Best Foods and for how long they are Edible

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Some foods are naturally long-lived and, if stored properly, can be stored for months or years. Other foods spoil quickly, usually due to their high oil and/or moisture content, and will only last long if dried, canned, or otherwise preserved. There are many foods that spoil faster than you think. There is great interest in shelf-stable foods among so-called preparers or survivors, who predict they will have to live off the grid when a widespread disaster strikes. Embracing the idea of ​​long-term self-sufficiency, they exchange tips for creating particularly long-lasting food reserves.

There are many foods that spoil in a short time and when you try to use them in a dish, only then do you realize that they are no longer edible. Oftentimes, vegetables, fruits, and dairy products like milk and curd, if not stored properly, become stale in the blink of an eye. For people who live alone far from their families and work tirelessly day in and day out, this is a very big problem. Imagine for a second that you were transferred to the world driven by Earl’s karma. How heartbreaking is the feeling at that moment! There are many foods that have a long shelf life and can be used for a long time.

They do not require special care in terms of their storage specifically and in conditions of constant temperature. Here’s a look at 10 shelf-stable foods you should have in your cupboard. You don’t need to worry about the day of destiny, though, to see the benefits of stocking a cupboard with things that will be good to eat for long periods of time. . Unexpected visitors, power outages, and the kind of downtime that makes a trip to the market or eating out too much of a project—these are all instances where anyone would be happy to have shelves stocked with the produce of a meal.

Here is the list of all 17 foods and how long they are edible for


If stored in a cool, dry and dark place. Yukon gold, red, and finger potatoes will last two to three weeks. Larger white or russet potatoes can last three to five weeks. Sweet potatoes have about the same shelf life. Don’t store them next to onions, though: both can go well with cooking, but raw, each gives off gas and moisture that can cause the other to spoil faster.


Apples stored in a fruit bowl at room temperature generally take five to seven days. However, when stored in a humid place between 30º and 40º F, they can stay crisp and fresh for up to six months.


As with potatoes, store in a cool, dry, dark place for maximum shelf life. And, as above, don’t store them with potatoes. both will break down faster.

Medium Risk Foods

Cooked pasta and grains, such as barley and quinoa, will keep for up to 3 days if stored properly. If you freeze them after cooking, it will usually take 3 months before they start to lose their freshness. Desserts and sweets usually last about 3-4 days in the fridge

Dried beans can last a long time.

According to Healthline, dried beans remain edible for about 10 years, although they will lose nutrients over time. To get the most out of your dried beans, The FoodKeeper recommends consuming them within a year or two, depending on the type of bean.

winter squash

Various varieties of thick-skinned winter squash, including squash, spaghetti, acorn, kabocha, and hubbard, among others, are among the hardiest of fresh vegetables.

meat and poultry

Ground meat and poultry cooked to a safe temperature can be refrigerated for about 1 to 2 days if stored at 5°C or below 41°F (1). Other meats and poultry, such as steaks, steaks, fillets, and grilled meats, last 3 to 4 days in the refrigerator. If you thaw them before cooking, be sure to refrigerate them, never on the counter. After thawing, cook within 2 days (3). You can also defrost using the microwave, but be sure to use the food right away. Opened deli meat should be consumed within 3 to 5 days of opening. Similarly, cold deli salads, such as egg, tuna, or chicken salad, should be consumed within 3 to 5 days.

Canned Tuna

Up to five years Store in cupboard or closet. Tuna is a kind of food you love or leave, but tuna lovers can take comfort in the fact that they can store tuna in the cupboard for up to five years. Sealed tuna packs can last for three. Go beyond the basic tuna salad with your favorite brand and try these canned tuna recipes.

Dried meat

Beef jerky and its predecessors in different parts of the world were invented to last a long time as food in the desert and on long journeys. It’s lean, dry and salty – all characteristics that add to its ability to stay edible for a long time. up to 1 to 2 years

canned fruits and vegetables

1 to 2 years after the expiration date. Canning is an extremely effective means of preserving food. In general, if canned foods are not exposed to intense heat, their contents should remain good for two years or more. Beware, however, of sagging or bulging boxes, which may indicate the presence of bacteria inside.

Peanut butter

An unopened jar of peanut butter should last more than a few years at room temperature, but over time, the oil will separate, the peanut butter will dry out, and the flavor will fade. Two years is probably the maximum for the best quality.

Dark chocolate

Because milk chocolate contains dairy, it will spoil faster than chocolate with a high cocoa content and little or no milk. High temperatures are the enemy of dark chocolate, and while it should last a few years at temperatures up to 75°F, it will last five years if the thermometer stays between 60°F and 65°F. From 2 to 5 years, the chocolate is exposed to high temperatures can create white spots, but these are harmless and do not affect the taste.


Everyone knows that wine can last a long time, sometimes improving significantly as it ages. But it can also go bad quickly due to exposure to extreme heat or cold, oxidation from leaking caps, and simply the natural evolution of its chemical components over time. Not so hard drink. Unopened bottles of alcohol have practically not changed. Their high alcoholic strength preserves them and they do not age. The only exception is some sweet liquors, of which, over the years, part of the sugar content will settle, forming crystals and leaving the liquor somewhat less sweet.


They’re affordable, available year-round, and offer a nice sweetness to foods like smoothies and plain yogurt with no added sugar, says Braddock. For a quick snack, spread a banana butter or whole-grain toast on top. Does the banana turn brown? Freeze it and pulse it in your food processor until it becomes a banana “ice cream”.

White rice

Brown rice may be healthier, but it’s high in oil, so it can go bad in a few months, while white rice, if you keep it dry, will last forever. The only possible problem, apart from humidity, is the sudden appearance of tiny black insects among the grains of rice. These are either rice turtles or flour bugs and have gotten into the package through small openings or their eggs have been collected along with the rice itself. Storing the rice in well-dried, airtight containers will prevent it from getting inside. however, if it is already there, the rice should be discarded.

Milk powder

Up to 20 years Store dry milk in an airtight container with a moisture-absorbing package in a cool, dark place. Powdered milk may not be at the top of your shopping list, but it can be handy to have on hand for baking. Powdered milk adds richness to breads, cookies, and other pastries. If you are an avid baker, get a pack.


Known to help lower cholesterol, research shows that oatmeal can also help control appetite. A bowl of oatmeal is one way to stick to your ribs, you won’t be full until lunch to start your breakfast. Homolka also makes oatmeal smoothies: Cook the oats in water with cinnamon sticks, let cool, then mix with milk, ice, and a little brown sugar.

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