Best Google Assistant Commands 2024: unleash efficiency

Key Google Assistant commands for smoother and smarter interactions.

The best google assistant commands has made significant strides in a brief period, offering an array of commands that maximize the capabilities of your Google Home smart speaker. Also, you can use “Hey Google” no matter where you are if you have the Google Assistant app on your phone. At first, Google Assistant only used Google’s powerful search engine to help people find simple information. But over time, it has changed into a tool that can help you simplify and automate many parts of your life.

With the best Google Assistant commands, you can get lost in a world of possibilities. You can easily manage your busy schedule, translate languages, make it easier for your family to talk to each other, find great restaurant suggestions, and test your knowledge with trivia questions. There are also special commands that can be used with Google Home systems to control a wide range of smart home devices. Below we have mentioned the best google assistant commands.

What is Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is a virtual assistant that was made by Google and is mostly used on mobile devices and devices that control your home. Google Assistant, which is based on artificial intelligence, can talk back and forth, unlike Google Now, the company’s previous virtual assistant.

Here are some of the things you can do with Google Assistant:

  • Set alarms and timers
  • Get directions and traffic updates
  • Play music and podcasts
  • Control smart home devices
  • Send text messages and make calls
  • Get answers to your questions
  • Translate languages
  • Create lists and reminders
  • Manage your calendar
  • And much more!

You can wake up Google Assistant by saying “Hey Google” or “OK Google.” Then you can ask it a question or tell it what to do. Google Assistant will do its best to figure out what you want and do it.

Open the Google Assistant app on your Android phone and tap the three dots in the top right corner to turn on Google Assistant. Then, go to “Settings” and make sure that the “Hey Google” switch is turned on.

You can also turn on Google Assistant on your phone by going to Settings > Apps > Google Assistant and making sure the toggle switch next to “Hey Google” is turned on.

How does Google Assistant work?

Google Assistant is a digital assistant that can help you do things like set alarms, play music, and find your way. It uses a mix of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and natural language processing to understand what you want and give you the best answer.

Here are the main steps involved in how Google Assistant works:

  1. You say the wake-up word, for example “Hey Google” or “OK Google”.
  2. Google Assistant’s microphone records your voice and sends it to the cloud.
  3. Google Assistant’s AI and machine learning algorithms analyze your voice to identify the words you speak and the intent of your request.
  4. Google Assistant then uses its knowledge of the world to find the best possible answer to your query.
  5. The answer is then sent back to your device and spoken by Google Assistant’s speech synthesizer.

Google Assistant is always learning and getting better, so the more you use it, the better it will understand what you want and give you answers that are accurate and helpful.

Best Google Assistant Commands

Google Assistant has a lot of useful commands that can make tasks easier and make life more convenient. It can do everything from simple things like set alarms and send texts to more complex things like control smart devices and get directions. Users can ask for jokes, jokes about the weather, or even sports scores. Integration with Google services like Google Calendar and Reminders makes it easy to stay organized. It is useful because it can answer general knowledge questions and translate in real time.

Find Your Phone

Have you lost your Pixel 5a? You can use Google Assistant to find it, even if it fell between the couch cushions or you can’t remember which jacket you put it in. If your Google Home speaker, like the Google Nest Mini, is connected to the internet, you can ask it where your phone is and it will ring your phone. This is one of the best Google Assistant commands because it works even when your phone is on silent or “Do Not Disturb” mode. This makes it easy to find.

Assign Reminders

You could already send yourself reminders, but now you can have Google Assistant remind your partner, kids, or roommates to do things like pick up the dry cleaning, turn on the oven, or take out the trash. Phones, speakers with Google Assistant, and smart displays like the Google Nest Hub Max can all be set to remind you of things.

Assign a new language or dialect

Trying to learn a new language or dialect before going on a business trip? You can improve your language skills with help from Google Assistant. Tap the white software home button at the bottom of the screen until Google Assistant appears. Next, tap the three grey dots at the top right of the pop-up box, then Settings, and then “Adjust settings for this Pixel device.”

From there, tap Assistant Language, go to Language Preferences, and tap Add a Language. From there, you’ll be asked to choose the language and accent you want for Google Assistant, such as French and Canada. You can also give Google an Australian or British accent by choosing “Assistant Voice” in Google Assistant Settings.

Use Your Camera to Identify Your Surroundings

One of the best ways to use Google Assistant is to use your phone’s camera to help translate signs. Just point the camera on your phone at something, and Google Assistant will translate the text in the language of your choice and give you responses that make sense in the context. If you take a picture of a concert sign, Google Assistant will be able to figure out who is playing and give you links to play their songs or buy tickets. Google first put Lens on the Pixel phones, but it is now on other devices as well.

Interpreter Mode

This Google Assistant skill is similar to the translation skill, but it can translate a conversation in real time between 44 different languages. Just say, “Hey Google, be my [insert language] interpreter,” and Google Assistant will show and speak both sides of a conversation between people who speak different languages in real time.

Google’s Interpreter Mode can be used on any Google Home smart display or speaker. Say “Hey, Google, by my French interpreter” to start a conversation in both English and French. Google will instantly translate what you say into French, and it can also translate what your partner says back into English.

Translate Between Languages

Going to a foreign country where you don’t speak the language? This is the best way to get around with Google Assistant. For example, you can ask, “How do you say ‘dinner’ in Spanish?” Google Assistant can translate 188 languages, so you can ask it to translate any word or phrase you want.) The assistant will say the phrase for you in the new language. If you want to hear the phrase again, just say “OK, Google, repeat that,” and Google Assistant will do what you ask.

Get a Motivational Quote

You can do it! Way to go! You can do it! Google Assistant can provide motivational quotes. A good motivational quote can sometimes give you the push you need to keep going. Google Assistant can give you famous quotes to help you take a step back and keep going. Just ask. This Google Assistant skill can also bring you quotes about any subject you want. You could ask for a quote about music or about space.

See if Things Add Up

Google Assistant is a good way to do math. Not everyone can do math in their heads, and there’s no need to if you have Google Assistant nearby. Just say “OK Google, what is 15 times 24?” and it will give you the answer right away. Now, you’ll never have to look around for your phone’s calculator app or a scrap of paper again.

Set a Kitchen Timer

You’re cooking at home for the first time in months, and you and your partner are having a quiet evening. Make sure to set a timer for your baked chicken by telling Google, “OK, set a timer for baked chicken for 2.5 hours.” You can also use the timer for other things, but making dinner is a good fit for this Google Assistant skill. Also, you can set more than one timer and name each one so you know when to take out the side dishes as well.

Send a Text Message

Need to send a friend or loved one a text message to let them know you’ll be late to dinner? No problem. Just say “OK, Google,” then “Send a text message to (the person’s name).” From there, you can tell the person what you want them to say. Then, Google Assistant will ask if you want to send the message or change it.

Basic Google Assistant Commands

Here are some simple ways to use Google Assistant:

  1. “Hey Google” or “OK Google” will get Google Assistant to talk to you.
  2. “What’s the weather going to be like today?” – Find out what the weather is like right now.
  3. “Set a timer for [duration]” means to set a timer for a particular length of time.
  4. “Set an alarm for [time]” tells the computer to set an alarm for a certain time.
  5. “Remind me to do [task] at [time or place]” – Make a reminder for a certain task, place, or time.
  6. “Call [contact name]” means to call a certain person on the phone.
  7. “Send [contact name] a text message that says [message]” – Send a text message with a custom message to a certain contact.

How to Activate Google Assistant?

Follow these steps to turn on Google Assistant:

  1. Ensure you have a compatible device: This could be a smartphone, a tablet, a smart speaker, or a smart display. Note that Google Assistant is already available on some Android devices.
  2. Verify internet connectivity: Make sure your device can connect to the internet.
  3. Activate Google Assistant on Android devices:
    • Press and hold the home button for a while.
    • Alternatively, if voice activation is enabled, say “Hey Google” or “OK Google”.
    • Some devices may require alternative methods, such as squeezing the sides of the phone or pressing a dedicated Google Assistant button.
  4. Activate Google Assistant on iOS devices:
    • Download the Google Assistant app from the App Store and install it on your device.
    • Open the app and sign in using your Google account.
      • Tap the microphone icon within the app to activate Google Assistant.
  5. Complete the setup process:
    • Follow the on-screen instructions provided to finish setting up Google Assistant.
    • Grant permission for Google Assistant to access your device’s microphone and other relevant features.
  6. Start using Google Assistant:
    • Once activated, initiate Google Assistant by saying “Hey Google” or “OK Google”.
    • Follow it with your question or command.


Can Google Assistant send text messages?

Google Assistant can help you send text messages. Just say “Hey Google, send a text message to [contact name] saying [your message]”. Make sure you’ve given Google Assistant the right permissions to access your contacts and send messages.

How do I create a reminder with Google Assistant?

Saying “Hey Google, remind me to [task] at [time or place]” will set a reminder. Replace [task] with the task you want to be reminded of and [time or place] with the exact time or place for the reminder.

Can Google Assistant provide weather updates?

Yes, Google Assistant can tell you about changes in the weather. Just say, “Hey Google, what’s the weather like today?” “Hey Google, do you know if it will rain tomorrow?” and it will tell you what you need to know about the weather.

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