Best ESET Keyboard Shortcuts 2024: to boost your productivity

Master the most important ESET keyboard shortcuts for fast and seamless navigation in antivirus and security operations.

When it comes to safely navigating the digital world, speed and efficiency are very important. Learning the best ESET keyboard shortcuts is important if you want to get the most out of ESET, which is the best cybersecurity solution. With these shortcuts, users can quickly move around in the software, make settings work better, and protect themselves from cyber threats.

The Best ESET Keyboard Shortcuts can make working with the antivirus software a lot easier by making it easier to navigate and faster to run important commands. Learning these keyboard shortcuts will make your overall cybersecurity stronger, whether you are looking for possible threats, updating virus definitions, or changing your security settings. Below, we have mentioned the best ESET keyboard shortcuts.

Why Use Keyboard Shortcuts in ESET?

Keyboard shortcuts in ESET make it easy to move around and control how the antivirus software works. Users can quickly do common tasks like scanning files, updating virus definitions, or getting to certain features by using shortcuts instead of going through a bunch of menus.

This makes things easier for users and boosts productivity, especially when time is of the essence and quick responses to security threats are needed. Additionally, keyboard shortcuts can reduce the need to use the mouse, which makes antivirus software easier for people who have trouble moving around.

Best ESET Keyboard Shortcuts

ESET Keyboard Shortcuts make managing your antivirus easier. With simple keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl + E to start a scan or Ctrl + U to update virus databases, users can easily manage their security. These short-cuts make it easy to respond quickly to threats, which boosts security and productivity. Users can protect their digital environments well if they know how to use these keystrokes.

General Shortcuts:

Ctrl + UOpen ESET main window
Ctrl + MOpen ESET Advanced Setup
Ctrl + IOpen ESET Internet Protection settings
Ctrl + TOpen ESET Tools
Ctrl + HOpen ESET HIPS setup
Ctrl + NOpen ESET Network Protection setup
Ctrl + POpen ESET Parental Control settings
Ctrl + LOpen ESET Log files
Ctrl + AOpen ESET About window
Ctrl + EOpen ESET SysInspector

Task Management Shortcuts

Ctrl + Shift + NOpens a new task window
Ctrl + Shift + SSaves the current task
Ctrl + Shift + PPrints the current task
Ctrl + Shift + F4Closes all task windows
Ctrl + Shift + RRefreshes the task window

Scan Shortcuts:

F5Start on-demand computer scan
F9Update virus signature database
Ctrl + UUpdate program modules
F7Open Advanced setup
Ctrl + MOpen Scheduler setup
Ctrl + TabSwitch between ESET windows
Alt + Left ArrowGo back in the menu or settings
Alt + Right ArrowGo forward in the menu or settings

Antivirus Shortcuts

F2Renames a selected item
F3Initiates an update
Ctrl + ASelects all items
Ctrl + EOpens the “Enter password” window
Ctrl + FInitiates a search in the current window
Ctrl + IInvokes the item properties
Ctrl + RRefreshes the list of items
Ctrl + XCuts the selected item
Ctrl + CCopies the selected item
Ctrl + VPastes the copied or cut item

ESET NOD32 Antivirus Shortcuts:

Ctrl + Shift + UOpen ESET NOD32 Antivirus setup
Ctrl + Shift + MOpen ESET NOD32 Antivirus Advanced setup
Ctrl + Shift + TOpen ESET NOD32 Antivirus Tools

ESET Internet Security Shortcuts:

Ctrl + Shift + IOpen ESET Internet Security setup
Ctrl + Shift + LOpen ESET Internet Security Log files

Firewall Shortcuts:

Ctrl + Shift + FOpen ESET Firewall setup

Threat Detection Shortcuts:

Ctrl + DAccess detected threats
Ctrl + EAccess excluded items
Ctrl + WAccess quarantine items

Update Shortcuts:

Ctrl + UCheck for updates
Ctrl + OAccess update options

Other Shortcuts:

Ctrl + SAccess Scheduler
Ctrl + AAccess advanced setup
Ctrl + FAccess Antivirus and antispyware protection

Best ESET Keyboard Shortcuts for different platforms

For better user efficiency, ESET provides a wide range of keyboard shortcuts for different platforms. On Windows, shortcuts like Ctrl + U are used to update the database of virus signatures. On macOS, Command + opens the preferences window. To move ESET windows, Linux users can press Alt + F7. These shortcuts make managing security much easier.

For Windows:

Ctrl + UUpdate virus signature database
Ctrl + TTemporarily disable real-time protection
Ctrl + MAccess the Advanced Setup
Ctrl + Shift + NOpen the main ESET window
Ctrl + Shift + LOpen the Logs window
Ctrl + Shift + VOpen the Tools window
Ctrl + SAccess the Scheduler
Ctrl + HAccess the Host Intrusion Prevention System settings
Ctrl + DAccess Device control settings
Ctrl + LAccess Web and Email options
Ctrl + Shift + LDisplay the License Manager

For macOS:

Cmd + UUpdate virus signature database
Cmd + TTemporarily disable real-time protection
Cmd + MAccess the Advanced Setup
Cmd + Shift + NOpen the main ESET window
Cmd + Shift + LOpen the Logs window
Cmd + Shift + VOpen the Tools window
Cmd + SAccess the Scheduler
Cmd + HAccess the Host Intrusion Prevention System settings
Cmd + DAccess Device control settings
Cmd + LAccess Web and Email options
Cmd + Shift + LDisplay the License Manager

Tips for Using ESET Keyboard Shortcuts Efficiently

ESET is a well-known antivirus software suite that comes with a number of keyboard shortcuts that can help users be more efficient and get more done. Here are some tips on how to make the most of ESET keyboard shortcuts:

Get to Know It: Take some time to learn the keyboard shortcuts that ESET gives you. Being familiar with them will help you get around the software faster and do common tasks better.

Regular Updates: Make sure you keep your ESET software up to date so you can use the newest features and shortcuts. With new updates, keyboard shortcuts may get better or more may be added.

Customization: Some versions of ESET let users change the keyboard shortcuts to suit their needs. Check to see if your version lets you change things, and then change the shortcuts to work better for you.

Memorize Common Shortcuts: Focus on remembering shortcuts for functions you use often, like scanning, updating virus definitions, and getting to specific features like the quarantine or log viewer.

Regular Practice: Learning keyboard shortcuts is like learning any other skill: it gets better with use. Cutting corners should be a regular part of your life so that you get better at using them over time.

Troubleshooting Common Issues with ESET Keyboard Shortcuts

Like a lot of other software, ESET has keyboard shortcuts that make it easier to move around and use the programme. If you have problems with ESET keyboard shortcuts not working the way they should, follow these steps to fix them:

Language and Layout of the Keyboard: Check that the language and layout of your keyboard are set to the same ones that are on your computer. If there is a difference, keyboard shortcuts might not work all the time.

Check Keyboard Shortcuts: Make sure that the keyboard shortcuts you’re using are designed to work with the ESET module or feature you’re currently using. It’s possible that some shortcuts will only work in certain parts of the app.

Restart ESET Service: Either restart the ESET service or the whole ESET programme. Taking this action can sometimes fix problems with how shortcuts work.

Restart Your Computer: A simple restart of your computer can help get rid of temporary system bugs that could be stopping keyboard shortcuts from working.

Check for Software That May Conflict: Some third-party programmes or utilities may make ESET’s keyboard shortcuts not work right. Turn off or uninstall any new software for now to see if the problem still exists.


What does Ctrl +Y mean?

The “redo” keyboard shortcut Ctrl Y works in most software. Our “redo” function reverses the last command or action undone by “undo”.

What does Ctrl Shift Z do?

Repeat actions with Ctrl-Shift-Z.

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