Best Gaming Monitors Under $100 2024: for affordable prices

The best gaming monitors under $100. They can have high-end features like IPS panels, support for FreeSync, integrated speakers, HD resolutions, and even respectable refresh rates, and are often larger than portable monitors.

I’ve found that most people who work in an office or just use the internet every day don’t have to spend a lot of money on a computer. More and more, people want screens with better resolutions, faster refresh rates, and those beautiful curved screens. However, photography, video production, and gaming are the main areas where big investments are needed. But if you’re like me and just need a monitor that works well for everyday tasks, you can easily find great game monitors for less than $100.

It’s currently impossible to get a decent monitor that meets all of your requirements for that price. Prices for the types of monitors that most customers would choose for office work, leisure, or gaming have increased as a result of current silicon shortages and global conditions. That does not imply that you should not give them any thought. There are many options available on the market right now that offer sufficient colors, refresh rates, and response times, making them ideal for both console and PC gaming. Below we have mentioned the best gaming monitors under $100.

Here is the list of Best Gaming Monitors Under $100


The AOC G2260VWQ6 is priced similarly and has a comparable set of features. This monitor is a dependable piece of equipment for something this cheap and falls just short of the intended $100 price range. With a response time of only 1ms, this monitor would be regarded as entry-level. The monitor has a TN panel type, so the viewing angle may be restricted, but it shouldn’t be an issue for gaming if you plan to sit directly in front of the display.

The display already has Freesync, which when combined with the 75Hz refresh rate results in incredibly smooth, tear-free gaming experiences. There aren’t any particularly noteworthy aspects of the design, however it does come with a stand and has a small amount of red on the bottom bezel. The beautiful thing about this tiny monitor is that, for more complex installations, you can remove the stand and mount it to a VESA compatible bracket. Currently, this is one of the best gaming monitors under $100 that you can buy right now.

Acer SB220Q

The most well-known and top-rated gaming monitor under $100 is the Acer SB220Q. It has a 21.5-inch 1080p IPS display for vivid, clear images, and performance is made smooth with the rapid 4ms reaction time, 75Hz refresh rate, and AMD FreeSync. The majority of best gaming monitors under $100 have 22-inch panels, or more precisely 21.5-inch viewable displays.

Those with larger screens typically make up for it by omitting features or by having inferior specifications. Now, the Acer SB220Q’s IPS screen has deep, consistent colours and 178-degree viewing angles, which guarantee that the image won’t lose colour when seen from various angles.

Asus VS228H-P

Although it is undoubtedly less beautiful, this Asus monitor has specifications that are comparable to those of Acer’s SB220Q. The VS228H-P, which is more suited for corporate settings, lacks gaming sync technology but does enable VESA mounting, making it easier to mount it to a wall or unique stand. It’s a terrific option for the office because it also features a good port variety, including HDMI, VGA, DVI-D, and a 3.5mm audio connector.

The 21.5-inch screen of the Asus VS228H-P has a 1920 x 1080 resolution, a maximum refresh rate of 75 Hz, and a response time of 5 ms. Here, though, you won’t find the vivid colour range, broad viewing angles, in-built speakers, or low bezels that are typical of IPS screens. This is one of the best gaming monitors under $100.

ViewSonic VA2246M

Only the best gaming monitors under $100 currently on the market are displayed thanks to our filtering, including this ViewSonic model. A new PC gaming display is an excellent investment right now. There are a tonne of games that are enhanced with excellent graphics, constant ViewSonic sales, and a wide selection to choose from. When you’re playing, high-quality graphics are crucial, and the gaming monitors that are occasionally sold with PCs are fairly bad. A monitor may be useful in addition to a laptop for gaming.

The actual size of the area where movies are presented is called the display size, often known as the viewable image size (VIS), and is distinct from the monitor casing. The diagonal of a screen, which is the distance between its opposite corners and is often measured in inches, determines the screen’s size. This typical monitor has a 22-inch display size. To view additional monitors of this size and pricing points, visit our compare monitors page.

Sceptre E248W

Given that it is a cheap TN panel monitor, the response time could be faster, but you wouldn’t really feel it all that much. It is important to keep in mind that these Sceptre displays are relatively well-liked budget monitors, and their price range does vary, making some deals available for those looking for a decent value. Even the smaller 22′′ version of this is best gaming monitors under $100, making it one of the finest values at this size.

Although it lacks Freesync and has a slow response time, it nevertheless offers a decent display for playing games in full HD. It has a TN panel, which isn’t as bright as your IPS displays, but it still performs admirably. he monitor has a great overall appearance thanks to the elegant design. This monitor would fit in with even the most sophisticated settings because to its extremely thin bezel edges that go around the entire screen and its tiny profile.

Sceptre Ultra Thin 20-inch

In comparison to some of our top recommendations, this 20-inch monitor is a little bit smaller, but it’s also one of the most economical, making it the perfect choice for people looking to save money and desk space. It has built-in speakers, Adaptive Sync technology, and a 75Hz refresh rate. This is one of the best gaming monitors under $100.

Although the 1600 x 900 resolution of the Sceptre monitor isn’t particularly impressive, it nevertheless does the job. The reaction time is acceptable at 5 ms, and there are two HDMI connections for various inputs in addition to VGA. Additionally, VESA wall mounting is supported.

ViewSonic VX2252MH

This 22-inch display from ViewSonic is the next pricy monitor on the list. You will receive ViewSonic’s “game mode” feature out of the box, which can boost in-game colours like darks. Additionally, you receive a response time of 2ms, which is adequate but disappointing given that it is a TN panel. However, the difference of 1 extra millisecond isn’t perceptible.

For those who need a huge display for gaming or television, it is important to note that with the current selection of monitors, if best gaming monitors under $100, you can afford to get the 24′′ version. Although it might not have some of the other monitors’ features, ViewSonic is a reputable brand and makes a lot of gaming monitors. Despite the lack of features, the display is actually quite sharp, and it has a response time fast enough to be considered for competitive gaming.


The best gaming monitors under $100. They can have high-end features like IPS panels, support for FreeSync, built-in speakers, HD resolutions, and even respectable refresh rates, and are often larger than portable monitors. At this sort of pricing, you won’t get a 4K screen, fast refresh rates, or even very realistic colors, but if you only need a usable screen for work or play monitors are perfectly adequate.

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