Best Job Portals in India 2024: for Your Career Growth

There are a number of the best job portals in India including,, Linkedin, Google Jobs, Glassdoor etc.

Each and every person in the world needs a job to stay alive. In the same way, companies can’t work without employees. This means that people looking for work and businesses depend on each other. People looking for work depend on businesses for money, and businesses depend on people looking for work to make money and run their businesses better. But neither the company nor the people looking for work depend on old-fashioned ways of posting jobs or finding work. Digitalization has changed how people are hired and how people look for work. Most people in India hire through best Job Portals in India.

These job boards are used by almost all businesses and people looking for work to post jobs or find new ones. Some software, like tracking apps, onboarding software, and so on, can also speed up the process. Employees are what keep a business going. Job portals are very important for companies to keep this lifeline going. Recruiters and HR managers post job openings on the best job boards, screen applications, make short lists of qualified candidates, and then bring the best ones to the interviews.

In some ways, job portals have made it easier to find these kinds of candidates, but they also make things harder when too many applications that aren’t right come in for screening. There are so many job portals now that they can be hard for recruiters to choose from. This is because there are so many job search sites in India, so picking the best job portals is very important.

What are Job Portals?

Job portals, which are also called job boards or job search websites, are websites that help people looking for work connect with employers. These websites act as digital markets where companies can post job openings and people looking for work can look for these openings and apply for them.

Job boards usually have many useful features and tools, like advanced search filters, the ability to upload your resume, job alerts, and sometimes career resources like how to make your resume stand out or how to do well in an interview. Indeed, LinkedIn, Monster, Glassdoor, and many others are well-known job boards. Each one focuses on a different industry, region, or type of job.

Benefits of using job portals in India

India’s job portals are helpful for both job seekers and employers in a number of ways:

???? Access to a Lot of Jobs: Job portals give you access to a huge number of job openings in a lot of different industries, locations, and levels of experience, which makes it easier to find a good job.

???? Ease: People looking for work can search for jobs, apply online, and upload their resumes from their homes or smartphones. This makes the job search process easier and faster.

???? Customized Job Alerts: A lot of job boards have job alert features that let users know when new jobs are posted that match their preferences and qualifications. This saves them time and effort.

???? Resume Visibility: People looking for work can make and upload resumes, which lets potential employers and recruiters who are actively looking for candidates see them.

???? Opportunities for Research: Job portals with detailed job descriptions and company profiles let people look into employers, which helps them choose where to apply.

Best Job Portals in India Comparison Table

In India, job portals have changed the way that people looking for work and people hiring work connect. Sites like, Monster India, and LinkedIn India have a huge number of job listings, tools for making resumes, and chances to network. A lot of people depend on them to make the job search process easier and connect people with jobs.

AspectNaukri.comMonster IndiaFreshersworldLinkedInGlassdoor
Job ListingsExtensiveExtensiveLimited (Freshers)ExtensiveLimited
User BaseLargeLargeLargeExtremely LargeLarge
FocusGeneralGeneralFreshersProfessionalCompany Reviews
Price for EmployersSubscription-basedSubscription-basedSubscription-basedSubscription-basedSubscription-based
Price for Job SeekersFree with PremiumFree with PremiumFreeFree with PremiumFree
Special FeaturesAI Matching, AlertsJob Alerts, FiltersFresher Job PortalProfessional NetworkCompany Reviews

Best Job Portals in India


  • Extensive job listings across various industries and locations.
  • Advanced search filters for tailored job searches.
  • Resume builder and profile enhancement tools.
  • Company reviews and ratings.

Indian job site is one of the oldest and best ones. Naukri changed the way people looked for jobs in 1987, and every day it helps millions of Indians find work. The portal not only lists jobs and makes them easy to find with filters, but it also gives job seekers information on the newest trends, career advice, the best companies that are hiring right now, and interview questions. has a huge database of professionals because it is so popular. This makes it easy for recruiters who need to fill a lot of jobs. Still, it is one of the best Job Portals in India that you can consider.

Visit Website


  • Extensive job listings from various industries.
  • Advanced search filters for tailored job searches.
  • Resume builder and professional networking features.


  • Premium services can be expensive.
  • Frequent emails and calls from recruiters can be overwhelming.

Monster India

Best Job Portals in India


  • Large database of job openings and company profiles.
  • Customized job alerts and notifications.
  • Resume services and career advice.
  • Robust search and filter options.

Another well-known and old job search website in India is Monster. They don’t just post jobs; they also have a detailed blog section where you can find helpful tips for job searches and interviews. Because it has a search filter, it can help someone narrow down their job search.

People who like to apply for jobs on the go can use the site on their phone or on the web. Monster India offers more than just the usual features. They also have different resume services. This is the most best Job Portals in India that you can consider.


  • Wide range of job postings.
  • Resume upload and creation tools.
  • Helpful career resources and articles.


  • User interface could be more user-friendly.
  • Less prominent than some other job portals.


Best Job Portals in India


  • Specialized in entry-level and freshers’ job opportunities.
  • Government job listings and exam notifications.
  • Internship listings and placement assistance.
  • Career guidance and articles for beginners.

As the name suggests, Freshersworld is a place for recent college graduates and people who have never had a job before. However, the platform does more than just help people find jobs. It also helps applicants improve their skills through specific programs. Freshersworld is a website that helps people find jobs. It lists both private and public jobs. On Freshers World, recruiters can post job openings for free. If they like it, they can switch to the premium plan. Overall, this is one of the best Job Portals in India.


  • Focused on entry-level and fresh graduate jobs.
  • Access to internship opportunities.
  • Free registration for job seekers.


  • Limited job listings for experienced professionals.
  • Not as comprehensive for mid-career professionals.


Best Job Portals in India


  • Professional networking platform with job listings.
  • Profile building and networking opportunities.
  • Industry insights and company pages.
  • Skill endorsements and recommendations.

LinkedIn is without a doubt one of the best places to find jobs and network. Everyone can find relevant job opportunities on this platform, whether you are a student, a middle-aged person, or an older professional looking for a full-time job or short-term work. Most recruiters are also on LinkedIn, so you can easily use it to show off your accomplishments, interests, qualifications, and skills in an interesting way to get employers’ attention. Currently, this is one of the best Job Portals in India.


  • Professional networking opportunities.
  • Company research and insights.
  • Premium features for job seekers.


  • Not solely dedicated to job searches.
  • Limited job postings compared to specialized job portals.


Best Job Portals in India


  • Job listings along with company reviews and ratings.
  • Salary information and employee insights.
  • Interview experiences and interview questions.
  • Company culture and benefits information.

This job board built its reputation from the ground up by letting current and former employees write reviews about the company. Over time, it went from listing exact salaries for jobs to letting candidates post questions they were asked during job interviews. Along with that came the ability to list job openings.

The Glassdoor online job board is one of the best and most well-known among young people, especially college students looking for internships and recent college graduates looking for entry-level jobs. Overall, this is one of the best Job Portals in India you can suggest you friends.


  • Company reviews and ratings.
  • Salary insights and employee feedback.
  • Job listings and interview experiences.


  • Smaller job listing database compared to others.
  • May require signing up for an account to access some features.

How to choose the right job portal for you

It is very important to pick the right job portal for your job search or hiring needs. To help you make an informed choice, here is a step-by-step guide:

???? Write down your goals: Figure out what your specific goals are, whether you’re a job seeker looking for a new opportunity or a business owner looking to fill open positions.

????️ Think about your location and industry: Some job boards focus on certain industries or areas. Pick one that fits with the job you want or the industry you work in.

???? Check out the Portal’s Reputation: Find out how well-known and trustworthy the job portal is. Take a look at the reviews, ratings, and comments left by users and employers.

????️ Things and Tools: Take a look at the portal’s features and tools. Look for things that will make your experience better, like advanced search filters, resume builders, job alerts, and mobile apps.

????️ The user interface and the experience: Check to see how easy it is to use the portal’s interface. A platform that is easy to use can save you time and stress as you look for a job or hire someone.


Is Naukri com successful?

Since its start in 1997, has grown steadily and continuously, beating its competitors in every way. Based on a similar web, the site gets more than 70% of all the traffic.

Is Indeed the best job site?

Over 300 million people visit it every month, and almost 10 new job listings are added every second, making it the biggest job site in the world.

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