Best Location-Based Marketing Software 2024: location is key

Choosing the Right Location-Based Software for You.

Modern location-based marketing software has brought the ever-expanding goal of precise and customised consumer engagement to a new height in the dynamic field of digital marketing. These platforms enable marketers to create hyper-localized campaigns that go beyond conventional boundaries by integrating with mobile devices with ease. The best location-based marketing software uses advanced algorithms to analyse customer behaviour, preferences, and real-time location data, going beyond simple proximity triggers.

As the digital landscape evolves, location-based marketing software and cutting-edge technology come together to become an indispensable tool for businesses trying to engage their target market at the right time and place. Below, we have mentioned the best location-based marketing software.

What is Location-Based Marketing (LBM)?

Location-Based Marketing (LBM) is a marketing tactic that makes use of a customer’s geographic location to offer tailored and relevant content or adverts. This strategy frequently makes use of GPS-enabled mobile devices to deliver pertinent messages, offers, or suggestions based on the user’s present location. LBM seeks to increase the likelihood of engagement by customising content to the unique context and needs of people in a given geographic area, thereby improving the efficacy of marketing initiatives.

Benefits of Using LBM Software for Businesses

Software known as LBM (Location-Based Marketing) is made to use geographic location data to target users in a particular area with promotions and marketing messages. The following are a few advantages of LBM software for companies:

  • Marketing that is specifically targeted: Businesses can send location-specific and personalised messages to their target audience by using LBM software. This makes it possible to target potential clients more precisely depending on where they are physically located, which raises the significance of marketing initiatives.
  • Enhanced Involvement: Businesses can improve customer engagement by providing users in a particular location with timely and relevant messages. Higher response rates and more engagement with marketing campaigns may result from this.
  • Enhanced Experience for Customers: Businesses can provide a more seamless and customised customer experience with the aid of LBM software. Businesses can improve customer satisfaction and forge closer bonds with their customers by providing location-specific offers or information.
  • Encourage foot traffic: LBM software can be especially useful for brick and mortar companies in attracting foot traffic to their physical locations. Discounts, promotions, and event announcements that are location-based can draw in customers from the surrounding area.

Best Location-Based Marketing Software Comparison Table

Businesses are able to target customers according to their geographic location by using location-based marketing software. This software uses proximity marketing and geotargeting to send users’ mobile devices customised messages and promotions.

Push NotificationsYesYesYesYesYes
User SegmentationYesYesYesYesYes
Integration OptionsExtensiveExtensiveExtensiveExtensiveExtensive


Best Location-Based Marketing Software


  • Multi-Channel Marketing Automation
  • Push Notifications
  • In-App Messaging
  • Customer Segmentation

Xtremepush is the most comprehensive CRM solution on the market, allowing iGaming companies to use real-time data, AI, and gamification to build, grow, and retain strong player relationships that drive conversion and loyalty at scale through lifecycle-specific journeys. Our Dublin-based company, which also has offices in London and New York, is committed to assisting operators worldwide in gaining a comprehensive understanding of their player base, improving player experiences, and increasing retention. Currently, this is one of the best location-based marketing software.

Visit Website


  • Multichannel Marketing Automation
  • Real-time Customer Engagement
  • Analytics and Insights for Campaign Optimization


  • Pricing Structure Complexity
  • Advanced Features Might Require Technical Expertise


Best Location-Based Marketing Software


  • Location-Based Marketing
  • Geo-Targeted Notifications
  • Proximity Marketing
  • Analytics and Reporting

Enhanced contact collection, streamlined customer segmentation, triggered communications based on customer visit behaviour, and offline attribution are just a few of the marketing features that Adentro offers. Adentro pairs with your in-store guest WiFi to power your marketing efforts. This has the potential to grow your CRM by 400% and save your company over 85% on the cost of obtaining contact information. Overall, this is one of the best location-based marketing software.


  • Location-Based Marketing
  • Proximity Marketing Solutions
  • Integration with Mobile Apps


  • Limited Features Compared to Some Competitors
  • Pricing May Not Be Competitive for Small Businesses


Best Location-Based Marketing Software


  • Mobile Marketing Automation
  • Push and In-App Messaging
  • Location-Based Marketing
  • Personalization

Leading customer engagement platform Notificare assists brands in increasing conversions, illuminating consumer behaviour, and (re)engaging their audience. To deliver the most engaging messages and interactions, a single tool that works with App Push, Web Push, Email, SMS, and Mobile Wallet channels is used. This is the best location-based marketing software that you can consider.


  • Mobile Marketing Automation
  • Geotargeting and Beacon Technology
  • Integration with Various App Platforms


  • Learning Curve for Full Utilization
  • Some Users Report Technical Issues

Best Location-Based Marketing Software


  • Proximity Marketing Solutions
  • Beacon Technology Integration
  • Geo-Fencing Capabilities
  • Customer Engagement Analytics is a marketing solutions development company that leverages proximity and geolocation technologies. It gives customers access to a software development kit that expands their application capabilities to include location-based analytics and communication services. Its goal is to give customers a platform for all-encompassing management of proximity marketing initiatives by utilising beacons, Wi-Fi, and geofencing, among other technologies. Overall, it is one of the best location-based marketing software that you can consider.


  • Proximity Marketing and Customer Engagement
  • Beacon Technology Integration
  • Real-time Campaign Analytics


  • Limited Integration Options
  • Pricing Might Be a Barrier for Small Businesses


Best Location-Based Marketing Software


  • Omnichannel Marketing Automation
  • Personalization and AI-driven Insights
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Campaign Orchestration

Emarsys, a SAP company today, provides the only omnichannel customer engagement platform designed to accelerate business outcomes, empowering leaders in digital marketing and business owners. through quickly coordinating tried-and-true omnichannel customer engagement tactics with desired business outcomes. Still, it is one of the best location-based marketing software that you can consider.


  • AI-Driven Marketing Automation
  • Personalization and Segmentation Features
  • Multichannel Campaign Management


  • Higher Pricing for Enterprise Features
  • Some Users Report a Learning Curve

Choosing the Right LBM Software for Your Business

Selecting the appropriate LBM (Lumber and Building Materials) software is essential for optimising workflows and boosting productivity in your company. Here are important things to think about:

  • Management of Inventory: Seek for LBM software with strong inventory control features. It should enable you to automate reorder procedures, manage product variations, and keep track of stock levels.
  • Order Fulfilment: Order processing should run smoothly with the software, from creation to fulfilment. Order processing, order tracking, and alerting for low inventory or delayed shipments should all be handled by it.
  • Integration of the Point of Sale (POS): Select software that easily interfaces with point-of-sale (POS) systems if your company engages in retail sales. Accurate and real-time tracking of sales transactions and inventory levels is ensured by this integration.
  • Management of the Supply Chain: Software with supply chain management features is something to think about. This aids in managing vendor relationships, streamlining the procurement process, and guaranteeing a consistent supply of materials.


What is lbs technology?

For mobile applications, a location-based service (LBS) is a software solution that needs to know the precise location of the mobile device.

What is location-based strategy?

A direct marketing tactic known as “location-based marketing” makes use of a mobile device’s location to deliver services or content (like push notifications) related to a specific location.

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