Best Free Logo Maker

Logo Maker generates thousands of dynamic logo designs for you to choose from and customize based on your input. Browse through our dynamic library of logo templates and create the perfect professional logo design for your brand or business.

If you’re not quite ready to spend the money on a full app, the best free logo maker can be a fantastic starting point for your creative endeavors. A free logo builder is perfect when you need to create a simple logo quickly, whether you are testing out ideas for a project or need something quick and simple for a presentation. However, you definitely wouldn’t use one of these for a paying customer.

When you don’t have the time or want to open up Illustrator CC, we have uncovered some of the greatest free logo generators available. They are all simple to use, and some even have their own tutorials, so if you don’t truly know how to design a logo, using them is a great way to pick up the fundamentals.

You may create an useful logo using any of the logo makers we have featured here, but you should be aware that many of them also offer paid choices and that some features are only accessible to people who pay. Below we have mentioned some of the best free logo maker.

Best Free Logo Maker


Best free Logo Maker

Even while the logo itself need not be complicated, it is still worthwhile to give it some thought and work. Hatchful, a free online logo maker from Shopify, makes it unnecessary to waste days puzzled or attempting to learn graphic design in a week. By making the most of this tool, you may concentrate on the more important aspects of managing your company. With Hatchful, you can easily personalize your logo according to your tastes. This is the best free logo maker.

Simply select your business location, then decide on a graphic theme to communicate your preferences to the logo designer. Now, Hatchful will design a variety of logos from which you can select. Choose the logo that best suits your requirements and make as many changes as you like. Unless you are satisfied with the outcome, you can experiment with the font, colour, icon, and layout. If you like this app you can get it from official website.

Tailor Brands

Best free Logo Maker

A platform for branding and logo design that uses AI is called Tailor Brands. In a few minutes, you may use it to design a remarkable logo. You will be prompted to provide your firm’s name, its industry of specialization, and a brief description of the company when using this free logo builder.

The platform will then prompt you to select your favorite typeface. When you are through, Tailor Brands will present you with a selection of logos based on your corporate identity. The platform offers a variety of design possibilities and is user-friendly and straightforward. This is the one of the best free logo maker.


Best free Logo Maker

While it’s good to have a lot of pre-made alternatives to select from, Ucraft’s Logo Creator gives you the tools you’ll need if rather do everything yourself. In essence, it’s a pretty basic vector editor that provides you with a tonne of icons that you can arrange and customize with text, shapes, and colors to create the ideal logo. Currently, this is one of the best free logo maker.

To make the most of Ucraft, which lacks the templates and guidance of other logo creators, some design knowledge is necessary. This probably isn’t the one for you if, for example, you had to stop reading the last paragraph to look up what a “vector editor” was. Your final logo is available for free download as a 600px PNG file and can be purchased as a scalable SVG for $12.

Wix Logo Maker

Best free Logo Maker

In order to offer you a suitable selection of colours, fonts, and icons, it will first ask you for the name of your brand and a brief description of what you do. Once you’ve done that, your own custom logo will be shown for you to customize until it looks just the way you want. Once you’re done, you can download the image files you need to use your logo design wherever you like.

However, if you want anything more than a very low-res version, you’ll need to pay. When we put the Wix logo creator to the test, we discovered that it provided a solid balance between simplicity and a respectable amount of customization, with a clear, user-friendly interface but with flexible customization possibilities. This is the best free logo maker that you can consider.


Best free Logo Maker

You can materialize your original ideas with the help of Zyro’s logo maker. You can change the icon, size, and text of your logo, among other things. Your logo may be created for free in four simple steps. Simply enter your brand name, select a template, and then edit your logo until you’re happy with the results to use this logo maker. then get started by downloading it. Currently, this is one of the best free logo maker.


Best free Logo Maker

One of the best free logo maker is called Logaster. To utilize it, you don’t need any design expertise. Making a quality logo for a commercial only takes a few minutes because to the website’s ease of use. You just need to click the button and type in the company name. Raster and vector designs are programmed by the system using AI. Because modifying such pictures is easier, most experts prefer to save their logo in a vector format.

Canva Logo Maker

Best free Logo Maker

Despite offering a comprehensive online design suite that includes much more than just logos, Canva’s Logo Creator is one of our top picks if you’re looking for the best free logo maker available. It’s beautiful and simple to use; after asking you a few questions about your business, it will show you different templates. Following your selection of a few that you like, it will create a design that you can then edit using Canva’s own tools.

Throughout our testing, we discovered that there are many playable free elements available; if you want more options, you may pay to use a greater variety of premium elements. The only thing you’ll probably miss is the fact that you can’t create a logo with a translucent background in the free tier, but you’ll probably find more than enough to get anything excellent started in the free tier. You have to pay for that one. Nonetheless, you can get your finished logo for nothing in the form of a print-ready PDF, a 500px PNG, or a JPG.


best free logo maker

One of the best free logo maker is Fotor. Making a logo to advertise your presence online is simple to achieve and doesn’t require any specific abilities. It has a drag-and-drop editor that makes creating logos even simpler. For social networking sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, among others, Fotor provides logo proportions.

Also, using it is totally free. Simply pick one of the pre-made photographs and drop it into the template after choosing the desired logo design. Moreover, you can design and edit your own template. Now you can change the title and the background.


The Best free Logo Maker at any time and anyplace is one of their key benefits. You may do the task quickly and save time by doing this. Every second matters when you’re considering opening a new business, so why not make use of the ease of logo apps and design a logo while you’re not in front of your computer?

A little fee will be required to create and download your logo from an online logo builder. Normally. You can test out multiple designs before selecting the best one because you’ll pay the same fee regardless of how many logos you produce.

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