Best Manufacturing BI Software 2024: boost operational efficiency

BI software for manufacturing collects data from supply chain processes, such as units produced, sold and delivered, and much more.

To stay ahead in the fast-paced world of modern manufacturing, you need both cutting-edge technology and the ability to use data-driven insights. The best Manufacturing BI Software leads the way in new ideas and changes the field by combining business intelligence solutions that are specifically designed for manufacturing processes. This revolutionary software not only brings together data from different sources, but it also gives decision-makers actionable analytics that help them make smart choices that improve operational efficiency.

With its easy-to-use dashboards and real-time reporting tools, the Best Manufacturing BI Software gives you a complete picture of the whole production process. This software gives manufacturers a wide range of tools to improve efficiency and output, ranging from supply chain optimization to quality control and predictive maintenance. Below, we have mentioned the best Manufacturing BI Software.

what is Manufacturing BI Software?

Manufacturing Business Intelligence (BI) software is a special kind of tool made for looking at and making sense of data in the manufacturing industry. It helps manufacturers learn from different types of data, such as data about the production process, the supply chain, and managing inventory.

By giving you real-time analytics, keeping an eye on key performance indicators (KPIs), and giving you detailed reports, these tools help you make better decisions. Manufacturing BI software improves efficiency, finds places to make things better, and helps with strategic planning in the complex and changing world of manufacturing operations.

Best Manufacturing BI Software Comparison Table

Manufacturing BI software turns raw data into actionable insights to optimise production. These tools track supply chain metrics and improve decision-making. From production efficiency to inventory management, manufacturing BI software streamlines operations, cuts costs, and boosts productivity.

PlatformWeb-basedWeb-basedWeb-basedMicrosoft Exchange-focusedWeb-based
IntegrationVariousERP, CRMMultipleMicrosoft Exchange, Office 365Various
Data SourcesMultipleVariousMultipleEmail and Calendar DataVarious


Best Manufacturing BI Software


  • Decision-Making Platform
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Performance Management
  • Integrated Planning and Forecasting

Board, the Intelligent Planning Platform, helps over 2,000 companies improve planning, insights, and results. Board helps leading enterprises discover crucial insights that drive business decisions and unify strategy, finance, and operations to plan smarter and control performance across the organization. Companies can manage their planning process from goal setting to operational execution in one easy-to-use platform with Board. Still, it is one of the best Manufacturing BI Software that you can consider.

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  • Unified business intelligence and corporate performance management.
  • Customizable dashboards and reporting.
  • Advanced analytics and simulation capabilities.


  • May have a steeper learning curve for some users.
  • Licensing costs may be higher compared to simpler tools.


Best Manufacturing BI Software


  • Corporate Performance Management (CPM)
  • Budgeting and Planning
  • Reporting and Dashboards
  • Data Visualization and Analysis

Solver uses Microsoft to provide hybrid corporate performance management (CPM). It serves all sizes of businesses in various industries. Key features include dashboards, data warehousing, reporting, and budgeting. Cloud or on-premise deployments are possible. Solver integrates Microsoft Dynamics 365, GP, AXE, NAV, SL, Acumatica, Sage Intacct, and others. Overall, it is one of the best Manufacturing BI Software that you can consider.


  • Comprehensive corporate performance management (CPM) solution.
  • Integrated budgeting, forecasting, and reporting.
  • Cloud-based accessibility and collaboration.


  • Some users may find the interface less intuitive.
  • Advanced features may require additional training.


Best Manufacturing BI Software


  • Dashboard Software
  • Real-time Data Visualization
  • KPI Monitoring
  • Customizable Widgets for Metrics

Geckoboard makes it easy to create and share business dashboards that show real-time data.
Geckoboard is designed to help team leads show real-time data to their team and to the rest of the organization. It works directly with more than 80 different tools and services, so you can quickly pull in your data and show others a dashboard that looks professional. This is the best Manufacturing BI Software that you can consider.


  • Simple and easy-to-use dashboard creation.
  • Pre-built integrations with popular data sources.
  • Focus on real-time data visualization.


  • Customization options may be limited for some users.
  • Pricing structure based on data source connections.


Best Manufacturing BI Software


  • Contact and Calendar Syncing
  • Exchange and Office 365 Integration
  • Automated Contact Management
  • Real-time Synchronization

CiraSync is a software as a service (SaaS) that runs in Azure and syncs Office 365 contacts, shared calendars, and public folders automatically with business smartphones. On iPhones and Android phones that can connect to Outlook, shared contacts, calendars, and notes from global address lists and public folders can be seen right away. Overall, this is one of the best Manufacturing BI Software.


  • Synchronization of contact data across platforms.
  • Automation of contact management.
  • Real-time updates for contact information.


  • Focus is specific to contact data synchronization.
  • May not offer extensive features beyond contact management.


Best Manufacturing BI Software


  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Data Integration and Preparation
  • Embedded Analytics
  • AI-Driven Insights

Sisense goes beyond traditional business intelligence by letting companies put analytics anywhere, in programmed and processes used by both customers and employees. Sisense Fusion, the highly customizable, AI-driven analytics cloud platform that adds intelligence at the right place and time, every time, is helping customers break through the barriers of analytics adoption. Currently, this is one of the best Manufacturing BI Software.


  • Powerful data visualization and analytics capabilities.
  • Single-stack solution for business intelligence.
  • Elastic Data Hub for efficient data management.


  • Pricing may be on the higher side for smaller businesses.
  • Advanced features may require technical expertise.

Benefits of Manufacturing BI Software

Manufacturing Business Intelligence (BI) software helps companies make smart decisions by giving them useful information about different parts of the manufacturing process. In the manufacturing industry, using BI software can help with the following:

Better Transparency and Visibility: BI software gives you a central platform that lets you see the manufacturing process in real time. Stakeholders can keep an eye on operations, keep track of performance, and find problems or inefficiencies thanks to this openness.

Reporting and Analysing Data: Manufacturing BI tools let you report and analyse data in great detail. Key performance indicators (KPIs), production trends, and other important metrics can be seen in customisable reports and dashboards that users can make. This helps with making decisions based on data.

Optimised Production Planning: Business intelligence (BI) software helps companies plan their production more efficiently by giving them information about forecasting demand, inventory levels, and production schedules. This makes better use of resources, cuts down on waste, and boosts overall efficiency.

Quality Control and Defect Tracking: Business intelligence (BI) tools help keep an eye on and analyse product quality by keeping track of defects and finding places where things could be better. This helps manufacturers put in place quality control measures that cut down on flaws and make products more reliable.

Supply Chain Management: Managing the supply chain for making things BI software helps supply chain management by giving information about how well suppliers are doing, how much inventory they have, and how the logistics work. This helps manufacturers make smarter choices about where to get their products and how to distribute them.

Choosing the Right Manufacturing BI Software for Your Business

For your manufacturing business to gain insights, become more efficient, and make smart decisions, you need to choose the right Business Intelligence (BI) software. When picking manufacturing BI software, here are some important things to keep in mind:

Write down your goals: Make it clear what your business goals are and what you want to learn from the BI software. Find the metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) that are most important to your manufacturing processes.

Connecting to systems for making things: Make sure that the business intelligence (BI) software works well with your current manufacturing systems, like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) systems, and any other relevant data sources. Integration makes it possible to update data in real time and do full analytics.

Ability to grow: Think about how the BI software can be expanded. Since your manufacturing business will likely grow, the software should be able to handle more data and users without slowing down.

Changes and customization: Look for BI tools that let you change things. To get useful insights, you need to be able to change dashboards, reports, and analytics to fit your specific manufacturing needs.

Monitoring in real time: Monitoring in real time is an important part of manufacturing processes. Pick BI software that gives you analytics and alerts in real time so you can quickly fix problems and boost production efficiency.


Is Qlik a bi tool?

Gartner consistently ranks Qlik as a top data visualisation and business intelligence (BI) vendor.

Is Qlik free or paid?

QlikView is free for personal use. QlikView Personal Edition uses the same installation package as QlikView Desktop.

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