Best Local Street Food to Try in Singapore

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It’s no big secret that Singapore is a gourmet’s paradise. However, although Singapore is world famous for its famous chilli crabs, these crustaceans rarely end up on the plate of a regular Singaporean lunch or dinner due to their high price. Street food in Singapore offers everything from sweet snacks to savory treats to please the palate and awaken the foodie in you. You are much more likely to find arroz con pollo and a host of vibrant, delicious and affordable street vendors. Known for its melting pot of Chinese, Malay and Indian cultures, cheap street food has flourished in the “little red dot” since the 19th century, when Singapore flourished as a transshipment hub.

At the time, the prospect of a cash-strapped business enticed many to start selling street food rather than pursue other employment opportunities. Due to rapid urbanization and the need to regulate the large number of street vendors, the government began establishing markets with dedicated street food centers or outdoor food complexes in the early 1970s. Centers, which offer a variety of permanent food stalls with shared tables and seating, are scattered throughout the city and are especially numerous in the government-built housing estates. But while hawker centers can be found throughout the city, street food is also available in air-conditioned open-air cafes, canteens, and food courts.

Here is the list of the best local street food to try in Singapore

Dian Xin

You will never be short of good food in Singapore thanks to the world famous and universally loved dim sum. And while this cuisine is actually inspired by Hong Kong and Shanghai, the diversity of Merlion Land leaves you wanting more, which is why you should try them here. Some of the popular dim sum dishes you can enjoy are BBQ Pork Buns, Xiao Long Bao, Siew Mai, and Chee Cheong Fun.

frog porridge

Frog porridge is one of the cleanest dishes you will ever eat and it is far from bothering tourists. The frogs are marinated in soybeans, spring onions, and wine, with hot chili and milder ginger variations being common. Cooked well, frog meat is juicy, sweet, and incredibly tender. Rumors that it tastes just like chicken may be exaggerated, but there are some similarities. The accompanying porridge is sticky but light. It often comes with a chive sauce at most street vendors.

Hainan Chicken Rice

A popular street food dish in Singapore, Hainanese Chicken Rice is most often considered the national dish of this amazing city. The dish is prepared by first blanching the chicken, which is then subjected to a very cold ice bath by submerging it in a bowl. After slicing, the chicken is cooked to have a layer of tender meat with a thin layer of fat, dyed and curdled. The rice for the dish is cooked in chicken fat, chicken broth, ginger, garlic, and pandan leaves to give it a rich aromatic flavor.

Chicken rice

It consists of succulent poached chicken, white rice seasoned with garlic, soy, and pandan, and is served with a spicy chili sauce and pickles to cool the taste buds. A favorite of Singaporeans for generations, the dish originally hails from Hainan, a small island in southern China, and is an adaptation of Wenchang chicken. It was brought to Singapore by immigrants and slowly adapted over time to become the country’s national dish. While any Singaporean you ask will have a different opinion on which street vendor makes the best chicken rice, we can’t pass up the Tian Tian Chicken Rice at the Maxwell Food Centre. Gordon Ramsey and the late Anthony Bourdain were also fans, so you know you’re in good hands here.

spicy crab

Chili crab is listed by CNN Go as the 35th most delicious dish in the world. This Singapore street food is a deep-fried crustacean dish dipped in spicy, sweet and delicious tomato sauces. Chili crabs are served alongside fried buns known as mantou. Chili crabs are a staple of Singapore and also a must for seafood enthusiasts visiting Lion City. There are two ways to prepare crab throughout the city: one is cooked with a spicy sweet tomato and chili sauce, and the other uses black pepper sauce for spicier flavors.

Hokkien Mee Prawn

If Singapore noodles have been your favorite for a long time, you can’t miss the famous Hokkien Mee if you’re on vacation in the country. Unlike the usual ones you might have had before, the Hokkien Prawn Mee is a mix of stir-fried egg noodles and rice noodles with shrimp, stir-fried pork fat, fish cakes, and squid. So you can try many varieties at once.

Kaya Toast and Soft-Boiled Eggs

This is without a doubt one of the best dishes to try in Singapore. The bread is lightly toasted and covered with coconut and egg kaya. Of course, there are different variants of this dish in the city. Staying in a boutique hotel located in the center of Singapore gives you the opportunity to visit the main food stalls and discover the true flavors of the country. Located in the heart of the city, hotels like The Scarlet Singapore are certainly very popular.

Bah Kut Teh

Bah Kut Teh has long been one of the most popular street foods in Singapore. It is also one of the most mythologized. There are many stories about how it was cobbled together by a poor cook who was trying to use his meager resources to feed a starving beggar. Some say its name comes from its brown, tea-like appearance, others from oolong tea served to thin the fat. It consists of succulent pork ribs simmered for hours in a rich herb broth. The soup is very complex and requires the right amounts of garlic, star anise, cinnamon, cloves, fennel, and dang gui for the best flavor.

Nasi Lemak

Nasi lemak is a very versatile cuisine and a dish that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. The rice is steamed with coconut cream for a sweet flavor, then wrapped in banana leaves and served with ikan bilis (fried anchovies), peanuts, eggs, and sambal (chili paste). However, this traditional Singapore food has become so famous that you can also find many additional ingredients such as chicken legs and beef.

sambal stripe

The ray was considered a cheap and bad-tasting fish. Then someone from the local Malay community had a novel idea: spread it with spicy sambal sauce. The resulting combination is a street food revelation. The fish is grilled on a banana leaf, which preserves its natural flavors. This is then spread with sambal, a mixture of chillies, belacan, shallots, and spices. It is often finished with a pot of cincalok and a splash of calamansi juice. Ideally, the fish should have a crisp exterior that splits open to reveal a moist interior.

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