Best Educational Games for Kids 2024: Simple ways to learn

it seems that parents like to teach about things through Best Educational Games for Kids that are both fun and teach.

There is something special about childhood that I’ve seen for myself. It’s so important to our growth and development. When kids are in this stage, they are eager to learn new things and have new experiences. As a parent, I’ve found that one of the best ways to teach my kids is through fun, educational games that are based on their interests.

From personal experience, I know that parents usually pick educational games that are fun and teach at the same time. These games make a special space where kids can have fun and learn basic skills at the same time. When kids really enjoy learning things like counting and reading, it’s amazing to see them get it.

Not only are these apps fun and a good investment, but they’re too a greatest alternative to traditional learning models. They too increase parental participation as they become extra involved in their children’s educational journey. We’ve reviewed and ranked the greatest educational game apps for kids based on a number of key factors, including quality of instruction, ease of utilize, amount of content, cost, and extra. Below we have mentioned some the best Educational Games for Kids.

Best Educational Games for Kids

Dragon Box

Algebra is not a favorite subject for many students. The problem is the complexity and boredom that prevents some students from understanding this topic. For all those students, Dragon Box is a suitable learning game to solve equations and know the concepts behind everything. This game uses the visual elements to make Algebra interesting for kids.

For example, students can visualize the two surfaces available in a closed system. The next game requires students to remove unwanted components and balance the equation. Visualizing this game keeps students excited and prepares their minds for the equations they will explore in school. The best part about this game is that students ultimately forget that they are trying to solve a math problem. It all starts to seem like a game.

Oceanhouse Media kids games

Oceanhouse Media has a large number of children’s games. Well, to be more specific, the developer has many interactive books that you may recognize from your own childhood.

Some of the selections include Dr. Seuss, Little Critter and Berenstain Bears. The books teach children to read while telling the same kinds of stories that many of us enjoyed in our childhoods. However, be careful. The developer has a lot of random stuff that isn’t for kids so make sure you download the right one before spending any money.

Curious World

Curious World is an early learning and educational games app that inspires children aged 2-7 by giving them the freedom to explore their interests and build their confidence – through hundreds of books, games and videos. Curious World: Play Learn Grow is packed with different types of activities to entertain and educate children.

Curious World is like a one-stop store for a mix of educational activities and entertainment, making it one of the best educational games for kids that is completely safe and suitable for children. Videos, games, books, songs, and hands-on activities such as craft projects and science experiments are a great way to keep your child occupied and learning. No wonder it is one of the best educational game apps.


Launched in September 2002, Starfall is a children’s website that teaches children to read, write, speak and perform basic math functions through fun games, interactive online play, and audiovisual activities.

This free public platform offers language arts, reading and understanding English, writing and math suitable for preschool, preschool and children up to and including 3rd grade. All Starfall programs are tailored to the individual and community standards of the state. Their membership program is fairly cheap and they do offer some free content.

Zoombinis Series

Zoombinis is a trilogy of the educational games that includes 1996’s “Logical Journey of Zoombinis,” 2001’s “Zoombinis. Mountain Rescue” in 2002, and “Zoombinis. Island Odyssey”. These educational games are aimed at elementary and middle school students and have deductive thinking as their main objective. reasoning, hypothesis testing, and the mathematics. The first game, “Logical Journey of Zoombinis,” is considered the pinnacle of the series, in which players are instructed to help the Zoombinis find a new home.


Learn touch typing for free! TypingClub is one of the most fun and effective platforms for older kids to learn correct touch typing. With no fewer than 684 modules divided over 25 categories, this is an extremely extensive online program that you can go through at your own pace. The challenge level increases with each category, so there is a very small chance that users will get bored with the modules.

The Magic School Bus Series

The Magic School Bus is a television series that aired in the 1990s and was revived in 2017 under the name The Magic School Bus Rides Again. However, the franchise is not only known for its television appearances; in the late 1990s and early 2000s, The Magic School Bus Explores Solar System and The Magic School Bus Explores games, and has crossed over into the video game industry several times, most notably in “The Magic School Bus Explores the Solar System” and “The Magic School Bus Explores Rainforest”. As the name implies, each game featured an educational take on a variety of topics, providing the perfect balance of fun and learning that has made the series a classic in the educational genre.

Mind Snacks

Learning sentences and forming words is now easier in foreign languages. Mind Snacks offers knowledge of the Chinese, Spanish, German, French and Japanese language. This app uses touch game options to help students memorize games. The repetition creates a memory of a word or phrase in the player’s mind.

This game prevents kids from wasting hours without learning a single word. Mind Snacks is more effective than textbooks and teaches students foreign languages with fun and playful games. You can play this game while traveling, waiting in line or any other time.

MentalUP Educational Games

MentalUP Educational Games is the best educational games for children because it is both fun and educational. Parents love this learning app because children can build and operate their own cars, cranes, rockets, planes, helicopters, tanks and more. The games are a lot of fun to play with children while at the same time challenging the skills they need to develop.

Each game begins with short, to-the-point instructions, followed by a timed exercise. Choose the difficulty level and enjoy the challenge of this interactive game for children. Players can personalize the gameplay to improve specific skills and take into account the age of the child. The reports page provides an overview of performance and progress. Players can also upgrade their player avatar with cosmetic items by spending in-game currency earned from their successes.

Duck Duck Moose games

Duck Duck Moose is another developer on Google Play with a ton of educational Android games for kids. Some of the better games are Fish School, Duck Duck Moose Reading, and Moose Math. The games have educational content that matches their name.

For example, the games help children learn reading, basic math, and Fish School focuses on colors, shapes, problem solving, and other things. The games are all free as far as we can tell, so it’s a good budget option for parents too.

Shifu Plugo

Shifu kits are available from Play Shifu, which provide engaging and interactive augmented reality based early learning. Stories create unforgettable experiences and come to life before our eyes, bringing smiles to the faces of the children and adults alike. They make STEM toys and learning games that parents, children and teachers enjoy immensely.

One Globe Kids

This social studies game allows kids to ‘meet’ other kids around the world through photo and audio based stories called ‘A Day in My Life’. Choose from places like Haiti, New York City, the Netherlands, or Indonesia to hear each storyteller’s language and learn geographic, cultural, and political facts about each country. Depending on how your child wants to discover each friend’s story, they can choose from three different approaches.

Final Words

The formative years are crucial to human development. You initially expose yourself to a lot of fresh knowledge at this age. As a result, parents appear to genuinely enjoy using educational games that kids would enjoy to teach them about various subjects. They pick up fundamental skills like reading and counting, but they do it in a way that keeps kids interested, so they genuinely love it. Thus, the majority of children’s Android games are also instructive. These are the top children’s educational Android games.

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