Best iMovie Keyboard Shortcuts 2024: for video editing software

iMovie is a free video editing application from Apple for the Mac, iPhone and iPad.

The best apple iMovie keyboard shortcuts is a professional video editing tool that offers you the flexibility to enhance your videos according to your preferences. It lets you add the music and sound effects of your choice to your videos. You can use keyboard shortcuts to make your work in iMovie go faster. Common commands can be done quickly and easily with these shortcuts. You can also get to shortcut menus by holding down the Control key and clicking on items.

These give you a list of commands that can be used in certain situations in the iMovie window. With the following list of iMovie shortcuts for Mac, you can quickly add the music and sound effects you want to your videos. Please use the link given to download the PDF version of the list of iMovie shortcuts for Mac users. This long list of shortcuts is sure to come in very handy. Below we have mentioned the best apple iMovie keyboard shortcuts.

Why Keyboard Shortcuts are Important in iMovie?

In iMovie, keyboard shortcuts are important for more than one reason. Here are some important things to write about:

Increased Efficiency: Using keyboard shortcuts makes it faster and easier to do different things in iMovie. Instead of going through menus or clicking on multiple options, keyboard shortcuts let you do things quickly and easily without having to go through menus or click on multiple options.

Streamlined Workflow: Keyboard shortcuts can help you speed up your work by getting rid of mouse movements and clicks you don’t need. By learning and using the shortcuts, you can easily move between iMovie’s features, which makes the editing process faster and easier.

Improved Productivity: Time is often of the essence when working on video editing projects. Keyboard shortcuts can help you get a lot more done by making it faster to do things like cut clips, split videos, add transitions, or change the volume. You can finish projects faster and meet deadlines better if you can get to these functions more quickly.

Best iMovie Keyboard Shortcuts

Apple’s iMovie is a popular piece of software for editing videos. It has a number of keyboard shortcuts that make editing faster and easier. Some of the best keyboard shortcuts for iMovie are Command+B to split a clip, Command+Z to undo an action, Command+S to save your project, Command+C to copy a selection, Command+V to paste a selection, and Command+D to copy a clip. With these shortcuts and others that come with iMovie, users can speed up the editing process and get more done overall.

General Shortcuts:

Command + NCreate a new project
Command + OOpen an existing project
Command + SSave the current project
Command + ZUndo the last action
Command + Shift + ZRedo the last action
Command + QQuit iMovie
Command + IImport media
SpacebarPlay/pause the project
LPlay the project in reverse
KPause the playback
JPlay the project at a slower speed
KPlay the project at normal speed
LPlay the project at a faster speed
Command + PeriodStop the playback
Command + TCreate a new movie timeline
Command + WClose the current project

Editing Shortcuts:

Command + ASelect all
Command + XCut the selected clip(s)
Command + CCopy the selected clip(s)
Command + VPaste the copied or cut clip(s)
Command + DDuplicate the selected clip(s)
DeleteDelete the selected clip(s)
Option + DeleteDelete the selected clip(s) and close gaps
Command + ZUndo the last action
Command + Shift + ZRedo the last action
Command + Up ArrowMove the selected clip(s) up one track
Command + Down ArrowMove the selected clip(s) down one track
Command + Left ArrowMove the selected clip(s) to the left
Command + Right ArrowMove the selected clip(s) to the right
Command + BSplit the selected clip at the playhead position
Command + JTrim the selected clip to the playhead position
Command + Shift + RTrim the selected clip to the project size
Option + Command + TTrim the selected clip to the timeline size
Command + Shift + MAdd a marker at the playhead position
Option + Command + MAdd a marker to the selected clip(s)
Command + Option + DShow/hide the video overlay
Command + Option + SShow/hide the audio overlay
Command + Up ArrowScroll up
Command + Down ArrowScroll down
Command + Left ArrowScroll left
Command + Right ArrowScroll right
Option + Command + Up ArrowScroll to the beginning of the project
Option + Command + Down ArrowScroll to the end of the project
Option + Command + Left ArrowScroll to the previous edit point
Option + Command + Right ArrowScroll to the next edit point
Option + Command + Page UpScroll to the previous transition
Option + Command + Page DownScroll to the next transition

Timeline Navigation Shortcuts:

Left ArrowMove Playhead Left
Right ArrowMove Playhead Right
Up ArrowMove Playhead to Previous Edit Point
Down ArrowMove Playhead to Next Edit Point
Command + Up ArrowScroll Timeline Up
Command + Down ArrowScroll Timeline Down
Shift + Scroll WheelScroll Timeline Horizontally
Command + RShow/Hide Range Selection
Command + PShow/Hide Precision Editor

Audio Shortcuts:

Command + Option + AShow/Hide Audio Skimmers
Command + Option + SSolo Selected Clip
Command + Option + MMute Selected Clip
Command + Option + GGroup Selected Clips
Command + Option + UUngroup Selected Clips
Command + Option + LLock/Unlock Audio Clip
Command + Option + KAdjust Clip Volume
Command + Option + CCopy Audio Envelope Points
Command + Option + VPaste Audio Envelope Points

Best imovie Keyboard Shortcuts for Different Platforms

Apple’s iMovie is powerful software for editing videos. It has many keyboard shortcuts that make it easier to use on different platforms. On a Mac, the shortcuts Command+B to split clips, Command+C to copy selected clips, and Command+V to paste them are often used. Users of Windows can do the same things by pressing Ctrl+B, Ctrl+C, and Ctrl+V. These and many other shortcuts speed up the editing process and make it easy to move around in iMovie, making it a great choice for people who make videos on different platforms.

iMovie Keyboard Shortcuts for macOS

Command + ZUndo
Command + Shift + ZRedo
Command + XCut
Command + CCopy
Command + VPaste
Command + ASelect All
Return/EnterStart/Stop recording
Option + Command + ZRemove Clip
Option + Command + XDelete Selection
Option + Command + CCopy Selection
Option + Command + VPaste Selection
Option + Command + BSplit Clip at Playhead
Option + Command + JJoin Clips at Playhead
Option + Command + GCreate Clip
Option + Command + MMute Clip
Option + Command + RDetach Audio
Option + Command + TAdd to Timeline
Option + Command + YShow/Hide Timeline Viewer
Option + Command + 1Fit to Window
Option + Command + 2Actual Size
Option + Command + 3Zoom In
Option + Command + 4Zoom Out
Option + Command + +Increase Audio Volume
Option + Command + –Decrease Audio Volume
Option + Command + FFull Screen

iMovie Keyboard Shortcuts for iOS/iPadOS

Two-finger tapPlay/Pause
Double-tapStart/Stop recording
PinchZoom in/out
Drag and dropMove clips on the timeline
Hold and dragTrimming a clip
Hold and drag with two fingersSplit a clip
Tap and holdReveal the magnifying glass for precision control

How to Customize Keyboard Shortcuts in iMovie?

Follow these steps to change the keyboard shortcuts in iMovie:

  1. Start iMovie: On your Mac, open the iMovie app.
  2. Click on “iMovie” in the menu bar at the top of your screen to get to the preferences. From the menu that drops down, choose “Preferences.”
  3. Open Shortcuts on the Keyboard: Click on the “Keyboard” tab in the Preferences window.
  4. Customize Shortcuts: You’ll see a list of commands and the keyboard shortcuts that go with them. Find the command you want to change and click on it. This will let you change the shortcut.
  5. Once you choose a command, a text field will appear next to it so you can edit the shortcut. Click on the text box and then press the keys you want to use as the new shortcut. Make sure that the keys you pick aren’t already used for something else.
  6. Apply Changes: Click “Apply Changes” after entering the new shortcut to save your changes.
  7. Repeat for Other Shortcuts: If you want to change more shortcuts, repeat steps 4 through 6 for each command.
  8. Reset to Defaults: Click the “Restore Defaults” button at the bottom of the Preferences window to bring back the default keyboard shortcuts.
  9. Close Preferences: Close the Preferences window when you’re done making changes to the keyboard shortcuts.
  10. Test the Shortcuts: Open a project in iMovie and use your new keyboard shortcuts to make sure they work the way you want them to.


What is Alt J shortcuts?

With the keyboard shortcut Alt+J, you can change how text is aligned in a file. Alt-J is another band whose name comes from a short cut on an Apple computer that was used to make the Greek letter delta ().

How to zoom in on iMovie?

Open a movie project in the iMovie app on your iPhone. Tap a video clip in the timeline to choose it. Tap the Zoom Control button in the viewer to set where in the clip you want to see. Pinch to zoom in or out, and then drag the image in the viewer to frame it the way you want.

What is Alt F9?

With the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+F9, you can recalculate all of the formulas in your Excel worksheet. This means that if you change any of your data or formulas, all the calculations in your worksheet will be updated when you press this shortcut.

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