.

This DLP offering is good because it can be changed and grown as needed. In terms of the first, the Digital Guardian platform can be set up on-premise, in the cloud, or as a mix of the two. When it comes to scaling, a single management server can cover up to 250,000 users. Even if your business doesn’t have that many employees, you should keep this in mind if you need a system that works well as it grows. Digital Guardian also has a number of add-ons that can be used to expand the product and add features like more secure encryption.


  • Strong features to stop data loss.
  • Granular control over how data moves and what users do.
  • Offers a lot of intelligence and analysis about threats.
  • Scalable for large enterprises.
  • Offers compatibility with other security solutions.


  • Can use a lot of resources, which can slow down the system.
  • Prices are higher than some other options.
  • Not much help for some operating systems or programs.


Best Data Loss Prevention Services


  • Offers a range of services and solutions to stop data loss.
  • Offers a complete way to find and classify data to find sensitive information.
  • In case of a data breach, it offers incident response and forensic services.
  • Helps people follow the rules and standards of their industry.

SecureTrust gives companies the tools they need to find data, keep an eye on it, and keep it safe, all while following internal and external rules. The system was made to be ready to use right out of the box. It comes with over 70 predefined policy and risk settings that you can change and turn on (or off) based on your business’s daily needs. You also get a dashboard that you can change, which makes it easy to see where your data is and set up ways to protect it. Overall, this is one of the best Data Loss Prevention Services you can consider now.

Analysis is an important part of this platform. SecureTrust will keep an eye on all emails, blogs, and social media posts that come into your business that have web-based documents or attachments. They are looked at to see if they break the rules for company governance and compliance. Any violations will be blocked by the system on their own, keeping your data safe.


  • Features for preventing data loss in its entirety.
  • It can be set up both on-premises and in the cloud.
  • Gives alerts and monitoring in real time.
  • Adaptable to different-sized organizations.
  • Helpful and strong customer service.


  • There aren’t many ways to connect third-party apps.
  • There may not be many ways to change things.
  • The user interface could be easier to figure out.


What is Data Loss Prevention (DLP)?

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is a group of technologies and strategies that are used to find, monitor, and protect sensitive data from being accessed, shared, or lost by people who shouldn’t be able to. It helps organizations stop confidential information from getting out by accident or on purpose.

Why is Data Loss Prevention important?

Data Loss Prevention is important because it helps companies keep their data safe, follow rules and privacy laws, protect their intellectual property, and keep their good name. It stops data breaches, makes it less likely that data will be lost, and makes sure that sensitive information is handled correctly.

What types of data can Data Loss Prevention services protect?

Data Loss Prevention services can protect many different kinds of data, such as personally identifiable information (PII) like social security numbers and credit card numbers, intellectual property, financial data, trade secrets, confidential documents, and sensitive corporate data.

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