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When you travel, of course, you are always looking for a place in the best bars and restaurants. But if you want to get a deeper insight into your destination’s culinary scene, combine your trip with a food festival. From multi-tiered music festivals that showcase the best of a city’s cuisine to events that focus on a specific regional dish, the stops on our Smorgasbord tour are rich in local food and culture. Sure, music festivals are great. But a food festival? That’s like a dream come true: a healthy little world full of delicious food just a fork or spoon away. These food festivals showcase some of the best cuisine in the world and are attended by renowned chefs and wine and beer experts.

Mark your calendars, book a flight and start saving, because these culinary events are sure to be once-in-a-lifetime experiences. One of the most important things to discover in any destination is the food! The kitchen changes every few hundred miles, offering something different and even more delicious on your plate each time. At these top food festivals around the world, you can fill your stomachs with your favorite culinary dishes and enjoy a variety of fun activities and events. As each of these festivals tops the other and offers something unique, they are nothing less than a paradise for food lovers from all over the world.

Check the list of the best food festivals around the world

Giant Tortilla Celebration

According to legend, Napoleon enjoyed the omelette he ate in Bessieres, France, so much that the next morning he ordered all the eggs in town to be cracked to make a giant omelette for his troops. Bessieres continues the tradition to this day, with an omelette made from 15,000 eggs, usually at Easter. Several other cities with French heritage also hold their own omelette festivals each year, including Abbeville, Louisiana, which celebrates with a 5,000-egg omelet in October.

Pizza Festival, Italy

It goes without saying that everyone loves Italian food. If you’re planning a European getaway, be sure to do it around the Pizza Festival, which takes place in Naples every September. Enjoy pizzas of all shapes and sizes from amazing pizza makers around the world.


Be a part of the world’s largest beer festival with millions of other beer lovers who flock to Germany for Oktoberfest every year. From the best beers to drink, pour and dip, to culinary delights like sausages, pretzels and roasts, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Aside from the incredible variety and number of beers you can get here, you can also enjoy some tasty food at the festival. It is undoubtedly one of the most famous food festivals in the world.

Food Network’s South Beach Food and Wine Festival

Of course, the Food Network’s most anticipated event of the year is at the top of this list. Over a 5-day period, your favorite Food Network stars will gather in Miami Beach for a live show of their famous cooking skills. Artists such as Emeril Lagasse, Bobby Flay, Rachael Ray, Martha Stewart and Guy Fieri have performed in the past.

The festival also features more than 80 events ranging from seminars, intimate dinners, parties, tastings, and the popular Oyster Bash. Also, you should not miss the Grand Tasting Village, where you will find a wide range of exquisite dishes, wines and spirits.

Cooper’s Hill Cheese Roll, England

We’ll start with the most dangerous festival on this list. Cooper’s Hill in Gloucestershire hosts the Cooper’s Hill Cheese Roll, with dozens of people tumbling down the hill in search of oversized wheels of double Gloucester cheese.

Many broken bones result, though luckily no one has died in the Cheese Roll’s 195 years of existence (although eight people were struck by lightning during the 1982 edition). Thousands of people line the sides of the hill each year to watch the competitors, the best of whom is 22-time winner Chris Anderson (who doesn’t like cheese).

Hokitika Wild Food Festival

It takes place in New Zealand. Proudly celebrate all things West Coast. In addition to some regular food, you can also enjoy some of the gourmet treats. Since they have so many different things to try, a very open mind is recommended.

Cookout in Cayman, Cayman Islands

Every January, the world’s most celebrated chefs flock to the Cayman Islands for the Cayman Cookout, hosted by legendary chef Eric Ripert, owner of the three-Michelin-starred Le Bernardin restaurant in New York.

Four days of culinary delights take place on the white sands of the famous Seven Mile Beach. For the 10th year of cookouts, the Ritz Carlton, the host of this year’s festival, has planned extravagant lunches, dinners, dive trips, tastings and demonstrations by chefs including Anthony Bourdain, Emeril Lagasse and others.

Big Apple BBQ

Every June for the past 16 years, 16 of the best pitmasters from California to New York have come to Madison Square Park for a two-day backyard barbecue in midtown Manhattan. Meat and smoke are the key ingredients for the Big Apple BBQ, which is moving to a different location on the island in 2019 (no word yet).

The venue may change, but the likes of Sam Jones, Rodney Scott and John Stage will no doubt continue to stoke the fire. Wander from store to store for East Carolina pulled pork sandwiches, St. Louis-style ribs, Texas brisket and jalapeno-flavored sausage. Serious foodies looking to chat with their barbecue heroes should stop by on Thursday nights, when the delicious aroma of embers and slowly roasting pigs fill the air. Can’t find the motivation to move after the party? both

Olney Pancake Race

Legend has it that the people of Olney, England, have held a pancake race every year on Shrove Tuesday since 1445. Women loading pancakes into cast-iron pans, the race has become an international competition, with a second race which takes place in Liberal, Kansas. In the same day. Other activities include children’s races and a pancake lunch.

Dumpling Festival, Hong Kong

If the mention of meatballs makes your mouth water, you’ve come to the right place. Enjoy these bite-sized treats alongside lion dances, dragon boat races and flea markets.

bacon party

Yes, you heard right! There is a festival in the world dedicated exclusively to bacon. The world revolves around bacon, so there is no excuse not to attend one of the best food festivals in the world. The world’s meat-loving population can go crazy over dishes like bacon ice cream, bacon salad, bacon ramen, and bacon tater tots.


This 11-day food festival in Montreal features 150 different restaurants offering three-course meals priced at $21, $31 or $41. The festival takes place in the fall, just before the entire country is covered in a soft blanket of snow.

But the food definitely distracts from the frigid Canadian temperatures. Respected restaurants of the past include Le Local, BEVO Bar + Pizzeria, and Bonaparte.

Isle of Wight Garlic Festival

The Isle of Wight Garlic Festival, although it sells a variety of foods, was created primarily to celebrate the legacy of garlic production on the island.

Along with all the garlic products (including mushrooms, mayonnaise, and cheese bread), they also sell tomatoes, fudge, and doughnuts. The two-day event is both an amusement park ride and a music festival!

Gilroy Garlic Festival

As the name suggests, it is a unique festival. They have all sorts of garlic-like things that can be presented to you. They have cooking competitions, live entertainment, garlic ice cream, wine pavilion, garlic trade shop, and many similar things.

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