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Mobile music production apps have long been considered gimmicks for on-the-go enjoyment, but not necessarily serious platforms for professional musicians. However, that is beginning to change. More and more apps are looking to go one step further by offering software that addresses the real needs of artists outside of the studio. These programs allow customers to get song ideas, create better track concepts and demos, sequence beats on the fly, use the latest synth sounds, and more.

Here we take a look at the best iPhone, iPad and Android apps for amateur and professional musicians, programs that are worth your money and storage space, require no external hardware and offer really useful tools. Most of these apps allow you to export sounds or MIDI files, so your ideas can easily be transferred from a mobile device to good DAW programs like Pro Tools or Logic. Some of the features below may seem intimidating to newbies, but don’t worry, all of these apps offer a low barrier to entry when it comes to creating and recording music.

Here is the list of the best music making apps for iOS

wave of blocks

It is beautifully designed and focused on building musical ideas extremely fast. Essentially, Blocs Wave is a loop manager/browser that aims to quickly discover similar sounds and build ideas based on tempo and key set, or you can search by genre. Play with touch waveforms and create loops in real time with your voice, the instrument of your choice, onboard sounds or Auv3 plug-ins via Audiobus.

The addition of the loop start marker allows you to change the start time of a sample and create some cool rhythmic variations. Blocs Wave’s looping capabilities alone are powerful enough to create an ensemble from live loops, in combination with Launchpad, Groovebox or Circuit to input and control transport functions. The Pro Bundle greatly opens up the creation possibilities, with included effects like equalization, sample slicing, and audio import to use your own melodies and drum tracks recorded from other applications or sound sources.

Moog Filatron

We’ve all heard of the legendary Moog, right? Well, if you haven’t already, they are synthesizer pioneers. This app gives you the ability to play a sound through a virtual version of your beloved Moog filter that we all love. You can use modulation, delay, and overdrive to really distort your sound. You input sound using a mic/line input, a sampler, or even its built-in oscillator.

Even if you’re not too serious and just want to mess around, this app is a lot of fun to play. You can basically change your voice to sound like something else entirely, if you get the FX right. Audio quality is fine at 16-bit, 44.1kHz and you can record samples up to 10MB. It’s also relatively cheap, so even if you want to buy it to have it, you won’t be disappointed.

Amp Kit

AmpKit is a guitar amp simulator. He has thirty pedals and thirty guitar amps. The pedal layout is based on real pedal models and you can use an adapter to connect your guitar to the unit. The app contains 25 cabinets and eight microphones.

It features good recording capabilities with non-destructive mixing and reamping qualities. In this app, tracks can also be shared via cloud storage. It also works with all guitar stand and headphone interfaces. Latency is also ultra-low and undetectable.

audio bus

With Audio Bus, you can route compatible apps together within the overall AB app. Since it runs as a separate app, you’re apparently doing the routing outside of your DAW.

So it might not seem as intuitive to those DAW users who are used to doing everything within their chosen sequencer, but using AB is straightforward and gives you a greater sense of the big picture.

garage band

Before you scour the App Store, check out one of the best music making apps for iPhone and iPad that you also get for free: Apple’s GarageBand. The Mac version has been used by artists such as Rihanna, Justice and Oasis as part of their creative process. It’s now available for free, in the palm of your hand, and makes great use of the touch screen.

The application contains a large number of virtual instruments. You’ll find everything from drums and drum machines to string instruments like violins, virtual pianos and keyboards. It even has virtual amps for use with real guitars. With these tools and the sequencer you can create great sounding songs in no time. This is arguably the best DAW for iPad, and it’s free to boot.

vintage piano

The makers of the 808 subwoofer, Synth One and Audio Tune, have released a retro, vintage instrument with a sampled piano. Audiokit is an open source project run by volunteers who give free codes and apps to kids. Retro piano works independently and as a plugin for Auv3.

500 MB of samples are included compressed into 50 MB to save space. There are even presets from the genius DAFingaz. The controls consist of: a master volume, a mixer to adjust the piano to CS80 ratio, vinyl sound level, pitch, depth and warble speed, release, tune, tremolo, bitcrush and reverb.


Some music creation apps aim to provide as many features as possible. Figure takes a different approach, aiming to be a simple musical toy that can produce surprisingly good results. Restrictions and constraints can make you more creative The figure is the test. You get a drum machine, lead synth, and bass synth.

There are a multitude of instruments for each element, which you can mix and match. Record synth parts by tapping, holding, and sliding the XY pads. Adjust the scale range, change the key, and refine the sound until you’re satisfied.

Moog Animoog

Animoog is not a standard synth emulator, but it contains the best parts of the classic Moog sound behind the new UI sensibilities. It allows you to create sounds with a lot of movement and control them all in real time, all with that Moog quality as a sound base. At one time it was free, but it’s still highly recommended.

Roland’s Zenbeats

Roland’s Zenbeats app has nine modules. These modules include the TR707, TR808 and TR909 kits. It also has customizable color schemes, ‘Ableton’ link support, and cloud support.

The features of this application also provide support for MPE. The app offers Bluetooth MIDI, Auv3 support and is also cross-platform. Zenbeats lets you quickly create beats and record tracks.


The only platform listed without a free version, Cubasis works on iPhone and iPad. It offers a full mixer with level meters and zooms, multi-layer audio, and allows you to rearrange inserts.

Designed to be quick to learn and easy to use, Cubasis allows for the sequencing of multiple sounds and a host of useful features. It is considered as the best DAW for iPad.

Steinberg Cubasis

Steinberg’s Cubase is a very popular digital audio workstation among music producers. Here is your version of Cubase in the form of an application. For Cubasis, it is another super app that offers you tons of features. It has unlimited audio/MIDI tracks, 24 assignable inputs and outputs, high-quality resolution up to 24-bit/96 kHz, mixer with built-in audio, MIDI, and FX loops, a sample and key editor, and more.

Honestly, the list goes on, and although it is a bit more powerful than GarageBand, we had to put it in second place because of its price, it is one of the most expensive apps when it comes to making music, but you have to realize that. why.

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