Best Electric Guitars Under $1000 2024: for affordable price

When it comes to buying one of the best electric guitars under $1,000, don't just buy a guitar. This step is a statement of intent. You're declaring to the rest of the guitar world that you're here, that you're not a beginner anymore, and that you're a force to be reckoned with.

It’s okay to be careful with your budget when looking for a new guitar. I know what to recommend based on my own experience. I looked at a lot of Electric Guitars under $1000 and chose the ones I think are the best. I’ve found these guitars to be great choices whether I’m playing gigs, recording in the studio, or just jamming at home. These guitars sound great no matter what kind of music I play, like blues, rock, country, jazz, or anything else.

Perhaps you are starting off or upgrading. In any case, a guitar in the sub-$1,000 price range will undoubtedly enhance your playing abilities. With new methods, manufacturers are always raising the bar. This offers players top-notch instruments. With models to meet the majority of genres, price ranges, and playing styles, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best examples available right now. There is a guitar out there for you, whether you play blues, shred, classic rock, or independent music. We’re pleased to assist you in finding it. Below, we have mentioned the best electric guitars under $1000.

Check the list of best Electric Guitars Under $1000

Epiphone 1959 Les Paul Standard

One of the best electric guitars under $1000, this symbolises the first partnership between Epiphone and the Gibson Custom Shop. Aside from its stunning appearance, this Epiphone Les Paul has a set of Gibson USA Burstbucker 2 & 3s that excel at capturing the tone of the legendary late 1950s Burst era. There are also CTS pots, Mallory caps, and wiring from the 1950s.

A strong mahogany body with a maple crown provides lots of sustain and a good snappy attack in classic Les Paul style. Additionally, it ships in a high-quality hard case and has the pretty thick but comfortable ’59 neck profile that so many players adore.

PRS SE Custom 24

The SE line of guitars from PRS has produced some of the best entry-level musical instruments, and the Custom 24 is no exception. This SE sports a 24 fret “Wide Thin” maple neck with PRS’ iconic bird inlays, as the name would imply. Mahogany and maple, a tried-and-true combination used to make the body, produce a balanced tone with depth and personality. This is one of the best electric guitars under $1000.

The SE Custom 24’s 25″ scale lies between most other electric guitars, providing players with an incredibly comfortable ride. Concerns regarding playability and tuning stability are a thing of the past thanks to the PRS-designed hardware’s incredible solidity and smooth tremolo. The SE equivalents of the 85/15 “S” pickups found on USA models are coil split table, and they live up to the hype, producing lovely clean tones as well as absurd gain and everything in between.

Fender Deluxe Series Roadhouse Stratocaster

Fender has given its famous Deluxe Series Roadhouse Stratocaster model’s specification sheets some love to produce a reimagined version that is incredibly well equipped. The improved version has an alder body, a bolt-on maple neck, and a choice of a maple or rosewood fingerboard, both of which are coated in satin polyurethane. For now, this is one of the best electric guitars under $1000 you can consider.

Other features include the “Modern C” neck design, 22 narrow/tall frets, a contoured neck heel, a synthetic bone top nut, and a set of locking tuners with buttons that have a vintage appearance. The latest version of the Roadhouse has a flatter 305mm (12-inch) camber compared to earlier models’ 241mm (9.5-inch) fingerboard radius. Yes, it has the same radius as a Gibson Les Paul, allowing for reduced action and easier string bends.

Schecter Hellraiser C-1

The first guitar we have here is just stunning. Schecter Hellraiser C-1 is what it is. You may purchase this Amazon’s Choice item for less than $850, so the pricing is already reasonable. You can’t go wrong with any of the colors, including Gloss White, Gloss Black, and Black Cherry, that are available.

The awesomely titled Hellraiser has a solid, attractive mahogany body with gothic cross inlays and abalone binding. The locking tuners, a mainstay of the Schecter line, include a locking screw pin that prevents the strings from moving. This improves your tuning stability. The locking tuners feature threaded peghead brushes, replaceable knobs, a 19:1 gear ratio, and a peg hole with a diameter of 10 millimeters. So, if you want one of the best electric guitars under $1000, we highly recommend this product.

Epiphone Les Paul

Easily one of the best electric guitars under $1000 available on the market, the Rock & roll is a legacy that the Gibson Les Paul has. Players of all skill levels can now own a Les Paul thanks to this Epiphone variant. Anyone can now obtain the famed tone in a well-made guitar, from blues to hard rock performers. All of the pickups and hardware are high-quality components that are loaded into a one-piece mahogany body. The neck has a through-body design, which makes it highly solid while also giving it a very dynamic feel.

Additionally, there are a variety of colors available, making this an attractive as well as excellent sounding electric guitar. This guitar’s alnico humbuckers don’t become too hot. However, they do have a strong, rich rock tone. Additionally, they sound very clear and not overly dark. I was able to achieve a fantastic, warm blues tone when the neck pickup was selected.

PRS SE Standard 245

Although the PRS SE Standard 245 is a frequently disregarded model, we believe it merits consideration in the best electric guitars under $1000. Its body was made of basic but exquisitely constructed wood. Although the Tobacco Sunburst finish on our test model was quite simple, it did brilliantly display the wood’s wonderful natural grain. The cutaways and low profile heel were two features of the body that we particularly liked because they greatly enhanced playability and made the instrument wonderfully pleasant to hold and play.

The neck was also crafted from mahogany, same like the body. It had the PRS Wide Fat Carve and was fairly hefty. It had a neck that was quite similar to the Slash Signature’s, although probably a little thicker. This guitar definitely won’t appeal to those who want narrow necks, but if you like a vintage vibe, the neck is great.

PRS SE Silver Sky

Recently, PRS gave The Strat That Isn’t A Strat the SE treatment, making it more accessible and cheap for a larger audience. They were able to do this without significantly affecting the instrument’s overall quality or performance. Although the SE Silver Sky’s sound and appearance are hardly ground-breaking, there is something unique about it.

The bridge position is not harsh, and the neck pickup is gorgeous, deep, and rich. All five pickup locations are well-balanced and highly useable. It has the appearance and feel of a more costly guitar. Despite being produced in Indonesia rather than the US as with the previous Silver Skys, the instrument still has the renowned Paul Reed Smith craftsmanship that we have all come to know and love. This device performs fantastically right out of the box, and we have no doubt that it will do so year after year. So, if you want one of the best electric guitars under $1000, we highly recommend this product.


The ESP LTD EC-1000’s tones, albeit the body shape could be recognizable, are definitely not. While a Gibson Les Paul may provide meaty tones, the EC-1000 can take you into some pretty extreme tonal regions when you need that little bit more. For now, this is one of the best electric guitars under $1000 you can consider.

Although the pair of active EMGs won’t be really wanted by more refined gamers, if you’re seeking to add major gain to your setup, you could do much worse than to take into account one of these relative scene veterans. This guitar has excellent fittings that make it a serious instrument with a long lifespan. Because of its elegant gold hardware and satin-smooth finish, we really love the classic black version.


Keeping our list to a select few electrics made sense because there best electric guitars under $1000. It was crucial to spend time with these guitars. Therefore, the shorter list offered us more time to interact with them and learn about their individual traits. We want this to be simple for you. especially as these models include such a wide range of musical styles. Peers and other players who have experience with these guitars were also asked for their opinions.

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