Best Operating System for Gaming 2024: for high-end performance

Discover the best operating systems optimized for seamless gaming performance

Upon acquiring a gleaming new gaming PC, the foremost decision for many is to determine the most suitable operating system catering to their distinct requirements. The truth is that most people choose Windows and stop there. Still, there are more options, so you should be aware of them. In the modern world of PC gaming, there are the best operating system for gaming.

Windows is the most common choice, but there are a lot of other options that offer unique and well-tuned overall experiences. This article goes into detail about the main operating systems that gamers can use in today’s fast-changing market. The goal is to figure out why one person likes one game over another, so that each person can find the best game for their needs. Below we have mentioned the best Operating System for Gaming.

What is an operating system?

An operating system (OS) is a piece of software that sits between the hardware of a computer and the software programs that run on it. It gives a computer system a set of basic services and functions that applications need to run well and talk to the hardware parts of the system. The main things that an operating system does are:

Hardware Abstraction: The OS hides the complexity of the hardware underneath by giving software applications a consistent, standard interface. With this abstraction, application developers don’t have to know how different pieces of hardware work.

Process Management: The OS is in charge of making sure that individual programs or tasks are run. It gives resources like CPU time, memory, and I/O devices to different processes so that they can work well together and programs run smoothly.

Memory Management: The OS is in charge of the computer’s memory hierarchy, which includes RAM and virtual memory. It gives memory to processes and makes sure that memory is used well, so that conflicts and memory leaks don’t happen.

Why is the operating system important for gaming?

Several things make the operating system (OS) an important part of gaming:

Hardware Interaction: The operating system acts as a bridge between the game software and the computer’s hardware. It takes care of resources like the CPU, GPU, RAM, and storage, making sure they are used in the best way possible so that games run smoothly.

Device Drivers: The OS gives drivers for different pieces of hardware. Graphics drivers are especially important for gaming because they allow the game and the graphics card to talk to each other. This makes it possible for graphics and effects to be shown quickly.

Management of Resources: Games use a lot of computer resources. The OS gives and manages these resources, making sure that the game has enough processing power and memory to run smoothly.

Multitasking: The OS lets you do more than one thing at once, so you can play games and use other apps, like voice communication apps or music players, at the same time. The OS makes sure that these apps don’t get in the way of gaming by managing multiple tasks well.

Factors to consider when choosing the gaming operating system?

Choosing an operating system (OS) for gaming depends on a number of things that can affect how you play and how happy you are overall. Here are some important things to think about:

Compatibility with Games: The most important thing is whether or not the games you want to play will work with the OS you choose. Most games are made with Windows in mind, so if you want to play as many games as possible, Windows is usually your best bet. But Linux and macOS are getting better at supporting games thanks to compatibility layers and ports.

Performance: Due to how they are built, different operating systems may handle gaming performance in different ways. In general, Windows is known for its wide range of hardware support and gaming optimization. Linux and macOS, on the other hand, might need more tweaking to reach the same levels of performance.

Hardware Compatibility: Make sure your gaming hardware (graphics card, sound card, and other parts) is compatible with the operating system you choose. Windows is the most compatible because it has the most users, but Linux and macOS are also getting better at supporting more hardware.

Best Operating System for Gaming Comparison Table

The table below compares different operating systems to figure out which one is best for gaming. It looks at things like performance, compatibility, the number of games available, and the ways you can customize it. This thorough analysis helps gamers make an informed choice based on how they like to play games and what kind of gaming hardware they have.

Operating SystemUser InterfaceKernel TypeDeveloperFile SystemPackage ManagerOpen Source
WindowsGUI (Windows)HybridMicrosoftNTFSWindows StoreNo
macOSGUI (Aqua)Hybrid (XNU)Apple Inc.HFS+ (APFS)HomebrewPartial
LinuxCLI/GUI (Various)MonolithicLinux KernelExt4 (Various)APT, YUM, etc.Yes
SolarisCLI/GUI (GNOME)MicrokernelOracleZFSIPSYes
UbuntuGUI (GNOME)MonolithicCanonicalExt4APTYes
Android OSGUI (Android)MonolithicGoogleext4ADBYes
Cisco NX-OSCLI (Cisco)ProprietaryCisco SystemsUnknownN/ANo
SteamOSGUI (Steam)Linux KernelValveExt4SteamYes


Best Operating System for Gaming


  • Largest library of compatible games and software.
  • Extensive hardware and driver support for gaming peripherals.
  • DirectX technology for optimized gaming performance.
  • Integration with popular gaming platforms like Steam and Epic Games Store.
  • Game Mode to prioritize gaming performance.
  • Compatibility with a wide range of gaming controllers.

We will focus on Windows 10 because it is the version of Windows that most people are using right now. In 2023, Windows 8, 7, and XP are pretty much out of date. Microsoft has stopped working on Windows 7 and XP and will no longer release security updates for them. Only early 2023 will see security updates for Windows 8.1. The most recent version, Windows 10, will perpetually receive updates and security patches.

The fact that Windows has been around for more than 35 years contributes to its continued popularity. It is easy to use, works on both low-end and high-end machines, is updated often, and is safe. Because Windows is so popular and has such a large market share, most software companies, including those that make video games, make sure their product is ready for Windows first before putting it out on any other operating system. Still, this is one of the best Operating System for Gaming you can consider now.

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  • Vast majority of games are developed and optimized for Windows.
  • DirectX support for advanced graphics and multimedia.
  • Wide range of gaming peripherals and hardware compatibility.
  • Active support for gaming features and technologies.


  • Security vulnerabilities are more common compared to some other operating systems.
  • Updates can sometimes disrupt gaming experiences.
  • Licensing fees for Windows OS.


Best Operating System for Gaming


  • High-quality graphics and performance on Apple hardware.
  • Support for popular game titles available on macOS.
  • Integration with Game Center for multiplayer and social gaming.
  • Metal graphics technology for optimized graphical performance.
  • Limited library compared to Windows, but growing.

macOS is the second most used operating system. But it doesn’t work with all devices like Windows does. Officially, it can only be used with Apple products. This means that macOS has been carefully and specifically made to work best with Apple hardware. It’s not impossible to install it on a regular PC, but it could slow down, crash, or do other bad things. Overall, this is one of the best Operating System for Gaming you can consider now.

At its core, macOS is a great operating system because it is easy to use, smooth, and straightforward. But that’s not true when it comes to video games. Most AAA games weren’t made specifically for Apple before they came out. The game is instead moved from Windows to macOS. Once they’ve been ported, they’re rarely changed. In fact, many of today’s games never come out for macOS, so it would be hard to say that this is the best operating system for gaming.


  • Excellent user experience and design.
  • Some indie and mainstream games are available for macOS.
  • Good security features compared to Windows.


  • Limited library of games compared to Windows.
  • Graphics and gaming performance might not be as strong as on Windows.
  • Hardware choices for gaming are limited in the Mac lineup.


Best Operating System for Gaming


  • Open-source nature allows for customization and community-driven development.
  • Compatibility with a variety of emulators and compatibility layers for running Windows games.
  • Growing number of native Linux game titles and support from platforms like Steam for Linux.
  • Strong performance on lower-end hardware due to resource efficiency.

Linux is different from its two main competitors in the most important way because it is open-source and completely free. But that’s not all. At its core, Linux is a lot more complicated, and users have a lot more freedom to change how it works. To use these kinds of changes, the user needs to know a little bit about the C programming language. This is how Linux works to carry out commands. For now, this is one of the best Operating System for Gaming you can consider now.

But because Linux is an open-source OS, there are many versions that are much easier to use, like Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Pop!_OS, Manjaro, etc. In the past, there wasn’t much game support for Linux, but that has changed a lot. Linux is getting more and more games, and the operating system itself is updated often to improve gaming performance. You can use Protondb to look up your favorite games and find out which ones work for Linux right now.


  • Growing support for Linux gaming with platforms like Steam and Proton.
  • High level of customization and control over the system.
  • Typically more secure and less susceptible to malware.


  • Limited native game support, although compatibility through Proton/Wine is improving.
  • Drivers and hardware support can be challenging, affecting gaming performance.
  • Requires technical expertise to set up and configure for gaming.


Best Operating System for Gaming


  • Historically used in enterprise environments and not a primary choice for gaming.
  • Limited game compatibility and support compared to other OS options.

Oracle Corporation now owns Solaris, an operating system that was made by Sun Microsystems. Solaris wasn’t made as an operating system for games, but it has been used in different business settings. It runs on the UNIX platform, which is known for being stable and able to grow. Solaris is a solid base for server applications and large-scale computing tasks, but it doesn’t have as much support for games or as good graphics performance as dedicated gaming operating systems do. Overall, this is one of the best Operating System for Gaming you can consider now.


  • Scalability and performance advantages for server-based gaming.
  • Strong security features and robust file system.
  • Suitable for enterprise-level gaming server setups.


  • Not designed primarily for gaming, so limited gaming software support.
  • Steeper learning curve for system administration.
  • Hardware compatibility might be limited.


Best Operating System for Gaming


  • A popular Linux distribution with a focus on user-friendliness.
  • Increasing support for gaming, with a growing library of native Linux games.
  • Compatibility with various software and tools for gaming.

Ubuntu is a popular Linux distribution that has gained a large number of users thanks to how easy it is to use and how much support it gets from the community. Even though Ubuntu isn’t made for gaming in particular, it has a large number of open-source games in its software repositories that can be used for gaming. Overall, this is one of the best Operating System for Gaming you can consider now.

Also, the Steam gaming platform works with Ubuntu, so users can play a wide range of popular games. With varying degrees of success, users of Ubuntu can run some Windows games with the help of the Proton compatibility layer. But compared to gaming-specific operating systems, Ubuntu may sometimes have trouble with compatibility and performance.


  • Wide range of Linux-compatible games and growing Steam support.
  • User-friendly interface and strong community support.
  • Good balance between customization and ease of use.


  • Still fewer games compared to Windows.
  • Graphics drivers and hardware support can be hit or miss.
  • Some compatibility issues with specific games.

Android OS

Best Operating System for Gaming


  • Dominant mobile gaming platform with a massive library of mobile games.
  • Supports a wide range of devices, from smartphones to tablets.
  • Integration with Google Play Store for easy access to games.
  • Ability to stream PC games to Android devices with the right apps/services.

Google made the Android OS, a mobile operating system that is mostly used in smartphones and tablets. Even though mobile gaming is a big part of Android’s ecosystem, it doesn’t offer the same level of gaming experience as operating systems designed specifically for games. The Google Play Store for Android has a huge number of games, from simple ones to more difficult ones.

Devices that run Android OS usually have good gaming performance, and now that cloud gaming services are available, users can play games that use a lot of resources by streaming them. Still, because Android is a general-purpose mobile operating system, it can be optimized and supported for games in different ways. Still, this is one of the best Operating System for Gaming you can consider now.


  • Huge selection of mobile games available through the Google Play Store.
  • Wide range of devices for gaming, from smartphones to tablets.
  • Portability and convenience for gaming on the go.


  • Limited to mobile gaming and emulation for older console games.
  • Not suitable for high-end PC gaming experiences.
  • Touchscreen controls might not be ideal for all game types.

Cisco NX-OS

Best Operating System for Gaming


  • Network operating system designed for Cisco networking equipment.
  • Not designed for gaming and not used as a gaming platform.

Cisco NX-OS is an operating system made for Cisco’s networking hardware, especially the switches in their Nexus series. It is in no way an operating system for games, as its main goal is to manage and provide services for network infrastructure in data centers and enterprise networks. NX-OS is focused on providing features that are important for businesses, like high availability, security, and strong networking. Even though it has nothing to do with games, it shows how different operating systems are in different areas of technology. Thus, this is one of the best Operating System for Gaming you can consider now.


  • Designed for networking hardware,
  • not for gaming.


  • Not suitable for gaming at all, as it’s a network operating system, not a general-purpose OS.


Best Operating System for Gaming


  • Valve’s Linux-based operating system designed for living room gaming.
  • Built to run Steam games on a TV or HTPC setup.
  • Provides a console-like experience and Big Picture Mode for navigation.

SteamOS is an operating system based on Linux that was made by Valve Corporation to bring PC games to the living room. It is based on the Steam gaming platform and has an easy-to-use interface for playing games from the user’s Steam library. SteamOS focuses on a console-like experience by putting a lot of attention on Big Picture Mode and adding support for gamepads.

Even though people were excited when SteamOS was first announced, it hasn’t caught on as much as was expected. Valve is now focusing on Proton, which is a compatibility layer that lets Linux users, including SteamOS users, play more Windows games. Overall, this is one of the best Operating System for Gaming you can consider now.


  • Built for gaming and designed to work seamlessly with Steam and Steam games.
  • Based on Linux, which means it has potential for compatibility with Linux games.
  • Focuses on delivering a living room gaming experience.


  • Limited native game support, although it can run Windows games through Proton.
  • Hardware support can be tricky, as it’s optimized for specific Steam Machines.
  • Valve has shifted focus away from SteamOS in recent years.

Which operating system is the best for gaming?

The best operating system for gaming is usually a matter of personal preference and specific needs.

Compatibility: Most games are made with Windows in mind as the main platform. This means that when you play games on a Windows system, you’ll usually have less trouble with compatibility.

Game Library: Windows has the most games and the most variety. It has both AAA games and smaller games made by independent developers. Many game developers release their games first on Windows.

Performance: Windows tends to be better for gaming because it has been around for so long. DirectX is a set of APIs for handling multimedia tasks on Windows, such as programming games and playing videos. It is well-suited for games.

Driver Support: Companies that make graphics cards and other hardware tend to have better driver support for Windows, which can make games more stable and faster.

Online Gaming Services: Most online gaming services and platforms, like Steam, Epic Games Store, and Origin, are optimized for Windows. This makes sure that downloading, installing, and playing games goes smoothly.

Tips for choosing the right operating system for your needs

Choosing the right operating system (OS) for your needs is a big decision because it affects how you use your computer or other device. Here are some tips to help you choose wisely:

Determine Your Goal: Find out what your device’s main purpose is. Is it for personal use in general, gaming, programming, design, work, or something else?

Getting along: Make sure that the OS works with your hardware. Some operating systems work best with certain kinds of hardware.

Friendly to Users vs. Customizable: Choose whether you want an OS that is simple and easy to use (like macOS) or one that gives you a lot of freedom to change things (like Linux distributions).

Availability of Software: Check to see if the OS can run the software you need. In general, there is more software for Windows and macOS, but some specialized software might work better on Linux.

Safety : Think about the security features of the OS. Linux is known for being safe, but both Windows and macOS have gotten safer over time.


Which operating system is better for gaming?

Put on a show. Windows is one of the best operating systems for gaming in terms of how well it works, and Windows 10 is even better. Windows 10 was made with games in mind, so even the newest and most technically advanced games will run smoothly and reliably on it.

Why Windows is best for gaming?

Windows gaming offers gamers the best value, the best choice, and the best performance Windows gaming offers gamers the best value, the best choice, and the best performance Windows costs less. It’s not a secret that Macs are more expensive than PCs, but the price difference keeps getting bigger as more features are added.

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