Best Floodlight Cameras

A smart floodlight camera is one unit that has both an outdoor floodlight and an outdoor security camera. These devices connect to your home network through Wi-Fi, so you can use your phone or, in some cases, your voice to control them.

If your house has best floodlight cameras, they’re probably in places that are also good places to put security cameras: hardwired for power, high above the ground, and facing open areas like yards and driveways that you want to keep an eye on. Because of this, floodlight security cameras are a great choice. You get a camera, floodlight, and siren all in one package, and most of the time you don’t have to worry about recharging the batteries every few weeks or months like you do with other types of outdoor wireless security cameras. Plus, you can use your phone or a smart speaker to control your floodlight.

Normal outdoor security cameras and floodlight cameras are not the same, but they are often made by the same companies. Wireless cameras are often smaller, less noticeable, and run on batteries. They are easier to set up and can be better in places where you don’t need a strong light to turn on every time a person or animal walks by. All you have to do is plug them in or charge the battery, connect them to Wi-Fi, and you’re good to go. Most floodlight cameras require you to turn off the power at the breaker box, climb a ladder, remove the old floodlight, and wire in the new fixture. Below we have mentioned some of the best floodlight cameras.

7 Best Floodlight Cameras

Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera

best floodlight cameras

The Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera is the best best floodlight cameras on our list today. It has some of the best video quality of any floodlight camera on this list, and when combined with HDR, you get a very clear picture. It also has a field of view of 160 degrees. One of the best things about the Arlo camera is that it works with almost any smart home integration, like Homekit and IFTTT, without any problems.

It has an auto-tracking feature that can find people, animals, cars, and packages. This means that Arlo is less likely than other security camera brands to send out false alarms. Of course, there are also some bad things about it. Even though it only costs $250, it doesn’t have a way to record locally. Plans to store recordings in the cloud cost between $3 and $15 per month.

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Wyze Cam Floodlight

best floodlight cameras

The Wyze Cam Floodlight is the best floodlight camera for less than $100 because it combines the great quality and value of the Wyze Cam v3 with a floodlight mount. Even though there are floodlight cams that cost less, Wyze has the best track record for making cheap products that work well. Wyze’s siren can get as loud as 105 dB, which is one of the best floodlight cameras. This is a lot louder than the 90 dB that Arlo gave us when we tested it.

When put together with the 2,600-lumen outdoor floodlights, this is a good way to keep people from coming into your yard. The Wyze Cam Floodlight mount is great because it can power a second Wyze Cam v3. Using two cameras is a great way to double the area you can see and keep an eye on more of your yard without adding another floodlight. You can even move the two floodlights to make each camera look in a different direction.

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Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Pro

best floodlight cameras

The best floodlight cameras from Ring is basically a Ring Pro 2 video doorbell camera attached to a set of 2000-lumen, high-powered lights. This is good because the Ring Pro 2 is arguably the best camera Ring has made so far. The Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Pro has features like Bird’s Eye View and 3D Motion Detection, but I didn’t find them to be very useful. However, the camera’s 1080p resolution and wide horizontal and vertical field of view give you a great view of your property.

It has a much wider view than Ring’s previous floodlight camera, so the extra $70 is worth it. The digital zoom on Ring is also very good, and the boosted siren is the loudest one we tried. You can’t make the siren go off when something moves, but Ring gives you the option to add an audible motion warning that tells thieves they’re being watched. This is less annoying to the neighbors than a siren that goes off when something moves.

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eufy security S330 Floodlight Cam 2 Pro

best floodlight cameras

The Eufy Floodlight Cam 2 Pro comes with a lot of features and works very well. It has many useful features, such as the ability to record well, a large number of ways to customize it, and smart assistant support that can be used in many ways. The best floodlight cameras has a strong human detection feature, a weatherproof rating of IP65, and is compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant.

The floodlight has an emergency siren that goes off at 100 decibels, 8GB of storage built in, and the ability to add more storage like cloud storage or a NAS. Besides all of its features, the Cam 2 Pro is a smart floodlight that works very well. It can record clear, 2K-quality video that is often lit by lights with a brightness of 3,000 lumens. The Cam 2 Pro can also turn 360 degrees, which lets users see everything around them.

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best floodlight cameras

Amazon’s Blink line is a best floodlight cameras of affordable home security products that are easy to set up, understand, and personalize. The Blink Outdoor Floodlight is the way to go if you want to light up and keep an eye on an outdoor area. The Blink Outdoor has a powerful 700 lumens of light and can live stream and record in 1080p.

It also has great motion detection that you can adjust from the Blink Home Monitor app. The Blink Outdoor may not be as bright or have as many features as some of the other floodlight cameras in this roundup, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy it.

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Swann Wi-Fi 1080p Waterproof Motion

best floodlight cameras

Swann Slimline has the best floodlight cameras of view on our list, with 175o. Most of its competitors only have 130o. Outdoor security cameras with a wide view are helpful, but Swann’s 1080p resolution can’t take advantage of the wide view like Arlo’s 2K video can. Still, Swann’s video looks good, and if you want to store video locally, it’s a better choice than Arlo.

Because it’s hardwired, it’s not as affected by cold weather as the Arlo, which runs on batteries. It can work in temperatures from -22o F to 131o F, which makes it one of the toughest floodlight cameras on the market. Lorex is the only floodlight camera with better weatherproofing, but because it doesn’t store videos in the cloud, it just misses our top five.

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Eve Cam Outdoor

best floodlight cameras

The Eve Cam Outdoor is an excellent example of a product that can only be called “peak niche.” The Eve Cam Outdoor is not only part of a small ecosystem of smart floodlights, but it is also one of the best floodlight cameras in the space that only works with iOS devices.

But it does a great job of meeting the needs of its users. HomeKit Secure Video is an Apple feature that uses iCloud to stream and store video clips from compatible smart cameras and doorbells. This feature is used by the floodlight.

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When it comes to adding security to the outside of your home, floodlight cameras are better than best floodlight cameras. They have extra features, like bright lights and sirens, that make them less appealing to people who shouldn’t be there. Most floodlights have a video camera that turns on when something moves, so you can watch and record whatever caused the floodlights to turn on in the first place. You can buy floodlights and cameras separately, but the vast majority of floodlights will come with some kind of camera.

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