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If Malaysians agree on anything, it’s probably their shared passion for food. Regardless of their ethnicity, language, or religion, Malaysians are generally avid foodies. Located in the center of Southeast Asia, West Malaysia has long been an important part of the seaborne spice trade. Traders from China, India, and South Arabia once traded their wares for valuable goods like cloves, nutmeg, and pepper at the famous port of Malacca. If you like Singaporean and Indonesian cuisine, you will also enjoy Malay. The three cuisines have much in common thanks to their shared history, proximity, and similar ethnic makeup.

Rice dishes with a small food army are as common in Malaysia as they are in Singapore and Indonesia. Nasi lemak, satay and laksa are national dishes, while sambal is a staple spice that accompanies many Malaysian dishes. Like its neighbors, Malaysian cuisine is known for its variety and bold flavors. So if you like strong food, you will love Malaysian cuisine. Malaysian cuisine, like the country itself, is culturally rich and diverse. Malay, Chinese, and Indian ethnicities come together in Malaysian cuisine, so flavors are not lacking. While Penang is famous for its street vendors, the entire country is packed with fantastic food.

Here is the list of the best dishes in Malaysia


If you can handle the heat of spicy food, the sambal udang is a must. Sambal is a red chili sauce that is widely used in Malaysian cuisine, while udang is a Malay word for shrimp or prawn. Therefore, sambal udang is shrimp in a spicy sauce. It is commonly served as an accompaniment to nasi lemak and other rice dishes to spice up a meal. However, it is often enjoyed on its own, simply by sprinkling its flavorful sauce over steaming rice, as sauce is the key ingredient in this dish. The formula for sambal sauce generally varies, but the very simple sauce is a paste made with lots of red hot chili peppers and a bit of salt and vinegar.


At first glance, satay appears to be nothing more than lightly charred, skewered meat. But good satay is juicy and flavorful, especially when it’s been lovingly fanned over a charcoal grill. Served with rice cubes and peanut drippings, satay is delicious with or without it and comes in chicken, lamb, and beef. It’s so good that Malaysia Airlines makes it a staple on their flights.


Papparoti is a bun originating from Malaysia. Although papparoti is a trademark these days, it started out as a new version of roti flatbread, turned into a bun by a Malaysian woman in 2002. The buns are made from a combination of flour, sugar, yeast, milk, butter, Salt. and eggs. Before baking, the papparoti are coated with a coffee and caramel glaze. Crispy on the outside and rich and buttery on the inside, these buns have been popular since 2003, when the first PappaRoti store opened in Malaysia. It’s usually paired with tea or coffee, and these days these sweet and savory buns can be bought in Asia, Australia, England, the Middle East, and North America.

Nasi Kerabu

If blue rice doesn’t pique your curiosity, the lines of people across the country waiting to order this Kelantanese favorite should. From the state of Kelantan on Malaysia’s northern peninsula, Nasi Kerabu gets its striking color from telang flowers that are crushed and mixed into flour. The aquamarine dish is topped with bean sprouts and fried coconut, then drenched in spicy budu, a fermented fish sauce. In true Kelantan fashion, go deeper into this with your hands.


Literally meaning “meat and bone tea,” the name is, at its simplest, fatty pork ribs simmered in a broth of herbs and spices for as long as possible. However, additional ingredients may include offal, mushroom varieties, choy, and tofu puffs. We personally highly appreciate BKT at Restaurant Yik See Ho. This place is close to the Pudu Wet Market and is a favorite among the KL-lites. Some may differ or have their own favorites, but for now we’ll bring all our friends here. Where else can you see the butchers cutting up the pork carcass to prepare tomorrow’s rations, from where you sit and eat 5 feet away?


Desserts have always been an important part of the Malaysian diet. With a variety of savory foods available throughout its history, Kuih remains one of the few delicacies still worthy of attention. Although of Chinese origin, the word kuih has a distinctly Malay flavor and is a slang term for a wide range of cakes, cookies, pies, puddings and even dumplings. The main recipe is a mixture of flour or glutinous rice, coconut milk, sugar, salt, and natural fragrance, which is then enhanced by adding ingredients such as yams, sweet potatoes, cheese, grated coconut, or sago pearls. Kuih are perfect at any time of the day and are enjoyed for dessert, breakfast, or simply as a snack.

banana leaf

One of the great South Indian cuisines that we eat every day is of course Chettinad cuisine. Chettinad cuisine is the cuisine of the Chettinad region in the state of Tamil Nadu in southern India. If you love rice, you will definitely love banana leaf rice. Banana Leaf Rice is white rice served in a banana leaf with a choice of vegetables, meat or fish curry, pickles and the super addictive papadum. However most of the time only the curry sauce is served and not the meat as it is supposed to be a traditional Indian vegetarian dish but as I am not a vegetarian I love mine with lamb redang and chicken curry dry.

roti pisang

This sweet twist on the traditional Malaysian roti uses bananas as the main ingredient. The yeast-free roti dough is rolled out thinly and the combination of banana slices, eggs, and sugar is enrobed in the dough. Roti is usually fried golden brown and served cut into small pieces, dusted with sugar and drizzled with condensed milk. The dish is a classic street food, usually enjoyed as a sweet and hearty breakfast or as an afternoon snack.

Bubur Lambuk

Malaysians prefer to break their fast with sweet, bland foods that do not weigh down the stomach. That is why they traditionally prepare Bubur Lambuk, a dish that can be literally translated as “scattered porridge”, referring to the fact that the ingredients are thrown into a single pot. In most mosques, this porridge is freely distributed to the people during the holy month of Ramadan. The porridge is usually prepared with meat, onion, garlic, shrimp, coconut oil, pandan leaves, and seven spices: cloves, black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, anise, fenugreek, and star anise.

Maggi Goreng

Maggi Goreng is an instant noodle dish popular in the Mamak subculture of Malaysia. The name comes from the popular Maggi brand of instant noodles, but the recipe doesn’t necessarily use that particular brand. The basic structure of the dish consists of precooked instant noodles that are tossed into a wok and fried along with a mixture of vegetables, eggs, and soy sauce. The rest of the recipe varies by chef—some restaurants include chicken, shrimp, or tofu—but the possibilities are endless. It is not clear exactly where maggi goreng came from, but the Mamak subculture has its roots in South India.

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