Best Electric Guitars Under $400 2024: for affordable price

There are some of the best electric guitars under $500. Compared to cheaper models, guitars in this price category sound much better and offer more possibilities. Some instruments may need a bit of training, but overall there's not much to do.

These days, there are so many choices for the best electric guitars under $400 that it amazes me. I remember very well how few options there were and how lacking in motivation they were just 15 years ago. Things have changed a lot since then, thank goodness. I can say from personal experience that players today are very lucky because the market has so many great options from well-known brands like PRS, Epiphone, Gretsch, Ibanez, and many more. The coolest thing about many of these guitars is that they can be used in a lot of different ways. That means they’re great for beginners, as backup instruments, or even for rocking the main stage.

You can count on sturdy, long-lasting guitars that are constructed to a high quality and sound fantastic. In fact, the distinction between expensive, frequently American-made electric guitars and these more affordable models has become less distinct, with many consumers unable to distinguish between them in a blind test. Below, we have mentioned the best electric guitars under $500.

Check the list of best Electric Guitars Under $400

Hamer Monaco XT

Our experience has shown us that the Chicagoan boys are reliable, and at first glance, this singlecut appears to be a heavyweight option. In comparison to its competitors, this beast is a back-breaker in the Les Paul lineage, with a deep-pan Nato body that better make up for it with unending sustain. This is one of the best electric guitars under $500.

The Monaco tries valiantly to slide off your lap because of its weight distribution, which makes all that wood annoying when you sit down. But if you’re stuck in the 1950s and crave a massive neck, an idiot-proof tailpiece, and the most ridiculous pickup setup known to man, you’ll find this to be a great option standing up with a strap.

Epiphone Les Paul SL

A cross between a Les Paul Junior and a Melody Maker, the Epiphone Les Paul SL is a very badass instrument. It has the considerable weight of a Les Paul Junior without the heft, yet its poplar body is light as a feather. Two ceramic single-coil Epiphone 700SCT (bridge) and 650SCR (neck) pickups are housed in the SL’s custom single-layer pickguard. This is one of the best electric guitars under $500 to consider right now.

With no binding, a mahogany neck, a slim D-profile neck shape, 22 medium jumbo frets, an adjustable intonated “wraparound” tailpiece, a “Tophat” master volume and tone control with three-way toggle switch, and high-quality 14:1 die-cast tuners, the SL is otherwise a typical single-cut Les Paul Junior. Epiphone’s ceramic pickups on the SL had plenty of body and roundness, giving these powerful single-coils plenty of touch sensitivity. They still sound extremely balanced and clear even with an amp turned up.

Squier by Fender Classic Vibe 50’s

Play the Fender Squier classic vibe if you’re seeking for a fantastic Fender electric guitar. we have impressed by this model and everything it has to offer a player seeking a step up from the less expensive Squiers without breaking the bank. we played this real guitar for many years because it was my first one. The Classic Vibe is noticeably superior to the less expensive Squier versions. This guitar was not manufactured with cheap wood, unlike other guitars, as it has a fine alder body.

Jumbo frets on an instrument in this pricing range sound fantastic. Playing this range on a Fender Squier is quite similar to playing a real Fender Stratocaster. You may get both the desired gritty distorted tones and the classic Fender clean sound from the three single-coil pickups. This guitar has a tremolo system that maintains pitch as well as two tone and one volume controls. The instrument is available in many hues. So, if you want one of the best electric guitars under $500, we highly recommend this product.

Epiphone Les Paul 100

You are aware that the Gibson Les Paul is one of the best electric guitars under $500, suitable for almost every genre. Gibson’s subsidiary Epiphone produces affordable copies of several of Gibson’s most iconic guitars. The Epiphone Les Paul 100 is a simplified version of the Les Paul, lacking decorative bindings, inlays, and other ostentatious embellishments but yet including all the essential features.

This guitar fits nicely with any style, including rock, metal, country, blues, and jazz. hardwood body The Les Paul’s characteristic sound comes from the rich, resonant tone wood known as mahogany. Featuring a rosewood fingerboard and an okoume neck. Three-way pickup selector switch, volume and tone controls for each pickup, Epiphone 650R/700T humbuckers.

Yamaha Revstar RS320

Although most people don’t associate Yamaha with electric guitars, they have been producing musical instruments for a very long time. They provide a nudmber of best electric guitars under $500 including the Yamaha Revstar. The guitar has a wonderful Gibson Les Paul shape, but it is not as heavy, and it has two large humbucker pickups for playing rock, metal, shred, and other kinds of guitar.

Since the pickups are H3 Hot output humbuckers, they sound better than standard humbucker pickups found on comparable guitars at this price point. The fretboard has a fingerboard made of rosewood with 22 frets. Its Tune-O Matic bridge is something we appreciate because it makes changing the strings on this guitar simple. To complete the hardware, there is a selector switch, a tone switch, and a volume switch.

Schecter Demon-6

Ideal for awakening the speed demon in you, the Schecter Demon-6 is smooth, affordable and fierce all at once. The guitar’s thin C-profile neck, made of maple with a satin finish, offers a smooth attack. The guitar’s active pickups, powered by a readily available nine-volt battery, are fantastic, and the bridge is simple but well-made. This is one of the best electric guitars under $500.

The revised Demon-6 has the same burled tone and volume knobs, industrial black chrome hardware, and Crimson Red Burst finish as its predecessors. The Demon-6 definitely lives up to its moniker in terms of tone. A gold mine for metal soloists without a question, the bridge humbucker is a workhorse with powerful, rumbling mids and an absolutely devilish amount of high-end.

Dean Boca 12-String

Many other musicians also utilize the fantastic electric guitars made by Dean, one of whose most well-known users is Dimebag Darrell of Pantera. As a player, this instrument has a lot to offer you. With this guitar’s lovely flame maple top, rosewood fingerboard, and 24 frets, you can play everything from rock to metal.

It is more pleasant to play than other guitar necks since the neck is shaped like a C. Since they are Dean DMT design humbucker pickups, they provide superb sound. It keeps in tune for a very long period because the tremolo is a lovely Floyd Rose. The pickups have a selector switch, a tone switch, and a volume switch. So, if you want one of the best electric guitars under $500, we highly recommend this product.

Dean Deceiver X

It turns out that this model is somewhat deceptive: at first glance, it appears to be a classic ’50s singlecut, but closer inspection reveals a thin mahogany body, a 25.5-inch scale length a la Fender, a bolt-on neck, with 24 frets in the shred-style. These elements significantly alter the physical world, and here is where the Deceiver causes conflict. For now, this is one of the best electric guitars under $500 you can consider.

The C-profile plays beautifully, and only a fool would object to two octaves. However, Les Paul lovers might miss the free-and-easy bends of a shorter-scale neck, and without finger extensions, it’s difficult to strike the thick strings at the high frets. If you want your riffs gut-wrenching and doom-laden, there is still room for down-tuning without adding too much slack.


There are several best electric guitars under $500. Compared to cheaper models, guitars in this price category sound significantly better and have more possibilities. There may still be some setup needed for some instruments, but overall there isn’t much to do. You’ll receive a high-quality instrument that will serve you well for many years. Have a guitar tech examine it over and make any necessary adjustments to get the most out of your new instrument.

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