Best Essentials Packing While Travelling To Sri Lanka

Hello everyone, we will talk about article on 11 Essentials Packing While Travelling To Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is indeed a beautiful country where many natural wonders await you to explore. Once you’re all set with your visa and tickets, there are some important things to keep in mind. We hope you enjoyed this list of the Essentials Packing While Travelling To Sri Lanka.

If this is your first trip to Sri Lanka, planning your backpack according to the Sri Lankan climate is a must. Organizing a lightweight backpacks with all the necessary packing items is very important to enjoy your trip comfortably. Therefore, the packing list for Sri Lanka is one of the most important things to plan well in advance. Some parts of Sri Lanka are quite hot and humid, while the central highlands have milder weather than other areas.

Therefore, you may need different clothes depending on the areas you are going to visit. As well as, there are several essential things to pack to visit cultural sites and sacred areas of the country. If you omit some important items from your packing list, this can lead to you feeling uncomfortable during your trip. Plan ahead and organize your packing list that includes these essential packing items for Sri Lanka.

Pack your luggage as lightly as possible, because you may have to travel on a crowded bus or train, so the weight of your luggage may hinder you when you travel. You don’t need to pack more clothes because you can wash and reuse your clothes. Because of the sunlight, fabrics dry quickly. Also, bring light summer clothes, no need to bring heavy winter jackets. here we are mention 11 Essentials Packing While Travelling To Sri Lanka.

Here is the List of Best Essentials Packing While Travelling To Sri Lanka

Comfy modest summer clothes

Sri Lanka is a tropical country. Prepare some comfortable clothes to wear in the summer. It is recommended that female tourists wear modest clothes. You can wear sleeveless tops, shorts that cover up to knee height, however, hot pants and low-cut dresses are frowned upon. Revealing dresses could also attract unwanted attention. It is disrespectful to enter temples without covering your arms up to your elbows and skirts and shorts below knee level for women and men. Carry a sarong and a light shirt so you can quickly put them on if your clothes are too short for temple visits.

Walking Shoes

The island of Sri Lanka is best discovered slowly, and that means walking. Much better if the shoes are lightweight and also breathable, as it can get hot and humid. Flip flops are also practical if you are spending quality time on the beach. If you are getting ready to go hiking, then consider those shoes of footwear that are full-surface, such as Keens. Remember that your shoes will splash, whether from getting caught in the rain or stepping in a pool, on the beach.

Quick Dry Towel

Another essential option for your trip to Sri Lanka is a quick-drying towel. The central areas can be quite humid, which prolongs the time it takes for things to dry, and having a quick-drying towel will make your life much easier. A microfiber towel is also ideal for a day at the beach, as it takes up very little space and is always ready to go. We love these Gear Aid microfiber towels as they dry quickly, pack down to a small size and are very durable. we have an XL which has been in my travel pack no matter the destination for the last 5 years and bring a small one with me as They like to be prepared for anything.

Rain Jacket and Umbrella

There are various dry and wet seasons across the island, so rain is never far away in Sri Lanka. They have experienced a brief but heavy 5 minute rain that left me soaked. We learned my lesson a rain jacket is an essential item when deciding what to pack for Sri Lanka. Always look for comfortable travel materials that can be packed easily. The best are rain jackets come with zippered slits under the arms to provide some ventilation while keeping you dry. Another good thing to have is a lightweight umbrella. They didn’t pack one and spent much of my time there soaking wet and/or sunburned.

Pack Snacks

You will most likely travel by train at some point in your trip to Sri Lanka, and sometimes these trains can be delayed. You may find yourself waiting at the train station without access to food. Take some non-perishable food with you, such as granola bars or a small bag of nuts to keep hunger at bay.

Water Proof Phone Cover

Whether you’re out in the rain or walking with your fingertips behind Sri Lanka’s huge waterfalls, it’s a wise investment to get a waterproof phone cover. They use waterproof phones so never have to worry about dust, water, sand and scratches on my phone. Also, it can withstand being dropped on me all the time.

Not only do they keep your phone safe from water damage, but you’ll be able to take photos on the go. If you want to use your phone near water, a cheap case or phone case will do the job, but one of these is definitely a must have and that’s why this item is so high on my packing list for Sri Lanka.

Packing Cubes

The downside of backpacking, or any form of luggage, is that your packing can get messy and disorganized. This is why rely on packing cubes. They organize your luggage so that finding your items, packing and unpacking is a breeze. This is especially useful in Sri Lanka so that you can easily separate your beach, hiking and more casual or urban clothes.

Bug Spray And Sunscreen

They were very happy to bring this non-toxic insect repellent from home. Sri Lanka has a lot of insects, especially on the south coast, and this spray was so effective. Now it is my favorite insect repellent spray. We also brought a big bottle of sunscreen from home to share. You could buy both of these in Sri Lanka, but buying from home will save you money and precious travel time.

Reusable water bottle

Tap water in Sri Lanka is not safe to drink. Your accommodation may offer you free water that you can decant into smaller reusable water bottles. If this is not an option, buy the larger 10 liter water containers from the corner shop and decant them into smaller bottles for your day trips.

Mosquito Repellent

Mosquitoes in Sri Lanka can carry dengue fever. The need for mosquito repellent will be greatest during the rainy months. Sri Lanka is taking great measures to minimize the chances of mosquito breeding with public campaigns on standing water. The brought two travel-sized bottles of spray with Picardan and ended up not using them at all. They had one bite the entire trip and I’m not even 100% sure it was from a mosquito.

Travel Insurance

There’s an old saying: “If you can’t afford travel insurance, you shouldn’t travel”. We have been travelling for almost a decade and in that time We have tried many different travel insurance providers. Lately, We have been using World Nomads travel insurance on every trip and, in my opinion, they are without a doubt the best travel insurance provider on the market. we always choose the World Nomads Explorer Plan as it covers almost everything.


We hope you understand and enjoy this list of the 11 Essentials Packing While Travelling To Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is an island country located on the southern coast of India. Sri Lanka’s geography includes coastal plains in the north and hills and mountains in the interior. The system of government is democratic; the head of state and head of government is the president. Sri Lanka has moved to a market-oriented economy, but the central government is still involved in economic planning. We hope you share this list with family and friends.

I hope you understand this article, Best Essentials Packing While Travelling To Sri Lanka.

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