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For server and website maintenance, various web hosting companies offer different control panels. cPanel is a popular control panel software. However, it is a paid tool and the hosting company that provides it will charge you an additional fee or include the cost in the hosting plans. However, there are plenty of great free web hosting control panels out there that are functionally identical and can save you a lot of money in the long run.

These control panels include everything you need to run your web projects, from server and database administration to dedicated email clients, FTP clients, and more. If you have a dedicated server or VPS hosting, you can also install these control panels yourself instead of relying on your hosting provider’s offerings. Our list of the best free web hosting Control Panels offers you a lot of flexibility and alternatives to effectively manage your web projects.

Here is the list of the best free web hosting control panel

Cloud Panel

CloudPanel is a free and open source server control panel designed to manage multiple web components, system monitoring, and other services like MySQL, NGINX, PHP-FPM, and Redis on Debian Linux command line servers. The popular WHM Cpanel is usually included with hosting providers, but must be purchased for an additional fee.

Those familiar with the Linux operating system and the command line can use CloudPanel for free on a variety of VPS hosting platforms, including public cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean, and Google Cloud. The good news is that this open source Linux server management panel has additional features to effectively integrate with the aforementioned public cloud services and manage their numerous features.


Due to its flexibility and excellent working environment, Virtualmin is one of the most trusted web hosting control panels. Virtualmin is a Perl-based program that is available in commercial and open source versions. The professional version of course has more server control features than the open source GPL version.

It also has a two-factor authentication feature that can be used with the Google Authenticator app. CentOS/RHEL/Debian/Ubuntu are the operating systems that Virtualmin officially supports. The extremely simple user interface is undoubtedly the best feature of Virtualmin.


Parallels Plesk Panel, or simply Plesk, is considered one of the most versatile control panels on the market. It goes far beyond the capabilities of standard web-based solutions to control the server resources required to run your websites. Plesk is a multi-tiered hosting platform control panel that provides the server administrator with a variety of graphical user interface options to set up and manage a complete end-user hosting business.

It is just as suitable for setting up shared hosting solutions as it is for virtual and dedicated servers. Fedora, Red Hat, Debian, FreeBSD, SuSE, CentOS, Ubuntu, and Windows are among the operating systems supported by Plesk.


AwardSpace is a premium free website hosting company with state of the art server technology. The best thing about AwardSpace free hosting is that it is ad-free, so you don’t have to worry about annoying ads on your website.

You can easily start hosting your website with AwardSpace by signing up for a free website hosting account, selecting one of the two CMS and performing the necessary installation. AwardSpace also offers a range of paid hosting plans, and you can switch from free to paid hosting at any time to take advantage of additional features.


Web hosting is an online service that makes the content of your website available to the public. When you buy a hosting package, you rent real server space to store all your website files and data. Web servers provide the necessary technology and resources to run your website efficiently and securely.

They ensure that the server is kept up and running, that security measures are in place, and that data, such as text, photos, and other files, is properly delivered to visitors’ browsers. This article explains what web hosting is, how it works, and the different types of web hosting available.


GoogieHost offers hosting based on CloudLinux, which is the industry standard if you’re looking for a free shared web hosting option that can provide decent speed. Of course, it can’t compete with commercial solutions like Hostinger, but GoogieHost beats most free providers. Subdomains are used with GoogieHost, as with many other free hosts. If you have your own domain name, you can connect it.

Since you can only host one free website, GoogieHost does checks to make sure you’re not trying to tamper with the system, so it may take a while before your free account is accepted. If you are suspected of having multiple accounts, you will be banned from the platform and your website will be removed.

cPanel and WHM

cPanel is by far the most popular hosting control panel. Its success is due in part to the fact that it offers a user and server management interface. These two interfaces work seamlessly together to provide end users and resellers with intuitive and easy-to-use website hosting and management. Hosting companies benefit from a number of attractive management tools. Some of the biggest names in the hosting industry use cPanel.

One of the things that sets cPanel apart from its competitors is its commitment to making life easier for hosting providers, regardless of their size. cPanel is committed to helping web professionals get the resources they need. This is accomplished by providing training opportunities, documentation, a knowledge base, and videos. Users can also get personalized support from cPanel trainers.


000webhost, which is operated by Hostinger, is another popular free web hosting service. With free hosting from 000webhost, you get a cPanel, automatic WordPress installer, website builder tool, and more. The hosting platform supports PHP, MySQL, CSS, JavaScript and other programming languages, and the service provider does not have to display intrusive ads (ie ad-free hosting).

Furthermore, 000webhost offers a secure service as their servers are protected by powerful firewalls and DDoS protection, ensuring the safety of your website. You can use 000webhost free hosting as long as you want and you can upgrade to paid plans for more features.


Ajenti is an open source, web-based, multilingual control panel for server hosting and administration. It is known for its high performance and fast remote access. It is the best management control panel for your web hosting, with all the latest features and services. With Ajenti, you can quickly and securely access remote Linux boxes at any time using common tools like web terminal, text editor, and file manager.

Ajenti’s features include anytime access from anywhere, full extensibility with Python and JS, and a responsive remote terminal, which is a huge plus. It is a modern control panel with pluggable components and a modular design. Ajenti is also compatible with Debian, Ubuntu, RHEL, Gentoo, CentOS, and other Linux and BSD distributions. Its backend is written in Python and the frontend in AngularJS, one of the most recent frameworks.


Sentora is an open source web hosting control panel that ranks second in the top ten due to its support, robustness, scalability, and distribution. For small and medium ISPs, it is one of the best web hosting control panels. Its optimized configuration for hosting management is one of its selling points.

Sentora CP makes it easy to manage your web hosting. It is safer and faster. It also includes a busy and thriving community forum. Sentora has a plugin store where customers can purchase and install plugins, as well as a localization feature. Its popularity stems from the fact that it is inexpensive and offers an extensible platform.


Froxlor is an open source server administration panel that is easy to use. It offers a sophisticated and simple dashboard that gives the administrator a better overview. It is compatible with Debian and Gentoo. Also, it comes with a simple and well-guided installation guide. Froxlor manages domains, databases, emails, DNS and much more.

Furthermore, the most useful thing is that Froxlor is customizable and offers a wide range of configuration options to adapt it to your needs. It comes with a control panel for resellers and customers, a graphical view of stored dedicated email, ftp and http traffic, community support and multi-PHP configuration for many domains.

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