Best Image Downloader Chrome Extensions 2024: top suggestions

Discover the best Chrome extensions for fast and reliable one-click image downloads!

In this digital age, where pictures and videos rule the internet, having a reliable image downloader Chrome extension can make all the difference for people who want to gather, organise, or improve their multimedia experiences. With these extensions, users can easily download high-quality pictures from websites, which makes things easier and faster. The best image downloader Chrome extensions have a wide range of features to meet the needs of all users.

These features include beautiful user interfaces and powerful functions. Some extensions work with any browser and make it easy to download things with just one click. Other extensions offer more advanced customization choices for a more tailored experience. Check out the best picture downloader Chrome extensions by seeing which ones have the best features and are the easiest to use. Also, see how well they work overall. You can’t quickly get and use beautiful pictures from the internet without these apps. Here is a list of the best picture downloader Chrome extensions.

What are Image Downloader Chrome Extensions?

Picture downloader Chrome addons are add-ons for the Google Chrome browser that make it easy to download pictures from websites. Usually, these add-ons have an easy-to-use interface and extra features that let users download a lot of pictures at once, sort them by resolution, and easily find what they’re looking for. It is easy to start downloading images with just a few clicks, which makes it a useful tool for saving or collecting pictures found online. The well-known ones are “Bulk Image Downloader” and “Image Downloader.”

Benefits of Using Image Downloader Chrome Extensions

Download picture People who often need to grab pictures from the internet can get a lot out of Chrome extensions. Here are some good things:

Saving time: It takes a lot of time to download each picture by hand, but image downloader apps let users download many pictures at once.

Downloading in groups: A lot of image downloader extensions let users grab more than one picture at the same time. This is especially helpful when working with a lot of pictures, like from an image album or a website with lots of pictures.

How easy it is to use: Most of the time, these apps are made to be simple and easy to use. Users can usually start the download with just a few clicks, so it can be used by people with different levels of computer knowledge.

Options for customization: Some extensions have customization options that let users pick which pictures to download, where to download them, and even add filters to narrow down their choices.

Integration with tools in browsers: Most image downloader apps work with Chrome without any problems; they show up as icons or menu items in the browser’s toolbar. In this way, they are easy to get to while looking.

Best Image Downloader Chrome Extensions Comparison Table

Download picture Chrome apps make it easier to save pictures from websites. Most of the time, these tools have one-click solutions that make it easy to download and organise photos. They make things easier for users by letting them download multiple files at once, make changes, and easily work with browsers so that managing images is quick and easy.

FeatureImageyeFireShotLodaifyImage DownloaderUnsplash
PurposeImage editingScreenshotsImage optimizationBulk image downloadingStock photos
PlatformOnlineBrowser extensionWeb-basedBrowser extensionOnline
CostFree with options for premium featuresFree with options for premium featuresFreeFreeFree
Image EditingYesBasic annotationYesNoNo
Screenshot CaptureNoYesNoNoNo
Bulk DownloadNoNoNoYesNo


Best image downloader Chrome extensions


Instant Image Recognition
Seamless Object Detection
User-friendly Interface
Real-time Image Analysis

Imageye is the best Chrome extension for finding and downloading all the pictures on a page. It’s easy to use and doesn’t take up much space. This is an add-on for Chrome that lets you find, look through, and download all the pictures on a website. A number of filters can be used on the pictures before they are downloaded. Still, it is one of the best image downloader Chrome extensions that you can consider.

Visit Website


Intuitive user interface.
Robust image search capabilities.
Efficient organization and categorization of images.


Limited advanced editing features.
May require a learning curve for some users.


Best image downloader Chrome extensions


Capture Full Webpage Screenshots
Annotate and Edit Screenshots
Save Screenshots in Various Formats
Share Screenshots Easily

FireShot is a screenshot tool, but that could be just what you need if you can’t directly download something with the other apps. You can choose to record only what’s visible in your browser window, full-page views of a website, or certain places. The files that are made can be in PDF, JPEG, PNG, GIF, or any other type. You can save many URLs at once by entering a list of them or selecting to save all open tabs. Overall, it is one of the best image downloader Chrome extensions that you can consider.


Easy and quick screenshot capture.
Powerful editing tools for annotations.
Support for capturing entire web pages.


Some advanced features may be available only in the premium version.
Occasional compatibility issues with certain websites.


Best image downloader Chrome extensions


Streamlined File Uploads
Quick and Easy Sharing
User-Controlled Privacy Settings
Multi-platform Accessibility

Lodaify is a one-of-a-kind Chrome application that lets you download pictures. It lets you download pictures and also shows you the colour codes that were used. This will help people who like to create and need to find colour codes often.

The add-ons also have an image downloader that can find the smallest icons and open them in a new tab. The UI is clean, and it’s easy to see the download icon when you hover over a picture. This is the best image downloader Chrome extensions that you can consider.


Simplifies and automates certain file management tasks.
User-friendly interface.
Quick and efficient in bulk operations.


Limited customization options for advanced users.
May not support all file types.

Image Downloader

Best image downloader Chrome extensions


Batch Download Images
Customizable Download Settings
Browser Integration for Effortless Use
High Download Speeds

Image Downloader is a simple but useful Chrome add-on that lets you grab all the pictures on a website with just one click. You can sort pictures by width, height, or URL, and you can download several pictures at once. One million people have used this free and open-source Chrome picture downloader and trust it. Picture downloader lets you get a lot of different picture types from a website, including JPG, PNG, BMP, SVG, and WebP. Overall, this is one of the best image downloader Chrome extensions.


Fast and straightforward image downloading.
Supports batch downloading of images.
Compatible with various websites.


Limited to image downloads only.
May not work well with some dynamically loaded content.


Best image downloader Chrome extensions


Vast Collection of High-Quality Images
Royalty-free and Creative Commons Licensing
User-friendly Search and Browsing
Curated Collections for Inspiration

Another famous website and app called Unsplash has a lot of free, high-quality pictures (mostly photos) that you can use as wallpaper. Using the Chrome extension, you can search Unsplash and add pictures without having to go back to the site and download each one every time. To that extent, it’s very limited, but the good material is what makes it worth it. Check out more of an artist by clicking on their name. Currently, this is one of the best image downloader Chrome extensions.


High-quality, royalty-free images.
Vast and diverse image collection.
User-friendly platform for both creators and consumers.


Limited customization options for image sizes.
The search algorithm may not always surface the most relevant results.

How to Choose the Right Image Downloader Chrome Extension for Your Needs

Which image downloader Chrome extension you choose will rely on your needs and preferences. When making your choice, here are some things to think about:

Ratings and reviews from users: Read reviews and see scores from other users in the Chrome Web Store. You can learn about how other people have used a certain application by doing this.

What it has: Check out the benefits that meet your needs. Different image downloader apps have different features, like the ability to download multiple images at once, change the settings for downloading, and only download images from certain websites.

Compatible with: Make sure that the app works with the Chrome version you have. Extensions are often updated, so make sure that the one you pick is supported and constantly worked on.

Easy to Use: Pick an extension whose layout is easy to use. The extension should work with your viewing experience without getting in the way, and downloading pictures should be easy.

Websites That Work: There are picture downloader extensions that work on a lot of websites and others that may only work on a few. Make sure that the app works with the image-downloading sites that you use a lot.


What is the best browser to download images?

An image downloader for Chrome is a smart option if you use that browser. You can try Microsoft Edge Image Downloader if you use Edge.

How do I download a JPEG from Chrome?

Choose Save image as Type > Save as X (where X can be JPG, PNG, or WebP) with a right-click on the image. It is now able to save an image in Chrome in the JPG format.

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